B&B Monday Update 10/11/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 10/11/04


Written By Boo

Marone Mansion:

Jackie and the nurse, Audrey, have finished getting Massimo all cleaned up and dressed. He is still in the wheelchair with all kinds of breathing tubes and straps to hold him upright. Jackie tells Massimo that he looks wonderful, like he is ready for a night on the town. Audrey tells Jackie that Massimo does know she is here and taking very good care of him. Jackie hopes that is true. Audrey tells her to take care of herself too. Jackie promises that she will take care of herself before telling Audrey that she can go ahead and leave. Her and Massimo will be fine until the night nurse gets there. Audrey leaves after reminding Jackie again to take care of herself too. Jackie goes back to Massimo and asks him if Audrey is right. Does he know that she is taking good care of him, and how very sorry she is that she did this to him. The doorbell rings. Jackie answers it to find the priest there. She invites him in. He inquires how Massimo is doing and Jackie tells him that there has been no change. He asks how she is doing and tells her that he isnít surprised that she would have questions. He understands that when things like this happen, people question why God would allow it to happen to someone that is so loved and depended on. Jackie tells him that she knows exactly why this happened. That is why she asked him to come here tonight, she wants him to hear her confession. The priest assures her that he will listen to her confession, but in times of crisis he thinks people are better off to ask for guidance, not absolution. Jackie explains why she thinks this stroke is all her fault. She admits that she slept with someone other than her husband. She is obviously very upset with herself, and truly thinks that Massimoís stroke is all her fault. The priest tries to comfort her and reminds her that she didnít mean for any of this to happen. He asks if this other man is still in her life, Jackie assures him that she will not make the same mistake again. He reminds her that in times like these, temptations can be very strong. Jackie knows this, but she is determined to take the best care of her husband as she can, and to love only him. The priest tells her that she needs to forgive herself. When Jackie tells him that she almost killed her husband, the priest realizes that it will be a long time before Jackie will forgive herself. He reminds her that God can forgive the things that we canít, and there is always a chance for redemption. Jackie does not think there isnít any redemption for her at all, not with her husband like this. She continues to tell the priest that she will never be able to forgive herself for what she has done to her husband, all because of her selfishness. The priest tells her that she must remember to not only have compassion for others, but for herself too. He tells her that she canít take care of Massimo if she doesnít learn to heal her own heart. Jackie breaks down and cries that she doesnít know how she will do this, but she has too. The priest holds her to comfort her. Massimo has been listening to this whole conversation. Jackie nor the priest sees a single tear slowly roll down Massimoís cheek. When Jackie pulls herself together, she thanks the priest for coming by. He reminds her that he hasnít Ďofficiallyí heard her confession. She knows this, but she thinks that she just needed to talk to someone. She shows him to the door as he tells her to call him at the parish if she needs anything at all. When Jackie opens the door to show the priest out, they find Deacon standing there. When Deacon sees the priest, he asks if there is something wrong with Massimo. Jackie assures him that there has been no change in Massimoís condition, the priest actually came by to counsel her. The Priest asks who Deacon is. Deacon introduces himself as the Vice President of Jackieís company and a close family friend who Jackieís son asked to stop by. When the Deacon hears this, he is pleased to meet Deacon. They all exchange niceties before the priest leaves. Deacon walks close to Massimo and Jackie tells Deacon to stay away from him. Deacon comments on how peaceful he looks when he is sleeping. Jackie again tells Deacon to stay away from Massimo and that he shouldnít be there. He tells her that she is just talking out of her guilt when she tells him to leave. He asks if that is why the priest was there, to exorcise her demons? Jackie tells him that she IS the demon, she is the one that did this. Deacon pleads with her not to blame herself. Neither of them wanted this for Massimo. She was only telling Massimo the truth, that is what Massimo wanted. He begs her not to live her life trying to atone for some crime that she thinks she has committed. He tells her that there are many people in her life that she cares about, and that care about her. When she asks if he is talking about himself, he admits that he is. He is still in love with her. Jackie yells at him to stop talking like that, especially in front of her husband. He asks if she wants to go somewhere else. This infuriates Jackie and she tells him that she most definitely doesnít want to go anywhere with him. Her place is here with Massimo. Deacon tells her that she needs him even if she doesnít want to admit it. A very frustrated Jackie yells at him that she does not need him at all, what she does need is for him to leave!

