B&B Friday Update 10/8/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 10/8/04


Written By Boo

Thorne’s office at Spectra:

Thorne is shocked to hear about the restraining order and tells Amber to start at the beginning. Amber tells Thorne everything. All about her seeing Thomas and how all of Thomas’ family is against the relationship. Amber is very grateful for the job offer that Thorne offered her, but she doesn’t see how she can accept it. She tells him that she has moved back to Furnace Creek again because Stephanie and Brooke threatened to have her put in jail. Thorne takes everything in calmly and asks if Ridge knows that she slept with Thomas. Amber tells him that she thinks everyone is afraid to tell Ridge because they are afraid of what he will do. Thorne asks her if she is afraid of Ridge. She isn’t, she thinks Ridge is more afraid of her and how she is going to ‘mess up Thomas’ life’. She tells Thorne that she does really love Thomas, but she doesn’t expect him to believe her. She doesn’t expect anyone to believe it except for Thomas. She realizes that Thorne is Thomas’ uncle and that he worries about him too. She tells him that she really appreciates the job offer, but she wanted him to know why she couldn’t accept the position. When she starts to leave, Thorne stops her and tells her that he still wants her to work for him. He tells Amber that he doesn’t approve of the relationship between her and Thomas, but he knows there were plenty of parents that didn’t want Ridge around their daughters. None of them ran him out of town. He tells her that he thinks if she and Thomas see an attorney and protest the restraining order, that it will be taken care of. He tells her the job is still hers if she wants it. Amber is overjoyed at the offer and the words of encouragement. She leaps into Thorne’s arms to thank him over and over. Thorne tells her to go get her stuff from the trailer and move back to town, he will need her close by. Amber is very happy and excited and promises Thorne that she will do the best job ever for him as she rushes out the door.

Ridge & Brooke’s front room:

Ridge is shocked at what Thomas has just told him and asks for Thomas to repeat what he just said. Thomas defiantly tells Ridge that he and Amber made love. Ridge is outraged and lets Thomas know about it. Thomas doesn’t back down at all. He informs Ridge that he loves Amber and they are a couple. Thomas knows what Ridge and Brooke think about Amber, and that they think she is using him. He tells them that she is not using him at all. Ridge and Brooke both try to explain that they know Amber better than Thomas does and they know what she is capable of. Thomas tells them that they don’t know Amber at all. If they did, they would see what a wonderful person she is. Thomas tells them that he is really sorry that they don’t see what he sees in Amber, but it doesn’t matter if they do or not. They will just have to accept that he and Amber are an item. Ridge tells Thomas that he can’t and WON’T accept it at all. Ridge tells Thomas that there are so many other girls out there, girls his own age, that would be so much better for him than Amber. Thomas tells his father that Amber tried to tell him the same thing. Ridge is not impressed with that information at all. Thomas tells Ridge that he understands that Ridge is just worried that he will make a mistake. He tells Ridge that he should ‘allow’ him to make his own mistakes and reminds Ridge that is what Taylor would have done. Thomas tells them that he and Amber are being careful, she doesn’t have any STD’s and they are using protection against pregnancy. The only thing that is at risk now is Thomas’ heart he tells Ridge. Thomas thinks Ridge should leave it all alone, and if Thomas gets his heart broken, well, it is no more than even a well brought up girl like Caitlin could do to him. Caitlin already did break his heart as a matter of fact. Ridge reminds Thomas that Amber was in love with Rick and wonders what would happen if Rick and Caitlin broke up. Thomas doesn’t take the bait and informs his father that he and Amber have already discussed all of this. Thomas trusts Amber completely. Thomas tells Ridge that he is done talking about this. Thomas is 18 now and what he does in his love life is none of Ridge’s business. He tells his father to ‘back off’. Ridge doesn’t hear that too easily and is determined to see Amber. Brooke tells him that Amber is at the trailer. Ridge grabs Thomas’ keys from the table, announcing that Thomas can’t follow him this time and storms out the front door.

Later Thorne stops by to see how Thomas is doing. Thomas is relieved to hear that Amber is in town, but gets very worried when Thorne tells him that she was headed back to the trailer. He tells Thorne that Ridge is on his way to Amber’s trailer. Ridge is totally out of control and Thomas is very worried about what he will do if he sees Amber. Thorne is concerned too and asks if Thomas has tried to call Amber to warn her. Thomas did try, but her cell phone is out of range.

Marone Mansion:

Jackie rejoins Deacon in the front room with Massimo in his wheelchair. Jackie tells Deacon that she wants him to leave. Deacon tries to convince her that he can really help her, he thinks Nick had a great idea for him to move into the mansion and help Jackie take care of Massimo. Jackie does not agree at all and tells him that she wants him out of there right now. Jackie sits on the couch as Deacon begs her to go upstairs and get some rest. She claims she doesn’t need to rest right now. Deacon tells her that she can’t do all of this by herself. Taking care of Massimo and running the business. Jackie doesn’t care about the business, she just wants Massimo to get better. She tells Deacon that the relationship the two of them had is the reason Massimo is the way he is now. It doesn’t help him at all to see the two of them together. She just wants Deacon to leave. She goes to Massimo’s side and lovingly caresses his hand to her cheek. Deacon watches on for a bit, and then announces that he isn’t going to let her do this. Jackie doesn’t understand what he is thinking, it is just inappropriate for him to be there. When Jackie comments that she doesn’t want to have this conversation in front of Massimo, Deacon tells her that Massimo can’t hear anything. Deacon begs her to let him help her through the rough spots. When she asks what is in it for him, he admits to her that he feels guilty also. He just wants a chance to help out all he can to make things right for her, so she can help Massimo like she wants to. Jackie starts to wear down a bit. Deacon reminds her that if she pushes him away, it will make Nick ask questions that she may not want to answer. Jackie tells him that it might be best for her to just explain everything to Nick. Deacon tells her that if she does that, Nick will throw her out. Jackie finally relents and agrees that Deacon can stay. He can only stay long enough for her to convince Nick that she doesn’t need anyone else there with her. She makes sure that Deacon understands that. Deacon watches on as she goes back to holding Massimo’s hand. Massimo is as stiff as a board and doesn’t move at all, but it is clear that he is very aware of all that is going on around him. Jackie sits on the couch as Deacon promises her that he just wants to help her all he can. Jackie makes sure that he also understands that she is completely devoted to her husband. Deacon convinces her to go upstairs and get some rest. He will sit with Massimo until the nurse gets there. Jackie admits that she is tired and heads upstairs to lay down. Once Jackie is out of ear shot, Deacon just can’t help himself from gloating to Massimo. He helps himself to one of Massimo’s cigars and comments on how funny life is. He tells Massimo that he is just a vegetable now, and that he shouldn’t worry. Deacon promises to take care of everything for him. He smiles very smugly as he reiterates that he does mean ‘everything.’ Massimo watches him closely with murder in his eyes.

Amber’s trailer:

In his car, Ridge remembers the conversation with Thomas and swears that Amber will listen to him this time. As he pulls up to the trailer and starts to head to the door, he has a few more flashbacks of past confrontations with Amber. Amber is inside packing up all of her clothes. When Ridge bangs on the door, Amber sees that it is Ridge and locks the door telling him to go away. Ridge makes it clear that he isn’t going any where. Amber threatens to call the police and grabs her cell phone. Just as she starts to call the police, Ridge kicks the door in and rushes in on her. He grabs the cell phone away from her and throws it. Ridge is livid and yells at her that he warned her to keep her filthy hands off of his son. Amber shows fear as Ridge tells her that she will take him seriously this time.

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