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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 10/18/04


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"Marone Mansion:

Stephanie wonders if Massimo understands and tells Deacon that she just saw a tear rolling down his face. Deacon tells her that it just happens sometimes, but still thinks that Mass doesn’t even know they are there. Mass tells Stephanie (in his mind) not to listen to Deacon.

The doorbell rings and Deacon answers the door to Ridge. Massimo is happy to see Ridge. Ridge asks Deacon if he is the new butler. Deacon explains that Nick has asked him to move in here for a while to help Jackie. Stephanie explains that Mass and Deacon came to some kind of business agreement before the stroke. Ridge asks how Massimo is doing. Stephanie tells him about Mass blinking and having a tear roll down his face. Deacon once again explains that it is just some kind of involuntary reaction. Mass screams in his head for Ridge not to believe Deacon. Ridge goes to Massimo and tries to look into his eyes. He wonders if Mass knows he is there. Mass does know. Stephanie tells Ridge that she hopes on some level that Massimo does know they are there. Stephanie wonders why it always takes something like this to make people understand that they must make peace with people they love. Ridge comments that before the stroke he thought his and Massimo’s differences were insurmountable, but now they all seem so insignificant. Stephanie tells Ridge that he should tell his father that. She tells Ridge and Deacon that she has to go and asks Deacon to tell Jackie that she was there. Ridge and Deacon both see her out. Deacon offers Ridge something to drink, but Ridge turns down the offer. Deacon knows that Ridge isn’t real keen on his being there, but tells Ridge that they all want the best care for Massimo. Ridge raises that eyebrow and asks him if that is Deacon. Deacon tells him it is for now, at least Nick thinks so. As Ridge again goes down to eye level with Mass, Mass tells Ridge to throw Deacon out. Deacon gets a call on his cell phone and leaves the room to take it. Ridge tells Mass that this is just not right. Massimo thinks that Ridge has seen that he doesn’t want Deacon here.

Ridge walks to a table and opens the box that holds his ‘Marone ring’. He takes the ring out of the box and looks at it closely, thinking. He goes back to Massimo and squats down in front of Mass again. Ridge tells him that when Massimo asked him to put this ring back on before, Ridge just couldn’t see that Massimo was only trying to give his grandson something that the two of them never had. He tells Mass that he loves the man that raised him, and Eric will always be ‘dad’ to him. He is proud of where he came from though. He tells Mass that he wants the whole world to know that as he puts the ring back on his hand. He also wants Mass to know. Mass does know. Ridge picks up his father’s hand and taps his ring against Mass’ ring.

Mass thinks to himself that he has to reach Ridge and let him know. Ridge notices Mass blink and more tears roll down his cheeks as Deacon comes back into the room. Ridge reports this information to Deacon. Deacon tells him that he knows that Ridge wants to believe that Massimo is trying to communicate with him, but it just isn’t true. Ridge implores Massimo to do it again, but no matter how hard Massimo tries, he just can’t do it. Ridge tells Mass not to give up, that he knows he can beat this thing. A little disgusted with Deacon, Ridge leaves. Deacon sits beside Massimo and asks him if he can hear him. He wonders if Mass is just biding his time so that he can get revenge on him. Deacon finally decides that he is just freaking himself out, and that Mass really doesn’t know what is going on. Deacon brags to him that he is living Mass’ life. He boldly takes the Marone ring off of Massimo’s finger and puts it on his own hand. He comments that it is a little big, but he can get it fixed. He admires the ring on his finger and looks happily around the room, telling himself that he could most definitely get used to all of this.


Thorne and Darla are having lunch. They talk about how shocked Ridge was when Thorne stood up to him. Darla is very proud of her husband. Thorne really believes in the team he has assembled at Spectra and really believes that they can make this thing work. Darla agrees that they are going to make fashion history. Thorne tells her that they have to do great with this first line coming out. They have to hit the gate running.

