B&B Tuesday Update 10/26/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 10/26/04


By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Ridge is having a meeting in his office, and discussing a gown that a model is wearing for them to work on. Brandy stands in front of Ridge, as he looks over the gown that she is wearing to see how h can make it better. Dwight is there taking orders from Ridge to make changes to the gown. He hurriedly writes notes as Ridge rattles them off, but seems to have a concern about getting the work down in a timely fashion.

There will be trouble getting the dresses worked on. Thorne leaving has left a hole to be filled. Dwight will see what he can get done, and how fast.

Brooke works on Ridge by giving him a head massage. He is clearly stressed. She kisses him to release some of that tension that he is feeling. He is vibrating. His phone has gone off in his pocket. Brooke looks at the caller and sees from the monitor that Amber is calling. Ridge tells him wife that Amber will be moving in with Stephanie. Brooke canít believe what Stephanie is trying to do. She can tell that this might backfire in Stephanieís face.

Stephanie and Amber meet in the living room over coffee. Ridge has already gone. Amber has to wonder if he left early to avoid seeing her in the house. Amber tells how Thomas said some things the day before to make Amber think a little bit.

She hopes that this opportunity is a chance to make the family see that she and Thomas are right for each other, at least for now. Amber can’t say if things are going to work out or not, but she isn’t worried about it. She doesn’t feel the same as she did for Rick. She isn’t panicky this time. She has grown up, and is more mature now. Stephanie feels that Amber’s future and happiness will depend on whether Amber stops her relationship or not.

Thorne enters the house and if shocked to find Amber there, sitting over coffee with his mother. Amber says that she has to go to work but that he should talk to his mother about why she is there. Amber leaves.

Thorne talks privately with his mother now that Amber has gone ahead to work. He learns that Eric didn’t tell his mother about the talk that they had the day before. Stephanie worries that there was trouble, but is happy to hear that nothing bad really happened and that in fact the talk turned out to be something good for the both of them. Thorne was happy with the talk. Thorne has been thinking about some things, and he got to say them. Eric still feels that Thorne will fail though. Thorne has a plan though; he will change his father’s mind about his son.

Thorne tells his mother that he would like to have a showdown on the fashion floor. That is the only way that he can get respect from the family. He will do this for himself, and he will win against Forrester. He wants to do this right now. He would like to do the Spring Line Preview. Stephanie reminds him that the line comes out in 2 days. Thorne is sure that he will be ready for the show.

Clarke isn’t sure that Thorne’s idea is such a hot one. Sally is upset that Clarke seems to be against the idea all of a sudden. Darla would like them all to have a little faith.

Amber enters the office announcing that she has something that will make Spectra kick some major but at the fashion show.

Brooke and Ridge discuss having to reorganize the departments in the company now that Thorne is gone. He did a lot at Forrester, and it is going to be hard to finds someone, or some people who can fill his shoes. Ridge is really going to miss Thorne. They used to go and have a beer after work, no one knew Ridge like Thorne does. Thorne has known his brother intimately for many years.

The buzzer on Ridge’s desk goes off. Meagan announces that someone is there to see him. The look on Ridge’s face changes as he learns who is on the phone. Ridge says to let the man in. “Speak of the devil.”

Thorne enters the office and Brooke greets him, then leaves so that the brothers can talk.

Thorne says that he wanted to talk to Ridge and Eric together, but he can’t wait, so he will discuss what he has to say with Ridge first, and talk to his father later. He tells Ridge that he has a challenge for him. He hopes that Ridge will be up to it. Ridge can’t wait to hear what his brother has to say.

Thorne tells Ridge the idea that he has. He would like to have a fashion competition between Forrester and Spectra. Ridge finds this idea funny as Thorne has barely had time to sharpen his pencils at the new office. Ridge knows that it takes time to do a thing like this. Thorne is ready to meet the challenge. Ridge thinks that this is professional suicide. He would be dragging the family name in the mud. Ridge will not let that happen.

Clarke still has reservations, in spite of the women at Spectra feeling that they can beat Forrester. Amber says that anything is possible. After all, Stephanie just asked her to move into the mansion. All are shocked in the office at that little announcement. Sally worries that Amber might be moving from the frying pan to the fire.

Stephanie and Brooke discuss Amber moving into the mansion. Brooke really feels that her mother-in-law has lost it this time. Stephanie feels that this is a solution to what almost happened the night before. It appears that Ridge didn’t tell Brooke about Amber almost being pregnant. Brooke’s mouth dropped. She has no idea. Stephanie smiles at the idea of Ridge not totally telling Brooke everything in spite of the ‘great’ love that they have for each other.

Amber explains that Stephanie still wants Thomas and Amber to break up, but she is keeping an open mind. Felicia has to laugh at that. She knows that her mother doesn’t have an open mind. Amber feels that this is great. She has a chance to show the family that she and Thomas are the real deal. Clarke can’t help but make fun of her. He finds her dreams cute. He pats her on the head and walks out.

Brooke canít believe that Amber is able to get pregnant. Stephanie tells the story of how the doctor cleared up the idea that Amber canít get pregnant. Brooke is worried that Amber might try to get pregnant anyway, and cause harm to herself in the process.

Brooke hasnít got a better idea, but she feels that if they put their heads together, they should be able to figure this out. They decide that they are going to work together on this.

Thorne finds it funny that Ridge is backing away from a fight. Thorne is offering him an even playing field but Ridge seems to be running. Ridge says that he is only being fair but not getting involved with this competition. Ridge is sure that Thorne isn’t ready for this. Thorne baits him some more. Ridge wonders if maybe he shouldn’t take this offer and show Thorne what he is really made of. He agrees to do it. He will compete with Spectra, or more specifically Thorne. This will be a fight to the finish. Ridge assures Thorne that he will be the one that will be finished.

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