B&B Wednesday Update 10/27/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 10/27/04


By Glynis

Meagan brings Ridge a list of things that have been done to get the fashion show going. There are going to be more guests than expected. Ridge tells her to get the chairs to accommodate them.

Stephanie is worried that this is not a good idea to go up against Thorne. If it is successful for Forrester, he may be more crushed than ever. Ridge wants to do this to show that he is not backing down, or afraid of his baby brother. Brooke and Eric agree that turning down the challenge may make Thorne feel that they have thrown more fuel on the fire.

Thorne and the team look over the gowns before the press conference that he has to handle soon.

Clarke is beside himself with worry over the fashion competition. He thinks that if their designs are not the very best, they should not do this. It may be an unnecessary risk.

Jackie is before Massimo on her knees. She is begging him to talk to her. She can tell that he is listening to her. Massimo is listening. Deacon picks Jackie up off the floor, and reminds her that she has to live her life in spite of what happened to Massimo. Massimo watches in horror as Deacon tries to convince Jackie that she has to move on, without Massimo.

The door opens and Nickie enters. Jackie rushes to him. “Nickie! Oh Nickie! I am so glad that you are here!”

Thorne feels that the show is going to be a way to prove that the little guy can come out on top. He feels that they have to prove to the world that they have what it takes. They all have to have one focus. That is what will win the contest.

Deacon explains to Nick that his mother has been having a bad day. Deacon alerts Nick that the attorney is going to be over to see him that day. Deacon has pulled a couple of things for Nick from Massimo’s files. Nick greets his father.

Jackie lets him know that there has not been any improvement with Massimo’s condition. Maybe tomorrow. The wind can shift at any moment. It can set you off course, but it can also send you back home.

Brooke has a concern about Stephanie trying to stop the show. She has been working on Eric to get him to stop this show.

Eric explains to Stephanie that he has to let Thorne do this. He has to show Thorne that he has faith in the boy. He wants to compete and Eric is going to let him do it.

Ridge is at the podium, and he announces that the competition has arrived. Sally and the team enter the room. Eric offers to show Spectra where they will be setting up.

Thorne stands back and talks to his mother who asks him if he really wishes to do this. Thorne explains why he has to go through with this. He is determined to be good and do his best to be as good as Forrester.

Thorne meets with his crew and tells them that he is still going to continue with the competition.

Eric greets the crowd, and introduces himself. He is very proud of his sons, and everything that they have been able to accomplish. He has a heavy heart, having to watch his children get their own lives, and achieve their own goals. His family has split for now, but soon he hopes that they will be all back together again.

Eric introduces Ridge, who comes to the stage.

Eric then introduces Thorne to the crowd. He too gets on the stage. Eric tells that this will be where the fashion competition will be held the following day. The press has many questions, and they were not aware that this was a competition. Sally shouts out that Spectra is going to knock their faces off. This is definitely a fight between Spectra and Forrester.

Eric leaves the stage and Ridge and Thorne make jokes about how each is better than the other. The crowd roar as each brother tries to gain an advantage over the other.

Nick sees that his mother is tired and weary and he sends her upstairs to get some rest. Jackie heads up the stairs.

Nick turns to Deacon. Deacon tells the man that his mother has been taking pills, and that he ha been trying to wean her off them.

A knock at the door brings the lawyer to the house. He asks about Massimo’s condition. It has not changed. The lawyer turns to Nick informing him that this might be the time when he has to make a very important decision.

Nick is asked to sign a Power of Attorney for his father’s care. They can get a Power of Attorney, but Massimo will have to be declared incompetent. Nick knows that Jackie will not like this at all. Deacon reminds Nick that Jackie keeps hanging on to the idea that Massimo is coming back to her. Deacon tells Nick that this would be what Massimo would want if he could say it. Massimo is in the room, and quietly says, “No” to himself, in his own mind.

The press presses Spectra about their team. They introduce everyone in the company and tell what their respective roles will be. The media knows that Spectra has been known for their knockoffs, but Thorne assures everyone that this will be a thing of the past. Thorne is finished tooting his horn, and turns the crowd over to Ridge. Ridge reminds the crowd that he has been doing what he does at Forrester for long time, and he reminds everyone that Forrester is very good at what they do. When asked for a picture of the two brothers sparring, Ridge and Thorne face each other and put up their dukes for the cameras. The bulbs start flashing.

Thorne whispers to his brother. “Tomorrow Ridge. I am going to knock you out.”

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