Ridge and Brookeís front room:

Thorne tries to get Thomas to understand that Ridge is only showing how much he loves Thomas. Thomas tells Thorne that Ridge is totally out of control. He has made his mind up about Amber, and thinks she is a low-life gold digger. Thorne admits that he knows what it is like to be pushed around by Ridge when he makes up his mind about something. Thomas tells Thorne that he and Amber love each other and are good for each other, but Ridge wonít even try to see that. When Thomas tells Thorne that he will find someone else to help him if Thorne wonít, Thorne agrees to go to Amberís trailer and make sure she is alright. Thomas is very happy to hear this and writes Amberís address down on a piece of paper for Thorne. Thorne tells him not to worry, he knows how to handle Ridge. After Thorne leaves, Thomas is still worried about Amber. He feels that he got her into this mess. He takes Brookeís keys from her purse and quietly tells Amber that he is on his way to help her.

Amberís trailer:

Ridge is still holding onto Amberís arm and being very threatening. He tells her that he knows what she is doing. Thomas thinks he is in love with her, but Thomas doesnít know what Ridge knows. When Ridge calls Amber a child molester, she reminds him that Thomas is 18 years old. She just wants Ridge to leave her alone. Ridge tells her that is all he wanted, for her to leave him and his family alone. Amber tells him that she did not Ďmolestí Thomas. She is his friend. Ridge knows what she did to Rick, and he isnít going to let her get away with doing the same thing a second time. Amber tells him to leave, but he informs her that he isnít going anywhere. He isnít done with her yet. Amber tries to get Ridge to calm down so they can talk. She wants to explain things to him but he is so angry he isnít listening to anything she says. Amber tells him that Brooke and Stephanie already got onto her about this, that is why she left town. Ridge thinks that she didnít go far enough, he thinks Thomas followed her to the trailer. Amber realizes that Ridge knows that her and Thomas made love and assumes that Brooke told him. Ridge tells her that it was Thomas who told him. Thomas was trying to show Ridge what a man he is. When Ridge calls her Ďtrashí and says that she preys on little boys, Amber finally gets mad and stops being afraid of the big bad Ridge. She tells him that is enough and orders him to back off. She is fed up with his Ďking of the worldí attitude and tells him what she thinks of him. She does not appreciate him coming into her home and calling her names and bullying her. Ridge accuses her of messing with Thomasí head. She reminds him again that Thomas is 18. Thomas can do whatever he wants, she knows that Ridge doesnít like that. He doesnít have control over Thomas anymore. She knows what Ridge thinks of her, but he is wrong. She challenges him to tell her why she didnít take a dime from Rick in the divorce settlement if she is this big, bad gold-digger that he accuses her of being. He tells her that she didnít want the money then, she just wanted a way back into the family, and now she thinks she has found one. Amber tells him if that is all he thinks of his son, then he doesnít know his son any better than he knows her. Ridge is amused that Amber thinks that she knows Thomas better than he does. Amber tells him that she knows that Thomas is old enough to make his own decisions, he is the sweetest, kindest, most generous person she has ever met. Ridge jumps on the word generous and taunts her that she likes that in a man, generosity. Amber offers to sign any kind of paper that he can get his attorneys to bring up to show that she isnít after money. She is in love with Thomas. Ridge scoffs at that. Amber tells him that she doesnít see how anyone could not love Thomas. He is just like his mother, Taylor. When Ridge hears his dead wifeís name, he goes into a full blown rage again. He grabs Amber and tells her not to bring Taylorís name up to justify what she is doing with Taylorís little boy. He angrily reminds her that Taylor is dead because she stood up to Shelia and saved Amberís life. Only to lose her own life in doing so. He blames Amber for Taylorís death. Amber tries to get away from him, but he has a strong grip on her throat and holds her up against the wall. Ridge is totally out of control and really tries to hurt Amber. Thorne arrives just in time. Ridge is furious that Thorne is interfering and warns him to stay out of his way. Thorne has gotten Amber away from Ridge and stands between Ridge and Amber. He tells Ridge that he is through letting Ridge bully people around. He will not allow Ridge to bully him or Amber. He also tells Ridge that he is going to make sure that Ridge sits down and calmly figures out a way to work this all out. He warns Ridge that his days of pushing people around are over!

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