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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 10/21/04


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(sorry this one is so short)

Dr. Sobelís office:

We finally learn that Amber is not pregnant, (thank the Gawds). The doctor tells her again, after looking at all the x-rays and everything, there is nothing stopping her from getting pregnant, but she would put her life and the life of the baby in jeopardy if she did. He suggests a surrogate if she wants to have children in the future. The doc leaves for a meeting, and Stephanie goes to pay the bill. Amber begs Thomas to believe that she didnít know she could get pregnant, she would never try to Ďtrapí him. Thomas totally believes her. Amber takes a call on her cell phone and finds out that a lot of people at Spectra got sick too. They had tuna sandwiches catered in. Stephanie comes in after the call and asks what their plans are now. Amber tells her that she is going back to work. Stephanie informs them that they arenít done talking.

Eric and Stephanieís front room:

Steph has brought the two lovebirds back to her house to again try to convince them that they must end their relationship. All she ends up doing is making Thomas angry. He tells her that he and Amber are adults now and if they all donít stop pushing, it will all backfire on them. When Steph asks what that means, Thomas tells her that he and Amber will do exactly what everyone is scared to death they are going to do. They will run off together and get married. He stands up to his grandmother pretty strongly, telling her that he watches her boss everyone in the family around. All he wanted from her was for her to listen to what he and amber mean to each other. He sees that isnít going to happen, so he gives the ultimatum of his own.

Either they all accept his and Amberís relationship and back off, or they will run off together and get married. A stunned Stephanie doesnít know how to respond.

Forrester Creations:

Felicia comes to see her father in his office to talk about her job. She knows that he doesnít understand why she is working with Thorne. Eric tells her that he always dreamed of his children all working at Forrester. Felicia says sure, under Ridgeís shinning star. Eric tells her that he is just worried that she and Thorne are setting themselves up for a huge fall. Felicia asks if that is because he thinks that Spectra canít succeed.

He tells that is exactly why. When she tells him that Nick Marone didnít agree with him when she took Nick to Spectra earlier, Eric blows up at her. He doesnít understand how she could undermine him. He thinks Thorne put her up to it. Felicia tries to tell him that Thorne didnít know anything about it. Eric is really angry though and storms out of the room to go to Spectra and confront Eric. Felicia is left behind looking apprehensive.

Spectra Couture:

Thorne goes over one sketch each from Felicia, Amber and Clark in his office. He is not please with what he sees. Clark tries to make excuses that they are three different kinds of designers, but this only makes them more diversified. Thorne shakes his head and tells them that they are going to have to start over. Sorry Sal. Clarke get defensive and lets his feathers get ruffled a bit. Thorne tells them that these designs just donít have the magik that Forrester designs do. Clark glibly suggests throwing some Ďfairy dustí on them. The more Thorne looks at the designs though, he thinks he can fix them, instead of trashing them. Sally takes the constructive criticism well, and suggests that her and Clark get back to the drawing board. They go to leave. Darla offers to stay behind and give him a bit of a pep talk, but Thorne wants to work alone.

Back in Sallyís office, she asks what Thorne really thinks of the designs. Darla tells her that he is working on it right now. Sally is a bit worried because she just saw Eric headed down the hall to Thorneís office and she is sure that shit is about to hit the wall. They both look concerned. They both know that if Eric goes in too strong, with Thorne still hurting like he is, Thorne will lose it. Eric will hear things from his son that he doesnít want to hear.

Thorne studies the sketches a little bit. He hears his fatherís voice in his head saying that he doesnít have what it takes to be a designer. Thorne tells himself that he can do this, he has to do this. At that moment Eric walks in and tells Thorne that he isnít going to do it because Eric isnít going to let him. He is tired of the stunts that Thorne has been pulling lately. He is really upset about Jackie M. Thorne knows that Jackie M is one of Forresterís biggest customers. He asks if Thorne is trying to tear the family apart from the inside out.

Thorne listens quietly to his fatherís tirade, getting angrier by the minute. Eric tells him that he is in over his head. When he says that, Thorne hears in his head over and over the times that Eric told him that he didnít have what it takes to be a designer. Eric demands to know if there is any loyalty to the family left. Thorne sets his jaw and just looks at his father. Eric demands two more times for Thorne to answer him.

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