Darla tells him that Amber is on fire, she was sketching like crazy when they left the office. She thinks it was a really nice thing for Thorne to do, bringing Amber into the company. Thorne believes that the decision will pay off for all of them. Darla asks him why he never tried his hand at designing. Thorne explains that he did when he was younger, but he never showed his dad because it was decided when he was around 3 or 4 if he ‘had the eye’. Darla is shocked that his career was decided before he was out of preschool. Thorne tells her that he didn’t have to stay in the business, he could have been a doctor or something. He just wanted to carve out his own niche with his father. Darla sadly understands that, but wonders what his life would be like if Eric had taken Thorne instead of Ridge under his wing. Thorne tells her that he is happy right where he is now. Because of Darla, he now knows what it is like to have that kind of love and encouragement. His words touch Darla deeply, almost bringing her to tears as she watches her husband.


Amber is busily sketching away in the office when Thomas joins her and comments that nothing got broken from the confrontation. Amber tells him that Ridge didn’t go berserk or anything. Only told them all what losers they were. The two act like two love birds and hug and kiss. Thomas apologizes for Ridge ruining her first day on the job. Amber tells him that it didn’t ruin her day at all, because Thorne stood up to him. Thomas is happy to hear this. Amber explains the whole conversation between Thorne and Ridge and tells Thomas that his little speech got her all fired up. She shows him the sketches she has been working on. Thomas assures her that he likes what he sees, but he likes everything she does. Amber gets a bit giddy and the two start kissing again. One of the secretaries interrupts them to announce that Stephanie is on her way up to see Amber. Amber freaks a little bit, thinking that Stephanie is going to lay into her again. Thomas tells her that Stephanie doesn’t have a say in this anymore, as they are both adults now. He offers to stay and confront Stephanie with her, but Amber insists that this is something she has to do on her own. She finally convinces him to leave out the back way again. As she waits for Stephanie to arrive, she remembers Steph telling her to stay away from Thomas and the whole family. When Stephanie arrives, Amber tells her that she knows why she came and tells her to just get it over with, just let her have it. Stephanie tells a shocked Amber that she would rather the two of them call a truce. Amber is relieved that Stephanie is going to give her and Thomas her blessing. Stephanie explains that isn’t what she meant. She only meant that she wants to mend fences with Amber because she misses her. Amber reminds Steph that she ran Amber out of town.

Steph tells her that was because she found Amber half naked with Thomas. She tells Amber that it was a mistake for her to push Amber away from her family. Amber is a little taken aback when Stephanie uses the word family. She thought that Stephanie had given up on her. Stephanie reminds her that when she lets someone into her heart, she never lets go. She tells Amber that she will always think of her as one of her own. Amber starts to get a little misty eyes and goes to kneel before a seated Stephanie. She promises to do her best not to ever disappoint Stephanie again. Stephanie tells her that there is one way she can do that, by ending her relationship with Thomas. Stephanie tells her that she knows it will be hard because she knows Amber really likes Thomas. Amber corrects Stephanie, telling her that she loves Thomas. She loves the way Thomas treats her and the way he makes her feel. When Stephanie tells her that Thomas is a very thoughtful boy, Amber tries to correct her saying that Thomas is a ‘man’. Stephanie won’t back down and explains that Thomas putting her up on a pedestal is adolescent behavior. Amber tells her that Thomas is more mature than some men twice his age. Stephanie tries to explain that is what Amber wants and needs to see, but Amber deserves better than that. She deserves someone that will love her for who she is. Amber believes that person is Thomas. Amber tells her that she and Thomas are just having fun. Stephanie understands fun, it is a time for a couple to get to know each other. Amber asks if Stephanie understands, then why doesn’t she support her and Thomas. Steph explains that when Amber slept with Thomas, she crossed a line. Amber thinks that is old fashioned thinking, but Stephanie explains that when you take any action, there are consequences. Amber tries to tell Stephanie that her and Thomas have something really special going on. In the middle of her sentence though, she grabs her stomach and doubles over in pain. An alarmed Stephanie tries to find out what is wrong, but a terrified looking Amber is in too much pain to answer.

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