B&B Thursday Update 10/7/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 10/7/04


Written By Matthew

The press conference has started and the reporters are firing tough questions about whether or not Thorne stole the previous line. Eric declares “no comment,” but after some pressing Ridge admits that Thorne did in fact steal the line. The reporters go nuts! Eric is pretty angry with Ridge for revealing the truth. Brooke wants the spotlight off Thorne and on to her. However, Jarrett the weird reporter asks what Stephanie thinks about all this. Stephanie is hanging outside of Eric’s office and declares she has no comment, which answers Jarrett’s question about her dislike of Brooke returning to Forrester.

But over at Spectra, Amber and Felicia consider whether or not to take Thorne’s offer to join them as designers at Spectra. Amber wonders if this is just because she and Ridge don’t get along, but Thorne assures her it is about fashion. Sally has returned and tells a tale about when her mom first showed her the Statue of Liberty. Sally, as a child, wondered why they dressed the woman so horribly, especially since she was from Paris. However, the inspiration was in dream of America, not her attire. They should inspire to that. I don’t quite understand this childhood story. Spectra is now Haute Couture, which means they do in fact use nice clothes. Amber agrees to join, but we can tell she wants to tell Thorne about what has happened with Thomas. Felicia is indecisive, but eventually agrees to join. Amber returns to tell Thorne the truth. She only explains that Ridge has a restraining order put against her. Thorne is flabbergasted.

So after the disaster of a press conference, Stephanie returns to Eric’s office. He is glad to see her, but she wonders where the respect was during the conference. Eric agrees the meeting was a mistake, but Stephanie meant the whole decision to bring Brooke back. She feels she will be the laughing stock of the industry after the lengths she went to get rid of Brooke and now Eric is opening his arms to Brooke. Stephanie isn’t sure about anything with Eric anymore.

Back at home, Ridge and Brooke unwind after the meeting. Thomas, listening from the balcony, becomes concerned when the topic shifts to Amber. Brooke informs Ridge that with Stephanie’s help, they were able to get Amber out of town. She explains how it all went down at Insomnia when Amber broke the restraining order. When Ridge is relieved a public place couldn’t have involved too much trouble, Brooke refrains from agreeing, leading Ridge to believe something happened. Thomas enters and matter of factly states that he and Amber did the dirty deed. He actually said “make love” but I hate that term. Let’s call it what it is: S-E-X!!! Ridge’s eyes bulged out. It was great!

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