B&B Friday Update 10/22/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 10/22/04


By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Stephanie begs her grandson and Amber not to leave angry. Thomas will only stay if Stephanie agrees to accept his relationship with Amber.

Sally and Darla discuss Thorne and his impossible position. Eric said that he understands Thorne, but the truth is that Eric doesn’t want Thorne running any company. Eric obviously feels that his son can’t win at Spectra.

Eric confronts Thorne feeling that the man is holding a grudge, and making the family choose sides. Thorne feels that he is being supportive to Felicia. Thorne will not make his decisions based on what is best for the employees of Forrester. That is not his aims. Eric sees that Thorne is taking sides. He demands to know why Thorne seems to be doing this.

Thomas and Amber stop in their tracks. Stephanie will not accept their relationship but she wants them to listen to her for a minute. Amber convinces him to stay. Stephanie agrees that maybe the family hasnít been listening to him, but that would be because the family is shocked at what has happened with Amber. No one knew that this relationship would ever happen. Stephanie would like to think that something came out of the pregnancy scare that they just had. Thomas feels that his grandmother is stalling so that Eric will show up and he would like to leave. Stephanie can see that the two kids have very strong feelings for each other, but maybe the kids need some space. They might need time to evaluate their feelings.

Stephanie offers her mansion to the couple so that they can stay there. She feels that this is a win-win situation. Amber needs a place to stay and that might give Amber and Thomas a chance to show the family how special their relationship is. Thomas isnít sure that this is a good idea and he wants to talk to Amber about this first. Stephanie is fine with that suggestion.

Sally knows that Eric loves Throne no matter what. Eric is just very proud and doesn’t’ want people to see Thorne being successful without his family. Darla wants Eric to admit that Thorne has what it takes. That would mean the world to Thorne.

Thorne seems to have made his point by leaving Forrester. Eric has acknowledged this. Eric sees that Thorne tried to take over Forrester and that disturbs him. Thorne shouldn’t’ have done any of this. Eric wants this stopped. Thorne seems to be living a life of anger and bitterness. Eric didn’t want that for his son. He wants him to be happy. Thorne can’t just give up. There must be a reason that Eric can’t see. Thorne feels that his father believes that he can’t be a success and he wants his father to admit this. Eric does admit that. Thorne sees now that is the reason why he does what he does. He does this because Eric believes that he can’t.

Amber tells Thomas that this is a great idea. She feels that Stephanie has a great idea about bringing Thomas and herself into the house to show the family that they belong together. Thomas doesn’t believe that Stephanie is being sincere somehow.

Stephanie runs to the phone secretly and calls Ridge, telling him that Amber and Thomas are at her house and that they are trying to leave town. She needs Ridge’s help to keep the kids in town. He offers to come over and help in any way that he can.

Amber and Thomas come to Stephanie telling her that they can’t accept her offer. They are confused as Stephanie was against their relationship and now she offers them her place to live. Thomas can see that she is trying to keep them there. Amber needs Stephanie to have the willingness to believe in her again. Amber wants her to see that Amber and Thomas are doing this for all the right reasons. Stephanie offers to give Amber the chance to prove herself. Amber hugs her and thanks her for this. She is sure that Stephanie will not be sorry for doing this.

Eric points out that Thorne is already successful. Thorne knows that, but wants to be successful in another way. Ridge went to Spectra once, but Eric didn’t try to stop Ridge from making his own success. Eric only sees that his son has bitten off more than he can chew. Thorn wants to think of himself differently. Everyday of his life, he had to live with the message that Ridge can do things, but he can’t. Thorne believed this all his life. He believed this because he thought that his father was the smartest man in the world to Throne. Even when Eric is not around, Thorne hears in his head that he should quit, but today Thorne is not listening to the voices in his head anymore. He will try to be a success and if that is hard on the family, then maybe the family failed him.

Thomas and Amber decide to take Stephanie up on her offer. They can’t believe that they are going to be spending time together.

Ridge arrives at the mansion and Stephanie takes him aside and tells him that she thought that Amber was pregnant that day. Ridge can’t believe his ears. Stephanie tells him that Amber seems to be sincere, but Thomas would like to run off with her. Stephanie admits that she offered the kids a place to live. She is sure that this relationship will prove to be a mistake when they live together. Stephanie really hopes that this will be the end of Thomas and Amber.

Eric understands Throne’s effort to find his own success. Thorne has been under Ridge’s shadow all his life, but Eric should have been able to see the same things in Thorne that Eric saw in Ridge. Thorne wondered all his life how he was going to make his father proud. He was doing the best that he could, but Eric never thought that it was enough. Thorne will not quit. He can do this, and he is going to do this. He is going to do this for everyone that quit or gave up too soon. He knows that there are others out there that never heard, “I believe in you”. He feels that there are others in the family that feel this way too. Eric is sorry that it has come to this. He apologizes to Thorne, and takes him in his arms and holds him. The two men share a moment unlike any that they have shared before.

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