B&B Wednesday Update 10/13/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 10/13/04


Written By Boo

Marone Mansion:

A worried Deacon watches over Massimo as he remembers Jackie telling him to get out of her house just before she collapsed. Mark comes down the stairs and tells Deacon that he has given Jackie a shot and it should be taking effect soon. He gives Deacon a bottle of tranquilizers and tells him that it is very important that Jackie take them. The amount of stress that she is under right now is overwhelming her. Deacon understands and explains that is why Nick has asked him to stay here with Jackie. When Mark comments that he is sure Jackie appreciates that, Deacon indicates that isnít the case. Mark is alarmed that Deacon may be reconsidering staying with Jackie. Deacon explains that it is not what he wants to do, but Jackie asked him to leave. Deacon tells Mark that Jackie thinks she can handle this by herself. Mark tells him that she isnít handling it well, since she fainted. Deacon tells Mark that he just wants to help Jackie. Massimo is listening to the whole conversation, and for the first time since the stroke we hear his thoughts. His only thought at this point is to call Deacon a liar. Mark offers to talk to Jackie about Deacon staying on, but Deacon thinks they can work it out. Mark gets a page from the hospital and announces that he has to leave. Deacon thanks him for coming by and sees him to the door. Jackie comes into the room carrying a CD. She tells Massimo that she found his favorite music that she bought him last Christmas and asks if they should listen to it, or just sit and talk. Deacon comments that it will be a one sided conversation. Jackie turns and looks a bit surprised to see Deacon there. The Ďshotí that Mark gave her has obviously taken effect. Deacon explains that he didnít want to leave without saying goodbye. Jackie is confused as to why he is leaving. Deacon reminds Jackie that she told him to leave before she fainted. Jackie asks if they argued. Deacon tells her that they just had a difference of opinion. He only wants to help her take care of Massimo. Jackie turns back to Massimo and lovingly tells him that is all she wants right now, for Massimo to get better. Deacon asks if it is okay for him to stay. Jackie explains that she is having a hard time focusing on anything, and she doesnít want to think about anything right now except Massimo getting better. Deacon takes that as a yes and goes to get his things settled in. Jackie goes back to Massimo and sits beside him. She gets a blanket and covers him to keep him warm. She then apologizes for hovering over him and starts to get up. Deacon steadies her as she swoons a little bit. Jackie makes her way to the couch and tells him that the shot that Mark gave her was supposed to help steady her nerves, but it seems like it has unsteadied her. She grabs a pillow and puts it on her lap as she tells him that she will be back to her old self in no time.

Brooke and Ridgeís bedroom:

Brooke lays in bed as Ridge fills her in on everything that happened at the trailer and tells her about Amber working for Thorne now. He still doesnít understand at all that Thorne was trying to help him, as he tells Brooke that Thorne lectured him on what a bad parent he is. Brooke is surprised to hear that Ridge left Thomas at the trailer with Amber. Ridge explains that it was either that or have Thomas arrested for stealing Brookeís car. He tells her that he doesnít like it at all that Thomas is so Ďinfatuatedí with Amber. He knows that it will all turn out to be one big disaster. Thomas is 18 though, and there is nothing that Ridge can really do about it. He is sure that sooner or later another pretty girl will come along and turn Thomasí head, but for now he just has to learn to live with the idea that Thomas will be seeing Amber. He admits that Brooke was right; the more he fights Thomas on this, the more he pushes him right into Amberís arms. Brooke wonders how Thorne got involved in all of this. Ridge explains that he came by here earlier and talked to Thomas. Then he came out to Ambers to try to look like the big hero while making Ridge look like a loser in Thomasí eyes. Brooke tries to look at things from Thorneís point of view, but Ridge will hear nothing of it. Ridge looks at a picture of him and Thomas and comments that he is losing his son, all because of Amber.

