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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 10/12/04


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Brookeís car:

Thomas is trying to get to Amberís trailer before anything bad happens. When his cell phone starts to ring, he sees that the call is from Brooke. He wonít answer it and just says that Brooke will get her car back once he is sure that Amber is okay. He hopes someone got to the trailer in time.

Amberís trailer:

Ridge canít believe that Thorne is even there, this is none of Thorneís business. He tells Thorne that Amber is seducing his teenage son. Thorne knows that Ridge is upset, but he wonít let Ridge intimidate him. He tries to get ridge to see that the more Ridge attacks Amber, the more he is driving a wedge between himself and his son. Ridge canít believe that Thorne is now interfering with his family. Thorne tries to reason with Ridge that he is just trying to help. Ridge keeps insisting that he doesnít need Thorneís help. Thorne tries to point out to him that he isnít scoring any points with Thomas by attacking his girlfriend. He tells Ridge that he knows that Thomasí and Amberís relationship is inappropriate, but according to the law there is nothing they can do about it. Ridge tells Thorne that he has a restraining order on Amber. Thorne informs Ridge and Amber that he talked to an attorney about that and since Thomas is 18, the restraining order will not hold up in court if Thomas decides to contest it. Amber is very relieved to hear this, but Ridge is even more furious that Thorne seems to be taking Amberís side. He thinks that Thorne is just using all of this to get even with him for what happened at Forrester Creations. Ridge yells at him that none of this is his business. Thorne corrects him, and then stuns him into silence when he tells Ridge that Amber is his employee. Ridge turns to look at Amber, who smiles as if saying Ďso there.í Ridge canít believe what he just heard. Thorne tells him that it is true, and he might as well know all of it, Felicia is working for him too. This news sends Ridge into an even stronger rage. He thinks this is proof that Thorne is doing all of this to polarize the family. Amber tries to tell him that Thorne didnít even know about her and Thomas when he offered her the job. Ridge is now too mad to control himself and accuses Thorne of driving a wedge between him and Thomas. He grabs Thorne by the chest and slams him up against the wall, telling him that he wonít be responsible for what he is about to do to Thorne. Amber is really scared now, and grabs a cell phone from the floor and runs outside to call the police for help. Thorne obviously isnít going to fight Ridge and tries to tell him that he is losing it. Ridge tells him that he isnít going to lose anything to his little brother. Ridge reluctantly lets go of Thorne as Thorne tries to get him to understand that he really is just trying to help him here. Ridge is so mad, though that he just doesnít see that. He notices that Amber is gone and asks where she is. Thorne tells him to just forget about Amber for a few minutes and calm down. He tries to get through to Ridge and tells him that Thomas just doesnít understand that Ridge is trying to protect him. All Thomas sees is Ridge losing his cool. Coming out here and threatening Amber is what is driving the wedge between the two of them. Thorne looks out and sees the police lights pull up in the yard, and is frustrated that it has come to this. Amber rushes in with the police and points out Ridge as being the one they need to take control of. Thorne tries to explain that all of this is just a family disagreement. Ridge informs the officers that he is not family with Amber. When Amber tells the police that Ridge is her boyfriendís father, Ridge tries to go after her for calling Thomas her Ďboyfriendí. The police grab a fighting Ridge and throw him up against the wall. Thorne tries to tell Ridge to just calm down, but Ridge continues to fight the officers. Thomas pulls up outside and sees the lights, he thinks that Ridge has called the police to enforce the restraining order, and rushes inside to see what is going on. When Ridge sees Thomas, he screams that he thought he told him to stay home. Thomas asks what is going on. Amber starts to cry and tells Thomas that she is the one that called the police because Thorne and Ridge were yelling at each other. As the police still hold Ridge against the wall, he watches as his son goes to Amber and holds her. Thomas tells Amber that all will be okay now, he is there for her. Thomas asks Amber what happened, and she explains that she tried not to let Ridge in, but he kicked the door down. The police ask if she wants to press charges. After a moment of thought, she declines to press charges. Thomas turns on his dad and asks what the hell he is doing. Thorne tries to calm Thomas down and tells him that things just got a little heated, but that Ridge is calmed down now. Things finally start to sink into Ridgeís thick skull as Thomas yells at him that he wants to be close to him. Thomas wants to talk to him about all that is going on in his life, but he canít when he knows that Ridge will react like this. He tells his father that he feels like he doesnít even have a father anymore. As Ridgeís heart is breaking, he tells his son that he is sorry, he only wanted to protect Thomas. He doesnít know what he will say to Taylor now. Thomas tells him that his mother does know that Ridge is doing the best he can, but Ridge has to accept that he is 18 now, he is a grown man. Ridge breaks down crying and holds Thomas close to him apologizing for his mistakes. Thomas begins to cry also as Amber, Thorne, and the officers watch on.

