B&B Monday Update 11/1/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 11/1/04


By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Ridge and Brooke are in bed discussing the competition. Ridge is sorry that his took part in it. By letting Spectra compete with Forrester, he has put them on the map. Ridge will not make that mistake again. He is going on the warpath. Ridge isn’t sure what his next step is going to be. He can’t rest on his laurels anymore. He as to keep Forrester on top.

Nick is on the phone when Deacon comes in.

The call is ended, and Nick says that the fashion show has caused a stir. The critics have called Spectra ‘surprising contenders’. Deacon wonders if Nick is going to go ahead and carry the line.

Thorne and his crew review the paper and find out that people really liked the designs.

Sally gets off the phone after chatting while the team discusses the night before. She has ordered a brand new jaguar. She knows that the orders are going to come rolling in now. Felicia loves that Eric was impressed, and Nick as well. They have a chance at getting Jackie’s business. Sally is sure that this is a done deal. Sally knows that Spectra is referred to as the knock-off company, but now they have their own fashions. They are going to be raking in major business.

Ridge is packing his things as Brooke watches. She can see that something is bothering Ridge. He hates that he has to leave his wife and kids to take care of business. Ridge feels that Thorne has been working on his parents, making them feel guilty for loving Ridge more. Ridge finds the whole thing ridiculous. Eric seems to be coddling Thorne. Ridge saw his parents, and he heard Eric say that Thorne is his only son. Ridge can’t believe that he heard that.

Nick considers the Spectra line. He isn’t sure that he should be making the decision to pick up the line or not. His mother is usually the one to do this. Nick is worried about his mother and how she is dealing with things. Deacon says that the decision should be easy for him. He only has to decide who he wants to work with.

Sally loves that Eric said those lovely things to Thorne in front of all those people. Thorne tells how he spoke to his father later after the show. Sally wants to hear everything.

Brooke can’t believe her ears. She can’t believe that Eric said what he did. Ridge knows that he really isn’t Eric’s son, but Ridge has always considered the man to be his dad. Brooke knows that no matter what, Eric is Ridge’s dad. Ridge hates that Thorne is playing his parents. They will do anything to feel better and make Thorne feel better. Ridge thinks that Thorne is going to end up hurting in the end anyway. Brooke feels that Ridge should talk to his father. Ridge is really worried about Thomas. Ridge asks Brooke to tell him everything that has been going on. He wants to know whatever happens with Thomas while he is away. Brooke is to call him anytime, day or night.

Nick likes Deacon’s perspective on things for the business. Nick never realized what a dog-eat-dog it was in the fashion industry. Nick was thinking about taking his mother out for something to eat. Deacon offers to help with anything that Nick needs. Nick is thankful for that offer.

The phone rings, and Nick answers it. That is Deacon’s cue to leave. Deacon heads to the door to leave, but stops for a moment to turn and look at Nick pensively.

Deacon wonders if Nick will still like him as much when Nick realizes that he has a new stepfather.

Spectra continues to celebrate their happy time in the office, but Felicia seems to be a little concerned.

Ridge comes to see his brother, Nick to let him know that he is going out of town for a few days. He also wants to talk about something else. He learns that Nick is going to be the one to review the Spring line. Ridge is shocked to hear that.

Nick will be doing all this himself, and Ridge reminds his brother that he shouldn’t get too caught up in what happened the night before at the competition. Ridge warns the man against Spectra. He wants Nick to remember that he needs Forrester. Forrester is a huge part of Jackie-O’s revenue. He tells Nick that he should be careful as Forrester doesn’t need Jackie-O. He says that he likes having Jackie-O as a client, but things could get rough if Forrester decided that they didn’t want to sell to Jackie-O anymore. Nick finally gets Ridge’s meaning. Ridge wants the man to see that this is really a difficult business.

Nick thought that he would be wined and dined by the designers, but it seems that Ridge is threatening him. Ridge asks the man to reread his agreement with Forrester. He is to always present Forrester in a good light. Nick can see that Ridge is really very bitter over his brother doing a good job. Ridge feels that his needs to protect Forrester at any cost. Ridge sees that Spectra had a good show, but they are still not as good as the high-end designers out there. Nick shows Ridge the magazine that he has been reading. Spectra is on the cover. Nick wonders if Spectra really can compete, and maybe that is why Ridge is pushing him to refuse their fashions.

Spectra is basking in the glow. Everybody has everything that they want right now. Thorne has his father, and Sally is getting her new car. However, enough of that. It is time to get back to work. The orders are going to be pouring in the door at any moment.

Darla goes to her husband for a private moment. She knows that his has finally done it.

Nick remembers the things that Eric said to his son the night before, and how wonderful they were. Ridge says that Eric isn’t objective enough to see things straight. This is new to Nick, but he really doesn’t like ultimatums. Ridge says that he hates giving ultimatums. He knows that Nick is smart and will do the right thing to make both their businesses flourishes. He orders Nick not to carry Spectra.

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