He then lays on the bed with Brooke for a bit. Brooke tells him that it is hard to believe that Amber has changed. Ridge thinks it is impossible to believe. Brooke explains that she knows that Thomas is a very loveable kid, and maybe if Amber sees that tooÖ.. Ridge is shocked that Amber has gotten to Brooke too. Brooke explains that she knows that Thomas is a great kid, and that it is easy for her to see how anyone could fall for him. She reminds Ridge that she (Brooke) came from the wrong side of the track too, and his family didnít welcome her with open arms. Ridge thinks this is totally different. Brooke doesnít think so, she remembers hearing Stephanie say the exact same words about her as they have been saying about Amber. She thinks it is possible that Amber has changed. Ridge doesnít think that people like Amber can change. He just wishes that he could find a way to get through to Thomas. He also wishes that he had handled things differently tonight at that trailer. Brooke reassures him that he was just doing what a good loving parent does. He was trying to show Thomas how much he loves him. Ridge hopes that Thomas knows that. Brooke thinks he has a great relationship with all of his kids, and if Thomas doesnít know that right now, he will know it in the future. Ridge is amused that the two of them are laying here talking about their children. When Brooke asks him what else a bed is for, Ridge is mighty happy she asked that question.

Amberís trailer:

Amber comes into the trailer after taking a little walk to find that Thomas has fixed up some Chili. She is surprised and thankful for the meal, but is still upset by all that happened there tonight. She tells Thomas that she is upset about calling the cops on his father. Thomas assures her that she only did what she had to do, and so did he. He tells her that he had to stand up to his dad. Ridge and the rest of his family have to realize that he isnít a kid anymore.

Thomas assures Amber that his family will come around. Amber thinks they will when hell freezes over. Thomas tells her that he knows that it wonít be easy, but they have all the time in the world to prove to everyone that what the two of them have is real, and how happy she has made him. They hug and kiss. As they sit and eat the meal that Thomas prepared, he tells her how beautiful she is. Thomas tells her that he is so sorry about all the things Ridge said about her tonight. He just wishes they could all see what he sees when he looks at her. She has so much going for her now that she is working for Thorne. Amber reminds him that it has been a long time since she designed professionally and worries that she may have lost her edge. Thomas thinks she has only lost her self confidence, but he promises to keep reminding her how great she is and what a special person she is. He reaches to hold her hand as he tells her that she is the most special person in his life. Amber tells him that it was really amazing watching him stand up to Ridge tonight. She knows that Ridge thinks that she seduced Thomas. Thomas tells her that is exactly what he keeps trying to tell Ridge, that this was all his fault. He is happy that at least it is all out in the open now and they donít have to sneak around anymore. Amber knows that Ridge is backing off a little now, but she reminds Thomas that it isnít the same thing as Ridge giving them his blessing. Thomas is hopeful about their situation because Ridge admitted that he didnít have all the answers. He thinks that means that Ridge is going to at least give them a chance, and that is all they need. Just the chance to convince everyone. Thomas tells her again that she is the best thing that ever happened to him.

Amber admits that she worries about him being only 18. When she and Rick were together, she really did think that they would be together forever. Things changed though, and feelings changed. Thomas asks her if she is afraid of that happening again. She tells him she isnít afraid, she could handle it. Thomas wonders if she could handle it if this thing between them really is the real thing. She tells him there is only one way to find out and kisses him. The two of them are very happy. Thomas mentions the two of them moving back L.A. and living together. Amber doesnít think that is such a good idea. She wants to take it a little slower and give Ridge time to adjust to all that happened tonight. She doesnít want to rock the boat that much. Thomas tells her that he canít allow his dad to call the shots, he is a man now. Amber knows that and tells him that Ridge knows that too after tonight. Thomas just wants Ridge to respect him and to know that he really does know what he is doing and who he wants to be with. Amber marvels at how they got to this place. She felt like she had totally bottomed out just a short time ago, and then Thomas came along and it was so different with him than it has been with anyone else in her life. She didnít have to fight for him, she didnít have to prove herself to him. She even kept trying to push him away, but he kept coming back. Thomas jokes that he still has the bruises. Thomas tells her that she just has to be herself because there is no one else that he ever wants to be with. As Thomas holds her in his arms, Amber realizes that this is Ďreal loveí.

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