B&B Friday Update 10/15/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 10/15/04


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In the office, Thorne asks Ridge to make this quick. They have a meeting going on, and they want to get back to it. Ridge asks if the meeting is about taking Forrester down. Thorne thinks Ridge is doing a good enough job of that on his own, they will just sit back and watch. Thorne tells him that Forrester is headed in the wrong direction because of Ridge’s strategies. When it takes a hit, it will be on Ridge’s head, not Thorne’s. Ridge brings up Thorne stealing the line from Forrester and asks Felicia if she also thinks that Forrester is doomed. Felicia tells him that she doesn’t have an opinion about that, it isn’t why she signed up with Thorne. She believes in what Thorne is trying to do here at Spectra. Ridge’s dislike of Amber shows through when he asks Felicia if she agrees with the kind of people that Thorne is surrounding himself with. Felicia tells him that, like Thorne, she believes in giving people a second chance. Ridge knows that Felicia is a rebel and a bit of a bleeding heart, but he doesn’t think she belongs at Spectra. She belongs back home at Forrester. Thorne tells Ridge that just because he can’t bring out the talent in people, it doesn’t mean they don’t have talent. For Felicia to be at Forrester, it would only be to be in Ridge’s spotlight. At Spectra, she can create her own spotlight. Felicia tells Ridge that Thorne knows that success doesn’t always spell winning. Thorne tells Ridge that there is an awful lot of talent here at Spectra now. All of them had tried with Forrester, and all of them were put on a second shelf with Ridge being the star. Thorne thinks that Ridge should be proud of all that he has accomplished, but he shouldn’t get too confident because everyone at Spectra is gaining on him. Thorne wonders if Ridge would still be the same star that he is today if Felicia had been born first. Ridge asks if Thorne begrudges his success or his place in the family. Thorne doesn’t, but he wonders if Ridge would still be the star if he hadn’t had all the encouragement and support that he had. Thorne thinks that everyone can be the kind of success that Ridge was with the same kind of support and loving encouragement and he plans on proving it. Clarke comments that he thinks Ridge believes that too, or he wouldn’t be there treating them all like a threat. Ridge condescendingly tells Clarke that is exactly what it is, he is ‘petrified’ of the ‘knock of queen and her henchman’ (indicating Sally and Clarke) and the ‘creative genius behind Sharpe Design’ (indicating Amber). Felicia gets angry at his attitude and asks him where the hell he gets off. She demands to know what it is to Ridge if a bunch of people that he doesn’t want at Forrester anyway, make a go of things. Ridge tells her he is concerned because it is hurting Eric and Stephanie to see their son and daughter tear the family apart. Felicia tells him that isn’t what all of this is about. Ridge thinks it is for Thorne, it is all about revenge. Thorne tells him that it isn’t about revenge. It is taking a leap of faith like their grandfather did when he invested in Eric’s dream. Ridge can’t believe that Thorne is comparing these people to their grandfather. Thorne tells him that the determination and spirit are comparable to their grandfather. He knows that Ridge has always gotten ahead by intimidating people and making them feel inferior. It isn’t going to work anymore he tells his arrogant brother. Every word out of Ridge’s mouth just makes them all that more determined. Thorne suggests that Ridge take his butt back to work, but his tactics won’t work here at Spectra anymore. Ridge is finally left speechless and leaves. The whole group congratulate Thorne for standing up and talking to Ridge like that. They are very proud of Thorne for putting Ridge in his place. Sally tells them that she feels in her bones that they will pull this thing off. Darla is so proud of Thorne, because after that little display with Ridge, Ridge will never push him around again.

Marone Mansion:

Upstairs in Jackie’s bedroom she frantically looks for a cup of tea that she has misplaced. She complains that she can’t ever find anything in this house. She thinks that Claudette is hiding things from her because she doesn’t like her. Deacon asks if she has taken her pills. Jackie gets even more upset at this suggestion. She knows what the doctor said but she doesn’t need the pills. Deacon spots the cup of tea sitting out in the open and points it out to an embarrassed Jackie. She tells him that he must think she is going crazy. He tells her that he just thinks she is under a lot of stress. He is there to help her with that and talks her into taking one of the pills.

