B&B Monday Update 10/25/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 10/25/04


By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Ridge isn’t happy that his mother has invited Amber to move into the house. Stephanie feels that this is a great chance to keep an eye on the couple and keep them out of trouble.

Thomas and Amber are on the patio talking about Amber moving into the house. She is very happy about the idea, but Thomas is a little weary. She is going to accept the offer to move in, but she wants Thomas to leave now. She offers to walk him to his car and out they go.

Ridge and Stephanie have been listening to the couple talk, and Ridge is still uncomfortable with this idea. Stephanie assures him that this is the best thing for everyone.

Sally, and the team are together having a meeting and talking about the business. Felicia is upset with the way that things are going. They are worried about the way that Eric has been reacting to Thorne assertiveness.

Eric and Thorne are talking about the way that Eric has been treating him all these years. Thorne has been feeling like his father only wanted a carbon copy of Ridge. Eric didnít want Thorne to be Ridge; he promotes that he really loved his son the way that he was. Thorne knows that wasnít true. Thorne begs for his father to believe in him. Eric wants to, but Thorne will have one hell of a mountain to climb. Thorne is sure that he can do it.

Eric will see what Thorne can do, but he will not cut the man any slack. He is going to treat Thorne like any other competitor. That is exactly what Thorne wants. Both men wish each other luck. Thorne knows that his father will need it. The men hug and Eric heads to the door while Thorne smiles coyly to himself.

Ridge knows that Amber living in the house doesn’t stop Thomas and Amber from being together. Stephanie reminds Ridge that the kids had a scare that morning thinking that Amber might have been pregnant. They know that Thomas is a lovely boy, but it is only a boy. Amber really needs a man.

Amber walks in the room behind Stephanie and Ridge, and she hears Ridge wondering how long it is going to take Thomas to see that Amber is poison.

Eric is working when Sam enters the room. He tells her how he met with Thorne earlier and he admits that he doesnít have very much faith in the boy. Eric knows that Thorne is a good businessman but he isnít a designer.

Eric can see now that he didnít give Thorne the same training that Ridge had. Others have learned, but they are not as good as Ridge. Eric wants Thorne to do well, but Eric canít really see it. Thorne has everything riding on this arrangement working out, and if he fails, it is going to hurt him deeply.

Darla comes to see her husband in his office. Thorne tells Darla that he spoke to his father and they discussed everything that Thorne has wanted to say for 20 years. Eric apologized to his son in that meeting, but Thorne knows that Eric still doesn’t think that Thorne can pull this off. Eric thought that he knew his son better than Thorne knew himself. Eric seems to have blinders on but that is okay. Thorne can see that Eric loves him but in his own way. Thorne has forgiven his father, but he doesn’t agree with his father. Darla will help her husband rip the blinders off her father-in-law’s eyes and make him see what his son is all about.

Amber slams the door to show Ridge and Stephanie that she is in the room, and has heard them. Amber tells the duo that she didn’t plan any of this, and that it has nothing to do with her getting back into the family. Ridge will not have her in the house, and he orders Amber out of the house now.

Eric is sure that Thorne and Felicia are heading for disaster. He feels very realistic about his feelings. Sam smiles as she thinks of Hector and how he worries about Caitlin. It is the same thing. Sam knows that Thorne will learn that no matter what, his father will be there for him. There is also the chance that Thorne will teach Eric a thing or two.

Thorne is in his office looking at the designs that Spectra has come up with lately. He has to come up with a way to make the designs work, so he can compete with Forrester. As Thorne looks over the designs, the Spectra team discusses whether they will be peddling their fashions door-to-door instead of in the big leagues.

Stephanie reminds Ridge that Thomas is over 18 and can date whomever he wishes. She again says that she would rather have Amber under her roof, so that the kids can find out if they really do belong together or not. Amber is happy now, and says goodnight as she leaves.

Ridge tells his mother that he was rude to Amber just now to make her think that he really didn’t agree, which in turn made her even more happy to stay at the house. Stephanie can’ t help but wonder is Amber has doubts herself as to whether or not this relationship is going to work.

Thorne has some ideas that hit him all of a sudden. He calls to Clarke who comes over to see what it is that Thorne has figured out. The men put their heads together and Clarke likes the ideas. Thorne quickly works on something and the team waits.

Eric has finished drawing his new design. He stands back and looks at the gown. It is beautiful and truly a Forrester original. Eric knows that this is the kind of talent that Thorne will have to show if he wants to be successful in the business.

Back at Spectra, Thorne has figured it out. He turns his drawing pad to the group in his office and shows them the gown that he has just produced. He has incorporated the ideas from the three designs that the company has given him, and he has created his first original for Spectra.

The room is silent. They can’t believe that he has done this for them in such a short time. Darla goes to her man and tells him that she was sure that he had it in him all this time. She can see by the gown that he has just created that he will be a great success afterall.

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