B&B Wednesday Update 9/29/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 9/29/04

By Nadine

Jackie is blaming herself for Massimo's state. Deacon tries to console her. She prays that God punish her rather than Massimo. Deacon tells her he won't allow her to let herself die inside, but she refuses to listen to him. She tells Deacon to go.
Nick is telling his dad to wake up already, he knows that Massimo is stronger than this, than he's battled worse.  He tells Massimo that he has his whole family around him.
Ridge arrives at the hospital, and Jackie fills him in. Dr. Mark MacLaine also fills him in on the medical issues. Mark explains that Massimo may not be able to speak, see, hear or use any of his limbs.
Ridge goes in to see Massimo. He tells his father how sorry he is that they haven't spoken, he admits that he was just mad, but wishes he hadn't given the Marone ring back. He tells Massimo that he loves him. He talks about how alike they are, and how Ridge wishes he had realized that sooner.
Nick and Ridge have a touching scene outside Massimo's room, where Nick reassures Ridge that he's sure Massimo has forgiven Ridge and still loves him, and Ridge says how thankful Massimo must be to have a son like Nick. The two brothers hug.
Jackie finally goes in to see Massimo. She tells him how he's the love of her life, how she remembers the first moment she saw him, how she fell in love with him, and held on to the few moments they had shared. She begs him not to leave her and sobs. Deacon walks in, she is crying so much she goes to him, and they hold each other. At that moment, Massimo slowly starts opening his eyes, and while his vision is very blurry, he sees that it's Deacon and Jackie standing in front of him hugging each other.

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