B&B Thursday Update 10/14/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 10/14/04


Written By Boo

Forrester Creations:

In Eric’s office, Ridge orders Felicia to call Thorne and tell him that she isn’t taking the job. Felicia can’t believe what Ridge just said. She thinks that Ridge would be happy that Thorne will be taking Spectra legit, he won’t be stealing Ridge’s designs anymore. Ridge thinks that this is just another way for Thorne to slap Eric in the face. Felicia defends Thorne saying that he doesn’t think that way. When Eric asks her why she took the job with Thorne, Felicia explains that it is exciting to her to get in on the ground floor, and she believes in what Thorne is trying to do. Besides, she tells them, Thorne needs her in a way that they don’t. They have Ridge. Eric tells her that she has always had a job at Forrester if she wanted it. Felicia tells them that she didn’t know that. Stephanie understands what Felicia is saying, but Ridge doesn’t. He tells her that he doesn’t understand how she can turn her back on family. Felicia reminds Ridge that Thorne is family too, and asks him not to lose sight of that. She realizes that she is late for work and rushes out. Ridge can’t believe that Eric is just going to let her walk out like that. Eric tells him that it is Felicia’s decision. Stephanie says that she thinks that Thorne has more to offer Felicia at this point in her life. Ridge tells them that he will not just stand by and watch Thorne tear the whole family apart. Eric tries to tell Ridge to let it go, if he and Ridge do their jobs around Forrester, they won’t have to worry about Spectra. Stephanie says that she thinks that Thorne will do everything on the up and up now. Ridge then tells them about Thorne also hiring Amber. He explains that Thorne also told Thomas that the restraining order can’t be enforced. Stephanie reminds Ridge that Thomas is 18 now. Ridge tells them that he believes that Thorne is doing all of this to get back at him and is now coming between him and his son. Stephanie doesn’t believe that at all, but Ridge has again worked himself into a pretty angry state and storms out to go to Spectra and confront Thorne once again. (Don’t they have anger management classes in L.A.???)


Sally, Clarke and Darla wait for Thorne, Amber and Felicia to show up for work in Sally’s office. When Thorne shows up, Darla makes an excuse for him that there was probably a lot of traffic. Thorne assures Sally that Amber and Felicia will both be there, they won’t let them down. Out in the hall Amber and Thomas step off of the elevator. Thomas made her a sack lunch and gave her a ride to work. Amber is worried that Thorne might not appreciate Thomas being there, since he said that he doesn’t approve of their relationship. Thomas tells her not to worry about any of that right now. She should concentrate on her new job. Thomas gives her a good luck kiss as Thorne finds them in the hall. Amber starts to make an excuse, but Thorne tells her that what she does with her personal life is none of his business. Thorne ushers them into the office where they are both warmly greeted by everyone. When Thomas and Amber confirm that they didn’t see Felicia on their way in, Sally wonders if ‘Queen Stephanie and Eric’ got a hold of her. Felicia finally shows up for work and tells them that they were right about her parents reaction. She tells them that Ridge was the one that was most angry and confirms that Ridge offered her a job at Forrester. When she tells them that she turned the job down because she already had a job here at Spectra, everyone applauds and cheers her. Thorne hugs his sister and tells her that they are all the dream team and they are going to beat Forrester at their own game. When the others in the room don’t respond, Thorne goes into a little speech. He tells them all that he knows that they all have different reasons for being there, some of them have been out of the fashion loop for awhile, some of them have legacies to live up to, etc. He also tells them that they are all a team now, working together. He thanks Sally for giving them all a place to thrive, learn, and grow. His speech lifts the moral up of the whole group and they all cheer and applaud. Sally tells him to stop before he makes her cry and ruin her makeup. She tells him that everyone knows that he is the swivel stick that will stir the drink. Darla proclaims that all of them are behind him 110% and more cheers all around. Sally then reminisces about what she had always dreamed Spectra would be. She tells them that she used to have such a feeling of family when Saul and Macy were still there. She didn’t think she would ever have that feeling back, but she does have it back now. With the group that they have going for them now, she feels the company now has more potential than it has ever had. Thorne goes around the desk to give her a big hug as the buzzer goes off. They are told that Ridge is on his way to Sally’s office. They all quickly show Thomas a back way out so that Ridge doesn’t see him there with Amber. When Ridge enters the office, Sally welcomes him. Thorne tells him that he is interrupting a meeting. Ridge wants to talk to Thorne alone, but Thorne tells him that anything he wants to say to him he can say in front of his whole team.

Marone Mansion:

Deacon is in the front room making himself at home. Claudette brings in a tray of breakfast items and Deacon asks if she has seen Jackie this morning. Claudette reports that she tried to wake Jackie up, but she was sleeping very soundly. She then tells him that she will be in the kitchen and leaves. Again, we see that Massimo is awake and very aware of his surroundings. Jackie comes downstairs and is upset to find Deacon there. Deacon reminds her that she told him to stay. Jackie doesn’t remember that at all and again tells him to leave. Deacon again tries to convince Jackie that he is there to help her and shows her the wonderful breakfast that ‘he’ prepared for her. He tries to get her to eat something and to take one of the tranquilizers that the doctor left for her. Jackie refuses to eat or take the pills. She goes to Massimo and covers him up. She tells him how proud the doctors are that he has opened his eyes now. She knows that he will get better now. Deacon sits on the couch and remembers the conversation with the doctor about the pills. While Jackie is busy fussing over Massimo, Massimo watches in horror as Deacon puts one of the pills in a glass of orange juice and stir it up. He thinks ‘no’. Jackie offers to read to Massimo and gets up to get a book. When she stumbles, Deacon is right there to catch her. She tells him that she is just a bit light headed and will be okay. Deacon asks when she last ate. She thinks she ate yesterday. He tries to get her to drink the orange juice but she pushes it away and again tells him to leave. It isn’t appropriate for him to be there. She just wants him to go so that she can take care of her husband. Deacon tells her that Massimo doesn’t even know she is there. He puts his arms around her as Massimo ‘thinks’ ‘Get your hands off her!’ Deacon tells her that no matter how she feels about him, she needs to keep her strength up and asks her to eat something again. Jackie doesn’t have an appetite at all. Deacon talks her into drinking the orange juice as Massimo continues to watch. Jackie feels a bit better after drinking the juice. Deacon offers to leave if it really is him that is stressing her out. She tells him that she thinks that is best. Deacon sadly goes upstairs to gather his things. Jackie sits down and starts to read to Massimo. Massimo sees Deacon at the top of the stairs just watching the two of them. He thinks that Jackie is not safe with Deacon. By the time Deacon comes back downstairs, the drug is starting to affect Jackie. She is still reading when she notices Deacon there to say goodbye. When she stands up, she almost falls again. Deacon again rushes to her side and takes her to the couch. Massimo wants to tell Jackie that Deacon drugged her, but can’t. Deacon gets Jackie to take a few bites of food and then goes to work on her. He tells her that she can’t take care of Massimo, the mansion and the boutiques all by herself. He tells her to think of all the good times they have had together. He finally gets a very drugged Jackie to admit that she needs him. Massimo thinks: “My poor Jacqueline -- he has us both -- where he wants us. The devil-- he is the devil.”

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