B&B Wednesday Update 10/20/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 10/20/04


By Boo

Forrester Creations:

Brooke comes to visit Ridge at his office and tells him that she went to see Nick. She explains that she had gone there at first just to ask how Massimo was doing and to see how Nick is handling all of it. She tells him that she brought up the Jackie M boutiques and offered some advice. Ridge guesses that Nick didnít want the advice.

Brooke tells him that Nick was open to it, but he has already been talking to Felicia too. She explains that she didnít want Nick getting the wrong ideas and told him that Spectra Couture was not good enough for Jackie M. She explains that Felicia overheard what she said. Ridge asks if Felicia confronted her. Brooke explains that Felicia just gave her the evil eye and stormed into Nickís office. Ridge guesses that his poor brother is getting an ear full about now. Brooke tells him that she just thought that Nick deserved to know the truth about Spectra. Ridge thinks that even Nick will be able to tell that Spectra is inferior to Forrester, but Brooke reminds him that his girlfriend, Felicia, is working there now. She explains that Jackie is going to be pretty busy taking care of Massimo and most of running Jackie M will be dropped in Nickís lap now. She is worried that Felicia will be able to convince Nick that Spectra belongs in the boutiqueís line up. She asks if Ridge has seen anything they have been doing over there. Ridge tells her that he doesnít need to, he knows what they are capable of. Brooke does too, that is what worries her. Brooke worries that Felicia will use her influence with Nick to get Spectra in the door, she admits that she was talking Forrester up. Ridge isnít worried about it and tells her that he thinks all the infighting must stop. He plays with the Marone ring on his finger and tells her that he wishes he hadnít wasted all his time and energy being mad at Massimo.

Brooke realizes that he is wearing the ring again. Ridge tells her that he was with Massimo when he put it on, but he doesnít think that Mass realized what he did. Brooke thinks maybe he did. Ridge tells her about Mass blinking and the tear while he was there, but thinks that maybe it was just wishful thinking on his part that Mass was trying to communicate with him. Ridge tells her that he wants to take the kids to see Massimo. Brooke isnít sure that is such a good idea. Ridge thinks they can handle it considering all that they have been through in the last year. Brooke tells him that the situation between Thomas and Amber canít be compared to Massimoís stroke. Ridge tells her that both situations are senseless tragedies. Brooke asks if he talked to Thomas. Ridge doesnít believe that he got through to Thomas, but he really canít do any more since Thomas is 18 now. Brooke tells him that they will just have to let the infatuation with Amber wear off, like it did with Rick. They have to hope that Thomas wonít make the same mistakes that Rick did. Ridge predicts that the worse is yet to come because it always is with Amber. He knows that Thomas will be very sorry.

Marone Industries:

In Nickís office, Felicia canít believe the nerve that Brooke has. Nick tells her that Brooke was just trying to help, but Felicia doesnít see it that way. Nick thinks that a little trash talking comes along with competition. Felicia tells him that it isnít like Brooke was talking to Ridge or Thorne, she was badmouthing Spectra to a potential client. She finds that totally wrong. She wants to take him to Spectra and show him around, but Nick doesnít really want to. He finally relents and agrees to go with her.

Spectra Couture:

Clark receives a call from Felicia telling them that she is bringing Nick to the offices. Right away Sally and Clarke get all worked up about spiffing up the place.

Sally grabs her trusty microphone and announces that they have a very important guest coming and for everyone to get their Ďbattle stationsí in tip top shape. Darla tries to calm Sally and Clarke down, but they are psyched now. Clarke asks about the red carpet and Sally thinks that is a great idea. He tells Sally to order one of those cheese trays up while he runs to look for the red carpet. Darla tries to talk some sense into Sally, this isnít what she thinks Felicia had in mind. Nick is her boyfriend after all. When it is clear that Sally isnít listening, she goes out to the lobby area to try to talk some sense into Clark, that does no good either. She tells them that she thinks Thorne really should be here for this and offers to call Felicia and tell her that it really isnít a good time. Clark smells something foul and finds it in the trashcan that Amber got sick in. He orders one of the workers to take care of it. Darla and Clarke go back into the office to find Sally wearing a tiara. Darla gets a little frustrated that they are going so far, while Clarke thinks it looks fabulous. He grabs his jacket and starts to put a tie on. When he asks Darla for help with the tie, she tells him no and answers the ringing phone. They are told that Felicia and Nick just pulled into the parking lot. Before entering the office, Felicia tries to warn Nick that Sally and Clark are a bit eccentric, but she isnít prepared for what she sees when she opens the door.

Nick just looks a bit amused and like he is asking himself what he let Felicia drag him into. Sally makes a big show of being on the phone with an important customer, and telling them that she has someone more important in her office now. Clarke pretends to be going over their new line. Felicia looks helplessly to Darla, who just shrugs and smiles apologetically. Felicia tells Sally that Nick isnít here to look at their line up. Nick tells them he might as well since he is already there. Felicia tells him not to encourage their behavior and asks Darla where Thorne is. Darla tells her that Thorne isnít there right now and that she tried to discourage Sally and Clark, but it obviously didnít work. A disappointed Felicia tells Nick they should go. Clarke and Sally both apologize and tell Nick they were just yanking his chain. Darla explains that they were just trying to impress him. Nick is a good sport about it and tells them that he would like to see the new line they are working on. Clarke shows him one of the sketches and Sally tells him about the fabrics that will be used to make the dress. Nick is impressed and asks if it is one of Feliciaís. She admits that it is. Sally asks if he likes it. Nick jokes that it isnít something he would wear personally, but indicates that he does like it. Sally asks if it is something he would consider for Jackie M. Nick tells her that if the rest of the line looks like this, he thinks Spectra has a very bright future. Sally beams with pride.

Doctor Sobelís Office:

Amber, Thomas and Stephanie wait anxiously for the doctor to answer Amberís question. He tells them that he doesnít have the results back for her pregnancy test yet. He does have her old records though, that her old doctorís nurse faxed over to him. He tells them that Amber was right in her memory about what happened when she lost the baby. He verifies that it could be very dangerous for Amber to carry a child through to labor. However, he sees nothing in the file that indicates that she canít get pregnant. He will have to look at the x-rays that are being sent over by messenger before he is positive though. After he leaves the room, Stephanie lays into Amber and Thomas again. Thomas reminds Amber that she told him that she couldnít get pregnant. That is what Amber thought. Stephanie tells them that they both defied Ridge. Ridge tried to warn them that this could cause someone to get hurt. Now they are in a situation that could be dangerous to Amberís life. She tells them that it was the same thing with Rick. Amber doesnít think they need to bring Rick up. Stephanie tells Thomas that Rick was even younger than Thomas is now when he had to make these decisions. She tells them that this is exactly why everyone was telling them to stop seeing each other and asks Thomas if he understands now. Thomas tries to think things through a little bit.

He jokingly tells them that he feels like a kid in one of those cheesy sex-ed tapes. He then admits to Stephanie that he is scared to death, but he wonít let her lay all the blame on Amber. He tells Amber that if she is pregnant, they will make the decisions that need to be made together. He will stand by her and support her. Amber looks at him like he is a knight in shinning armor. Stephanie tells Thomas that his decision to stand by Amber is admirable, but not realistic. Thomas and Amber profess their love for each other. Thomas tells Amber that is all they need, their love. Stephanie tells them that she knows this feels all romantic, them against the world, but that is not reality. When the doctor comes into the room again, the show ends the exact same way it did yesterday. Amber asking the doctor if she is pregnant.

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