B&B Wednesday Update 10/6/04

10/4The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 10/6/04

By Suzanne

Brooke greets Ridge in his office.  He tells her that he has checked on Massimo in the hospital, but there is no change.  They talk about what Thorne has been up to lately and Brooke's comeback to the firm.  She wishes Stephanie had been able to go along with the idea.  Ridge is skeptical that Stephanie ever will.

At home, Eric tells Stephanie that they are having a press conference to announce Brooke's return.  She tells him it's too soon.  They argue a lot about Brooke coming back. He argues that the company needs her because she and Ridge know how to take risks.  Stephanie doesn't think the company will be worth saving if Brooke comes back.  She relates how she feels.  He reminds her that Brooke is family, not the enemy.  Stephanie in turn reminds him that she is his wife so it's about time he stood up for her.  Nothing she says seems to make a difference, so she ends up begging him not to let Brooke back in, not to do this to her again.  Eric walks out, his mind made up.

Before the press conference, Eric tells Ridge that he and Brooke have to be more sensitive to Stephanie's feelings.  Ridge rolls his eyes, so Eric tells him that's the exact attitude that drove Thorne away.  He wants Ridge to be more respectful of Stephanie.  They argue about Thorne a bit and then Ridge agrees to do what Eric has asked.  They talk to the press and introduce Brooke, saying she is going to be back at Forrester.  She comes in, all smiles, and stands between them behind a podium.  She grabs both of their hands and raises them in a triumphant way.  Just then, Stephanie walks in and watches them, looking disgusted.

Stephanie's words echo in Thorne's head as he looks out at the ocean at home.  She tells him that he doesn't want this cheap, hollow victor.  He mutters to himself about taking the high road.  Darla comes in and worries that he was up all night.  He tells her that he can't fight them anymore the same way he's been doing.  He knows now that he won't be happy winning this way.  He is disgusted that Brooke is coming back to Forrester and blames himself for that.  Darla tries to tell him that it's not his fault.  He says he wanted to restore elegance back to the company because of what Brooke did to it, and now she's back.   They discuss what Stephanie told him and he agrees that was right.  He doesn't have to work with the Forresters, but he also doesn't have to be the Knock-off King any more.  He still wants to fight, but he wants to do it in a way that he believes in.  He suddenly realizes exactly how he can make this right.

Luis has brought Sally and Clarke the latest designs from Forrester, which makes Sally very happy.  She gives the disk to Clarke so he can print them out.  They look at the sketches.  Luis says that security is getting tighter and tighter at Forrester.  Clarke and Sally tell him that they appreciate the risks he has been taking.  Thorne and Darla walk in; Thorne says he appreciates it, too.  He says they will no longer be stealing Forrester designs.  He takes the sketch and rips it up as they watch him in shock.  Thorne says that he doesn't want to steal from his family any longer, but they will be making Spectra a big rival to Forrester with original designs.  Sally reminds him that they tried that before and it didn't work.  Thorne says that with his connections and some new designers, they will be able to do it.  He introduces two ne designers as they walk in the door: Amber and Felicia.  Amber is delighted to be asked back to work, but Felicia doesn't want to upset her family.  Thorne works on Felicia.  He tells her that she doesn't have to worry about Stephanie because this was her idea.  He points out that Felicia doesn't have to ask Eric's permission for her decisions and that she will continue to be over-shadowed at Forrester.  Sally is against the idea at first, but she remembers that Amber's designs from before were hot sellers.   Thorne gives Felicia a real pep talk as he says that their dad will be proud of them when they design stuff that will knock his socks off.  He says this will be a real family business, the way Forrester should have been.

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