B&B Thursday Update 9/30/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 9/30/04

By Nadine

Brooke brings Ridge breakfast in bed, she explains she didn't want to wake him, because the previous night was really tough on him. He admits that seeing Massimo lying in a hospital bed really had an effect on him, Ridge feels like he's let Massimo down and talks about the Marone ring. They talk about Thorne, and Ridge is still furious at his brother, and warns Brooke that he's not gonna stand for whatever Thorne has in store.
Thorne is meeting with his attorney, who returns a report to Thorne, confirming everything is in order, but questions whether Thorne is sure about this. They are both being very cryptic, but Thorne is sure this is the right thing to do, the only way to resolve everything.
Eric is furious that Forrester's line was pulled and that Thorne ripped the designs for Spectra. Stephanie is trying to console him. Stephanie has more faith in Thorne than Eric does. The phone rings. It's Thorne. He tells Eric he wants a meeting with both his parents and with Ridge. Eric hangs up and tells Stephanie that it sounded like Thorne had a change of heart, and he felt he heard in Thorne's voice that Thorne would want to return to Forrester Creations.
Ridge and Brooke are still in bed. Ridge's cell rings. Eric tells Ridge about Thorne's request for a meeting. Eric explains that he thinks Thorne may want to come back, but Ridge is very skeptical, but is ordered by Eric to attend the meeting. Ridge and Brooke discuss this for a while, Ridge plans on stopping whatever it is that Thorne has planned.
Darla comes over to Thorne's office and asks for a lunch date, but Thorne explains that he has a meeting at Forresters. He warns Darla that he's gonna shake things up at Forresters. Thorne leaves, and Brooke calls Darla, she wants to talk to Darla.
Ridge shows up for the meeting all fired up, calling Thorne a backstabber. Eric tries to calm Ridge down, but Eric explains that they are all responsible for having driven Thorne to those actions. Ridge is not buying it, but his parents are willing to take Thorne back. Ridge wonders why Thorne is late. Thorne walks in as Ridge is insulting Darla. Thorne explains that he is here because he wants to stay with Forresters for good. Eric and Stephanie are looking pleasantly surprised.
Brooke meets Darla at Spectra and wants to know what the meeting is about, but Darla explains that she only knows that Thorne looked excited not angry. Both women support their husbands, but agree that it would be best for both brothers to get along, they both want to put an end to the feud. They hug.
Thorne distributes his proposal to Eric, Stephanie and Ridge. They are shocked when they realize that he is offering to buy Forrester Creations, he's already secured the financing. He even offers everyone to either keep their jobs or take an early retirement or start a new company. Ridge just laughs, claiming Thorne must be out of his mind. Thorne explains his reasons, and proves that he knows how to run this company, and tells his parents that since they are not willing to hand the company to him, he is willing to buy it, especially now that the company is in trouble. He advises his parents to accept this offer, because any future offers will be less generous. Ridge blows up, and Stephanie separates them, and speaks to Thorne, trying to understand his motivations. But Thorne won't listen, he realizes that things won't change whatever promises his parents make. He is tired of blending and whining, and now he's decided he is taking charge, and wants a new era to begin under him.

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