B&B Tuesday Update 10/19/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 10/19/04


By Boo


Thomas is having something to drink and goes to the bar to get a refill. A friend of his approaches the bar and asks how Thomas has been. Thomas is happy to see his friend, Rob, and tells him that he has just been really busy. Rob tells him that he will have to fill him in later, for now he has to scram. As Rob leaves, he calls Thomas ‘daddy-o’. Caitlin walks in and hears the nick name and jokes with Thomas about it. Thomas is happy to see her. Caitlin mentions that she misses seeing him at Forrester. Thomas tells her that the way things have been with him and Ridge, he has kind of stayed away from Forrester. He tells her that things are getting better now though. Caitlin is surprised to hear that Amber is back in town, and asks about the restraining order. Thomas tells her that it was bogus and that he and Amber are closer than ever now. They sit at a table together. Thomas explains that Ridge had to drop the restraining order or go to court with Thomas to get it dropped. He is 18 now and as an adult he and Amber can see each other. He admits that Ridge isn’t too happy about it, but he has to accept it. Caitlin tells him that he isn’t giving his father much of a choice. Thomas doesn’t think that he should have to give his father a choice. He brags about what a ‘mature’ relationship he and Amber have now. Caitlin asks if he doesn’t think that they are taking things too fast. Thomas doesn’t know what that means, too fast. As long as they both enjoy each other. His cell phone rings and he answers to here Amber. Caitlin listens to his side of the conversation and realizes that something is wrong. Thomas looks totally stricken when he gets off the phone and quickly tells her that he has to leave. She jokingly calls him ‘daddy-o’ again and Thomas pauses to think about what she said. (You can see ‘oh shit’ written on his forehead almost!)

Spectra Couture:

Stephanie and Amber are still in the office. Stephanie tries to find out what is wrong with Amber. Amber just tells her that she is feeling a little upset stomach and that it is probably caused from stress. Stephanie tells her that they both know how to get rid of that. Amber doesn’t want to hear any more lecturing. Stephanie tells her that she isn’t going to ask her to end her friendship with Thomas, but that is as far as it is going to go. Amber doesn’t understand how Stephanie can expect her to just go back to being friends with Thomas. They have slept together, they have formed a special bond, she is in love with Thomas. Stephanie tells her that if she is in love with Thomas, she would not complicate his life with sex and all the emotions and commitments that come along with sex. Amber reminds Stephanie again that Thomas is 18 now, there is nothing illegal about the two of them. Stephanie thinks that Thomas should be seeing someone his own age and not worrying about all of this.

Amber doesn’t understand what Stephanie means by ‘all this’, but before Stephanie can explain, Amber runs out of the room and gets sick in a trash can in the lobby area. Steph asks her why she came to work if she is so sick. Amber explains that she felt fine earlier, it just hit her real fast. Stephanie suspiciously asks her how long her and Thomas have been sleeping together. Amber can’t believe that Steph even thinks that. Stephanie asks exactly what the doctor told her when she lost the baby; did he tell her that she couldn’t carry a baby through to labor, or did he tell her that she couldn’t get pregnant again? Amber isn’t feeling good at all, and doesn’t really feel like talking about it but she tries to remember exactly what the doctor said. She just doesn’t remember though, it was a long time ago and she was kinda in shock when he told her. She asks Stephanie to take her home. Steph tells her that she won’t take her home, but she will take her somewhere, and leads her out to the car.

In the car, Amber calls Thomas on her cell phone and tells him that she isn’t feeling well. Stephanie takes the phone from her and tells Thomas that she is taking Amber to see Dr. Sobel, and she expects Thomas to meet them there. She tells a shocked Thomas that she is taking Amber to get a pregnancy test.

Marone Industries:

Nick is on the phone with someone, and looking over papers with two other employees at the same time. He looks very busy as Brooke appears at the door. After he finishes up the phone call and the employees leave, Brooke enters. She thought he told her on the phone that he wasn’t busy. He says that was nothing, but admits that he is just trying to hold the fort down until Massimo can come back to work.

