B&B Thursday Update 10/28/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 10/28/04


By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

The fashion party is underway. Thomas and Amber arrive at the gala.

The press heads to Thomas and Amber to ask Amber about her come back.

Rick and Caitlin are already at the party and they watch as Amber poses for pictures. Rick knows more than anyone does how much she wants her career rejuvenated. She is really enjoying her comeback.

Nick is at the party alone, Felicia comes to him, learning that Jackie will not be coming to the party. Felicia tells Nick about the chaos that is going on backstage.

Thorne is getting ready for the show and he feels that he has taken care of everything that needs tending. Darla comes to him, happy to see that he has everything under control.

Stephanie comes to her son one more time to ask him if he really wants to go through with this or not. She has concerns that he may get hurt more than ever by this venture. He does. She wishes him luck and she kisses her son and daughter-in-law.

Eric and Ridge are scrambling around backstage getting ready for the competition. They check their gowns and push the models to get ready and in their places.

Brooke comes to let the group know that the place is packed and that they have to do their very best to put this show on right. They cannot afford even one mistake with everyone watching as closely as they will be. The press will be quick to write whatever they feel they see. Everyone is pumped up. The Forrester crew starts clapping to cheer themselves on.

Over on Thorne’s side of the building, his crew has grouped as well, and is pumping up their energy. The show is supposed to start.

The show starts. Sally comes to the stage and everyone claps for her. She introduces Forrester Creations. She speaks of their men’s lines, their youth lines, and whether their special expertise will be enough to beat Spectra. Sally talks of Thorne and how he has taken over at Spectra to strike a blow for the underdog. Will they win? Will they lose? No score cards here, so everyone will have to clap when they like something. Introductions are over. “Let’s get ready to rumble!”

The music starts.

Rick and Caitlin are in the front row and loving it.

In comes the first model. She is from Forrester, and her gown is over the top. Spectra grimaces as the beautiful outfit gets applause that is over the top.

Thorne sends out his first model. No one claps quite the same as they did for Forrester, but the press seems willing to give it a chance. People in the audience are shrugging their shoulders at the outfit, thinking that it may be alright as a design…maybe.

The outfit has a bikini top bodice, and a tight fitting skirt. Felicia smiles as she looks at the creation they have come up with, but the audience doesn’t seem quite sure that they are ready to put all their eggs in Spectra’s basket at this point.

Forrester’s next dress comes out and it is smashing. Amber is not happy when she seen Thomas clapping like he has never clapped before.

Next is Spectra’s turn to wow the crowd. The outfit is smashing and Stephanie is in awe of the work that she sees before her. Thorne has done some work with the hemline that seems unheard of.

A member of the press gets out his tape recorder. He speaks into it, and says that Spectra has started off to a wobbly start, but things are starting to look up now.

Stephanie goes to Eric and lets him know that Thorne’s designs are good. In fact, they are really good. Eric hasn’t seen them yet, but he is okay with that, as he is sure that Spectra’s designs cannot be as good as Forrester’s. Stephanie is not so sure.

On the runway, two Forrester models come out together to dazzle the audience. They get the usual clapping, but not more clapping than they got before.

The press loves the dresses that Thorne has presented for the show. They seem to be neck and neck with Forrester for the competition.

Eric sticks his head out and sees what his son has been working on and he has to admit that the boy has dione a good job.

Ridge comes out and peeks at Spectra’s designs. He sees that the audience loves what Thorne has been doing.

Ridge goes to his main model for the show. She is wearing the knock out gown. Ridge is sure that this will beat anything that Thorne has to offer to the how.

Brooke comes out and announces the show stupoer for Forrester.

The model comes out in the gown. The audience can’t stand it. They shout and shriek at the dress. It is a bridal gown that just won’t quit.

Sally is with the model for Spectra’s show stopper and she assures her that she will be fine, and that she has nothing to worry over.

Thorne is worried. He hears the crowd responding to Forrester, and he almost regrets what he has started. Darla tells him that he has nothing to worry about.

Thorne turns to his crew and he tells them that they shoyuld all be proud of this show, no matter what the outcome. everyone claps and they all head to the front.

Spectra’s model hits the runway. She moves slowly along the runway. There is silence in the room. Still their eyes don’t leave the runway.

Slowly, the audience starts clapping but it isn’t the clapping that Forrester experienced. Felicia turns her head down at the reaction of the crowd.

The pressman tapes his article for the next paper as he watches the show. He announces that Spectra clearly hasn’t won this competition.

At the end of the show, Ridge and Brooke greet the crowd and take a bow.

Back in the dressing room, Spectra is licking their wounds.

Stephanie comes running to Thorne telling him that he should go out on stage. The press has been asking for him. He is reluctant to go, but finally makes it.

A pressman sees him and the audience turns to him, clapping at the sight of him. Over bye the side of the stage, Brooke, Ridge and Eric clap as well.

Thorne thanks the crowd for the love they have shown him, and he calls to his team to come to the stage and share this moment with him.

Stephanie finds her way by the Forresters where she belongs and she claps at Thorne’s special moment.

Eric can see that Thorne has done a really special job. Brooke and Ridge are shocked to see the man leave them and head to the stage to tell his son that he did a marvelous job. The two men hug as everyone claps.

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