B&B Friday Update 10/1/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 10/1/04

By Suzanne

Stephanie, Eric, and Ridge are shocked at Thorne's offer to buy the company. Ridge in particular is outraged and yells at lot at Thorne. Eric asks Thorne again to come back and work with them, but he refuses. He threatens that if they don't sell to him, he will hit hard. Ridge says they don't need his offer because they are working on a new line. Thorne counters that his sources tell him differently, that they haven't come up with anything new lately. Ridge complains about Thorne's "rats" in the company and predicts they will figure out who it is. Thorne knows they won't find out because his sources are loyal to him. Ridge and Thorne argue again about what it was like for Thorne to be Ridge's younger brother. Ridge wonders if it was really that bad and why he didn't say anything sooner. Thorne relates that he didn't have any confidence or self esteem, so he believed the things they said. Ridge does say that his jokes at Thorne's expense were meant in fun and he always thought Thorne knew that. Thorne tells them he can't come back to the way things were. He is fighting for his family. He is frustrated when he asks why they didn't believe in him. He gets very upset. He tells them he is through settling. Stephanie points out that they've apologized repeatedly, that Eric has given him the line, etc. Thorne says he's only asking for what they would give Ridge in a second. He tells Stephanie that she is the matriarch, the conscience of this family, so she needs to do whatever it takes to make this happen. He says that he loves this family, including Ridge. He gives them 24 hours to decide and then leaves. Stephanie catches him at the elevator. He prepares for her to give him a hard time, but she says she knows that he is only standing up for himself and that she's so proud of him. She tells him that she just wants it to be over as they hug. He tells her to just do what he asks, then. He gets on the elevator and goes.

Thomas is at home. He looks like he is supposed to be studying, but he keeps looking at some photo booth pictures of him and Amber together. Brooke comes in and asks if he's having trouble concentrating. He is worried about Ridge being back and how he will react. Brooke says she hasn't told him yet. She wants Thomas to promise that Amber is out of his life. He doesn't answer. He says after a few minutes that she and Stephanie made sure that Amber was gone from his life. She sits down next to him and says that they just had his best interests at heart. He gets up and says he is going to take a drive to clear his head. Later, Brooke is on the phone and finds out that the Forresters are still having their meeting. She hopes to herself that they are resolving things.

Amber is in her new place, also looking at the photo booth pictures. She looks very sad and has flashbacks to her and Thomas being together. Caitlin arrives, surprising Amber. She wonders how Caitlin found her. Caitlin says that Rick figured out where she'd gone. Amber says bitterly that he must have thought that since she was trailer trash, she would come back there. Caitlin says she just wanted to thank Amber for doing the right thing. Amber screams at her to get out. She is very upset and yells at Caitlin, who doesn't leave. She tells Caitlin that she and Thomas had something special. She shares how much it hurts. Caitlin says she's sorry and that she knows everyone has been coming down on Amber. Amber says sarcastically that she knows that they all think she would ruin Thomas's life just like she ruined Rick's. Caitlin notes that it must have hurt when Rick moved on. Amber says that's how her and Thomas' relationship started, but it became something more. She maintains it was real, just like Caitlin's and Rick's. The only difference is, the Forresters don't hate Caitlin. Amber tells Caitlin that she didn't want to come between Thomas and his family, or stop him from having a great future, so that's why she left. She doesn't care what they all think. She knows she probably isn't good enough for him, and that's why she doesn't pick up the phone and call him. She sits and cries. Caitlin is moved to tears.

Amber is by herself again, drinking soda and looking at the pictures again. There is a knock, so she thinks it's Caitlin again. When she opens the door, a hand thrusts a huge bouquet of flowers inside. It's Thomas, and they hug happily. She says she's not supposed to see him, so he tells her to close her eyes. She does, and he asks if she can see him. She replies that she doesn't, so he says that the problem is solved. They kiss. He tells her that the restraining order is only valid in L.A. County, so they can visit together. They tell each other, "I missed you" and more sweet things. He tells her that they will make it through this together. He also shares that the restraining order only says that she can't see him, not that he can't see her. He vows not to let her go, and they kiss.

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