Massimoís office:

Nick has just finished up a meeting with some of the executives of the company when Felicia comes in. Nick is happy to see her and gives her a nice greeting hug. She asks who all those people were. Nick tells her that he has no idea, but the only thing that is important is that they know who he is. He is Captain of the Ship for right now. This prompts Felicia to ask how Massimo is doing. Nick tells her that the doctors tell them that there is brain activity, but no one really knows what that means. Felicia tells him that she is sure that Mass can hear them when they talk to him. Nick thinks that is wishful thinking. Felicia hugs Nick from behind as she tells him that she thinks that just maybe Massimo is struggling on the inside trying to figure out how to communicate with them all.  Nick tells her that he isnít giving up hope. Nobody wants Massimo to get well any worse than he does, except maybe the Marone Board of Directors. Felicia asks if he is feeling a little overwhelmed trying to run Marone Industries. Nick admits that he doesnít know how Massimo did all of this. Felicia tells him that he doesnít have to run the business exactly like Massimo did, he can develop his own style. Nick is sure this is only a temporary thing. Felicia hugs him and asks him if there is anything she can do to help. A grateful Nick tells her that she has a good start in mind, as he kisses her. Nick asks her if they can talk about something else, he seems to always have his father in his head lately. Felicia understands and tells him of her new job with Spectra. Nick thinks that will make Christmas dinners uncomfortable at the Forrester home. Felicia assures him that Christmas dinners are never all fuzzy at her familyís home. Nick believes that. She tells him that she thinks Thorne is trying to build something good at Spectra and she thinks it is a great opportunity. Nick congratulates her. She promises him that she will still be able to be his personal fashion consultant for the Jackie M boutiques. She is surprised to hear that Nick is letting Deacon take care of the boutiques. Nick tells her that he is concerned with her getting in the middle of the fight between her brothers. She tells him that it is just a job. Nick knows that, but he knows it wonít be easy either. When she tells him that nothing worth fighting for ever is easy, she reminds Nick of Massimo. Felicia tells him that she didnít have the support system that Mass has when she went through her cancer treatments. She knows that Massimo has Jackie and Nick. Nick worries that his mother would need a support system of her own also. Felicia asks if he has hired nurses. He tells her that they have hired nurses, and he also asked Deacon to stay at the mansion with his mother. Felicia is surprised to hear this because she didnít realize they were that close. Nick explains that they really arenít but since Massimo trusted Deacon enough to ask him to be the Vice President of Jackie M, Nick figures that Deacon must be a good man. Felicia looks a bit concerned about this decision.

Marone mansion:

Jackie is still holding the door open and insisting that Deacon leave. Deacon tells her that he isnít going anywhere, he isnít going to leave her alone. A very frustrated Jackie tells him that she is not alone, she is there with her husband. When Deacon comments that Massimo canít really do anything for her and probably doesnít even recognize her, Jackie gets even more upset. She yells at him that Massimo does know she is there, he does know that she is taking good care of him, he does know that she loves him. She goes to Massimoís side and starts to cry. Deacon tries to tell her that she needs to face reality. Massimo may never have a full recovery. She is going to need someone there that will help to support her and take care of her. Jackie explodes on him. She knows that he really doesnít want Massimo to get better, because if he does he will remember what happened between the two of them and then he will kill Deacon. Deacon tells her that he isnít worried about Massimo, he is worried about her. Her nerves are completely raw. She tells him that of course they are, she is trapped in the house with him. She doesnít understand why he doesnít understand that he shouldnít be there. Deacon reminds her that Nick asked him to be there. Jackie knows that the only reason that Nick did that was because he thought that Massimo trusted him. Deacon claims again that if Nick knew the truth, he would throw both of them out of the house. He tells her that he is going to be there to support her no matter what. He asks her not to ask him to turn his back on her because he wonít. Massimoís eyes are open, and with very blurred vision he sees Deacon put his arm around Jackie. It is hard to tell what he is feeling, as he stares on watching the whole scene. Deacon tells her that she doesnít have to spend the rest of her life like this. She tells him that this is the life that she wants, and she knows that it is probably the guilt talking but she thinks she should feel guilty. She thinks that Deacon should also feel guilty. He tells her that he does, and that is why he wants to stay there and help her take care of Massimo. When he mentions that he also wants to help her with Jackie M, she tells him that she is thinking of selling it. He comments that he doesnít think that is what Massimo would want. When Jackie jumps down his throat about his really caring what Massimo wants, Deacon is a little taken aback. He has always been the one that was there for her, even when Massimo and Nick pushed her away. He didnít run then, he wants to know what makes her think he will run now. She tells him that she is begging him to run. It just isnít right for him to be there. Jackie is obviously really working herself into a state. She isnít looking very well at all. Deacon reminds her that she has not always knows what was in her best interest. Jackie informs him that she knows it is not in her best interest for him to be there, but she knows that he thinks it is in his best interest. He is the Vice President of a large corporation, he is living in a mansion, his future is looking pretty good right now. Deacon looks hurt as he tells her that he really doesnít think that he deserves that from her. She walks away from him again and tells him that she doesnít know anymore. She doesnít know anything anymore. She goes to sit by Massimo and lovingly takes his hand. Deacon has left the room. Jackie promises Massimo that she is going to find a way to make Deacon go. She knows this is not what he wants. Deacon returns to bring her a cup of chamomile tea. She tells him that she doesnít want anything from him. Deacon doesnít believe that, he thinks that she needs a friend. Jackie is really upset now and again tries to get away from Deacon. She yells at him that she doesnít need a friend, she needs to hear her husbandís voice again, she needs to feel his arms around her, she needs to be able to take walks in the garden with him. She tries to make Deacon see that his being there is hurting Massimoís recovery. If Massimo thinks there is nothing for him to come back to, if he thinksÖ.. Deacon asks if she was going to say that if Massimo thinks that they are making love behind his back. Jackie gets furious at this statement. Massimo is still watching all of this with blurry vision. Deacon tells Jackie that he still thinks about making love to her all the time. Massimo watches as Jackie falls unconscious into Deaconís arms.

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