He offers Brooke some water. Brooke tells him that Ridge has kept her posted on Mass’ condition, so she thought she would come by to see how Nick is holding up. Nick tells her that he is doing fine. She asks if he would tell her if he wasn’t. She still cares about him and considers him a friend. The two of them discuss the boutiques for a little bit. Nick doesn’t seem to realize that the boutiques are as important in the fashion world as they are. He thinks of them as ‘just a little store’. Brooke realizes that Nick knows nothing about the fashion business and offers her help. Nick is intrigued by her offer. She explains that the boutiques that Massimo bought for Jackie are some of the most exclusive and well known boutiques in the world and Jackie is a very well known and respected person in the fashion world. Since she is going to be busy taking care of Massimo, all these people will be calling Nick and trying to sell him things for the boutiques. She impresses on him that he has a big responsibility now to keep the reputation of the boutiques and his mother in top standing. She assures him that Forrester will never let him down and will only supply him with the best. When Nick asks if that isn’t the way it always is, Brooke tells him that it isn’t. Especially with the new ‘up and comers’. Nick realizes that she is talking about Spectra. He tells her that he has heard good things about Spectra lately.

Felicia is in the hall and starts to enter the room when she overhears the conversation going on inside. She decides to listen in for a bit before entering. Brooke asks if Nick is getting his information from Felicia. He confirms that he is, since she is working there now. Brooke makes a snide side remark that Felicia has never thought about things before she leaps. She quickly brings the conversation back to her point for being there. She just doesn’t want to see Nick make bad choices. Spectra does not belong in his mother’s boutiques. People that shop at Jackie M will not buy Spectra designs she tells him. Nick tells her that Felicia has told him that things are changing over at Spectra. Brooke tells him that Spectra will never be able to compete with Forrester Designs because Forrester has Eric and Ridge. Nick reminds her that Spectra now has two Forresters working there two. Brooke takes the opportunity to explain that although Felicia has some talent, she has always been somewhat of a rebel and likes to ‘stir things up’. Nick likes the sound of that, she is a woman after his own heart.

Brooke tells him that she would never give him advice on his personal life, but she is happy to help him out with fashion advice. When Nick mentions that he just wants his father well, Brooke realizes that Nick really isn’t in the mood to talk fashion right now. She gives him a hug and tells him she will be thinking about him. When she walks out of the office, she finds a not very happy Felicia sitting on the receptionist’s desk. Felicia asks her: “So, I don't know anything about the fashion industry? So, I don't know anything about the fashion industry?”

Doctor’s office:

The nurse ushers Stephanie and Amber into a room and tells them the Doctor will be there shortly. Amber thinks this is all totally ridiculous as she can’t have kids anymore. Stephanie tells her that she just wants to make sure. Dr. Sobel enters the room and introduces himself. Stephanie explains that Amber thinks that she can’t get pregnant, but isn’t sure about that. She tells him that Amber has been sleeping with her grandson and is feeling dizzy and nauseated. Dr. Sobel tries to clarify why she feels that she can’t get pregnant.

Amber is rattled and thinks all of this is unnecessary, but tries to explain what happened when she lost her baby and what the doctor told her then. She gives Dr. Sobel the name of the doctor that took care of her then so that he can call and verify what she has told him and get the facts. Stephanie convinces her to take the pregnancy test anyway. When Amber learns that the pregnancy test involves a blood test, she protests, but the doctor goes ahead and draws blood with her complaining all the way through the short procedure. Thomas comes rushing into the room and asks if Amber is okay. Stephanie introduces Thomas to Dr. Sobel. Thomas can’t believe that Amber actually thinks that she might be pregnant. Dr. Sobel leaves to take the blood to the lab and to put a rush on the results. Thomas tells Amber that he thought she said she couldn’t get pregnant. Amber confirms that she can’t.

When Thomas wants to know what they are doing there then, Stephanie explains that Amber doesn’t really remember what the doctor said. Things start to sink in on Thomas and he isn’t taking the news well. Stephanie tells him that he ‘wanted to be a man’. Amber tells Stephanie to leave Thomas alone, that she is freaking him out. Stephanie thinks someone ‘needs’ to freak Thomas out about this. This could be very serious and it could have been avoided. When the doctor enters they all stand and ask if Amber is pregnant. The doctor isn’t quick to answer.

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