B&B Monday Update 10/4/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 10/4/04

By Suzanne

Ridge, Eric and Stephanie discuss Thorne's offer at Forrester Creations.  Ridge wants to just ignore Thorne, but Stephanie thinks he has valid points and thinks they should seriously consider his offer.  Eric is worried because he hasn't been able to design because he knows anything he makes could be stolen by Ridge.  Brooke arrives and they fill her in on the offer, since she still has controlling interest in the company (despite Stephanie's objections).  Brooke makes some suggestions as a semi-objective outside and points out to Eric how the company is in a bad position.  She and Stephanie argue a lot.  Brooke asks to be given an office so she can help them fix things, but Stephanie objects strenuously.  She says she would rather see the company go down in flames than have Brooke involved in it again.  She tells Eric to tell Brooke she's not welcome there.

Clarke looks at some Forrester designs at Spectra.  Darla is in the office with him.  She is distracted because she's waiting for Thorne to return.  She tells Clarke where Thorne has been but doesn't know the details of why he went to Forrester.  Clarke fears that Thorne will abandon Spectra to go back with his family.  Thorne arrives and kisses Darla.  He explains to them about the offer and is confident that Forrester will be his before the end of the year.  They discuss it.  Thorne informs them that he thinks Stephanie is on their side.  They aren't so sure about whether Ridge can be convinced.  Clarke says that Brooke is the one to worry about.

Amber puts Thomas' flowers in water in her place.  She tells him that this is where her family is from and asks him how he found her.  He tells her that he found out from the motel manager (apparently she left a forwarding address).  She gets upset when he mentions that Ridge is back in town, thinking that he will track Thomas down by the GPS in his car.  She opens the door and frantically tells him to go.  He tells her, smiling, that he deactivated it.  They kiss and she says he's been a bad boy.  He jokes that she made him that way.  She stops and walks away, feeling guilty for ruining his life. They sit down and he makes her swear and repeat after him that she is the best thing that ever happened to him.  She does, but without much enthusiasm.  He also adds that he will be there to remind her every day.  That makes her cry.  She tells him it will be harder to say goodbye to him.  He tells her not to.  She starts talking about how great her life to be, back when she was designing the Ambrosia line.  We see some flashbacks of her on stage, smiling, as she talks about how happy she was and how it all started to fall apart.  He chalks it all up to bad luck, but she thinks God is against her.  She insists that because she fell in love with someone that she can't have.  He is shocked to hear her say she loves him, so she quickly tries to deny she meant it.  He forces her to admit that she did mean it, and he tells her that he loves her, too.  They kiss.

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