Downstairs, Stephanie has come to visit Massimo. Nick greats her and tells her that he just got there himself. Stephanie is saddened to see Mass like this and goes to say hello to him. Nick tells her there is not much progress. Stephanie asks how Jackie is doing. Nick tells her that Jackie is feeling a bit overwhelmed. Steph understands that. She asks how Nick is doing. He says he is holding up and trying to cover for Mass at the office. Stephanie assures him that is what Mass would want. Nick tells her that he would rather be here, as it is tough on his mother. Stephanie starts to ask if they have 24/7 nurses now when Deacon comes down the stairs and joins them. Stephanie is shocked to see Deacon there. Again, we hear Massimo’s thoughts: He is glad that Stephanie is there, if anyone can see through Deacon, it will be Stephanie. He implores Stephanie to help him. Nick explains that Deacon is staying at the house now to help out. Stephanie wasn’t aware that Deacon had any kind of medical training. Deacon tells her that he has years of candy striping experience. Stephanie doesn’t look impressed. Massimo ‘tells’ her to trust her instincts. Nick explains that Massimo has a lot of faith in Deacon as he appointed Deacon to be Vice President of Jackie’s company. Stephanie doesn’t like hearing that Deacon is ‘practically part of the family’ now. She asks where Deacon’s son is these days. Deacon tells her that his son is with his grandparents for the day. He tells Stephanie that he knows it is weird for her to see him here at the mansion, but the Marone family has been very good to him lately and he just wants to help out. Massimo begs Stephanie to see through Deacon, since she knows him so well. Nick tells them that he has to get back to the office, and wants to see Jackie before he leaves. He asks Stephanie to spend some time with Jackie. Stephanie tells him that is why she came over. Nick heads upstairs to see Jackie. Stephanie sits next to Mass and tells him that she is here now. Massimo begs her to help him, Deacon is trying to take over his whole life, including his home.

Upstairs, Nick finds Jackie resting on the bed. Jackie tells him that she is doing fine, just really tired. She feels like she is letting Massimo down because she feels like she can just barely function anymore. Nick assures her that she isn’t letting Massimo down. Mass knows that she is there and that she loves him. They have plenty of people around to help her including Deacon. Jackie tries to tell him that she doesn’t want Deacon there, but Nick thinks they need all the help they can get. Jackie’s pills start to take effect again and she gives up trying to talk to Nick about Deacon. Nick tells her to lay down and rest. She falls asleep almost as her head hits the pillow.

Back downstairs, Stephanie sits and talks to Massimo. She reminds him of a time when they were kids and they were playing cowboys and Indians and she fell and broke her arm. How he promised to take care of her then. She tells him that he was a good friend and took care of her all the way through her life. She nostalgically realizes how long they have been together. She also tells him that they have a wonderful son that could use some fatherly advice from him right now. She also tells him that she doesn’t tell him enough what a great father he is. She asks Deacon what the prognosis is for Mass’ condition. Deacon tells her that they really don’t know right now. Stephanie reminds Massimo of when she had her stroke and the doctors were not very encouraging. She tells him that it will take time for the body to heal, but she knows that he is the strongest person she knows and he will recover. When she mentions that Massimo has all this help and support around him, including Deacon for what he is worth, Massimo thinks: “No. No, not him. He wants Jacqueline. He wants my life!” Stephanie tells him that she loves him and then notices that Mass blinked. Deacon explains that he does that sometimes, it is an involuntary muscle spasm. Nick comes back downstairs again and asks if Jackie is on anything. Deacon confirms that the doctor put her on some tranquilizers. Nick thinks that explains why she fell asleep so quickly. Nick tells Steph and Deacon that he has to go. Stephanie tells them that she is going to stay around a bit longer. As Nick makes his exit, Massimo’s mind is screaming for him not to go. Stephanie notices a tear rolling down Massimo’s face and becomes concerned. She bends over and lovingly asks if Massimo can hear her.

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