B&B Tuesday Update 9/28/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 9/28/04

By Nadine

Massimo collapses to the ground, and his eyes are wide open, and he is trying to speak, but cannot. Jackie is crying, repeating "what have we done?". Deacon calls the paramedics.
Ridge and Eric discuss how everyone is talking about Thorne and Spectra, and how the distributors haven't even noticed that Forrester's line has been cancelled. They realized that they have been eclipsed.
Felicia and Nick discuss Massimo and his strong family values, and how Massimo and Jackie always seemed happier together, Nick states that he thinks Massimo couldn't live without Jackie.
The paramedics arrive, Massimo is unresponsive, cannot close his eyes or squeeze the paramedics hand. They think he may be having a stroke. Jackie explains that they were arguing before he collapsed. The paramedics take him to University Hospital, Jackie goes with them, and tells Deacon to call Nick.
Ridge tells Eric that Nick and Jackie are going into business together, and that they are taking over Montgomery Enterprises. Eric thinks that maybe Felicia can speak to Nick about this and have some influence over him
Felicia says she wants to meet Nick's parents, and Nick tells them that they are a little busy, that Massimo just bought Montgomery Enterprises, and that Jackie was the CEO and that Nick was the president, he would handle the business side, and Jackie the fashion side. They both joke about Nick not doing so well in fashion, since he doesn't know how to dress himself. At that moment, Deacon calls Nick and tells him about Massimo being in the hospital. Felicia wants to go with him, but Nick wants to go alone.
Doc McLain confirms that they're taking Massimo for a Head CT but that it's very likely he's had a stroke. Deacon arrives at the hospital. Jackie continues to blame herself and Deacon, that the shock was too much for him and that he could die. Deacon takes Jackie in his arms, at the same time as Nick arrives in the hospital.
Eric and Ridge talk about Nick and Felicia's relationship, Ridge thinks it won't last, but Eric's not so sure. Felicia walks in, and tells Ridge what happened to Massimo.
Jackie tells Nick what happened, but doesn't mention the argument. The doctor confirms that Massimo had a stroke, but came in to the hospital quickly enough to be administered drugs that would stop the damage. The doctor agrees to one person going in to see Massimo, and Jackie tells Nick it's better if he goes. She explains to Deacon that she is unable to face Massimo.
Ridge heads of the hospital, and Eric and Felicia agree that, whatever Ridge and Massimo have been through, it's good that Massimo have his family around him.
Nick walks into Massimo's hospital room, and talks to him, telling him that he's just found him, and is lot ready to let him go, that Massimo was his idol long before he knew they were related, and how now, he wants his father to show him his remarkable strength and pull out of this so that Massimo can be there for his family, especially for Jackie who really needs him.
Jackie is outside watching, and tells herself that hearing Nick's voice will help Massimo fight to come back. Deacon tells Jackie that he hopes Massimo wakes up not remembering what they told him, and that Massimo and Jackie can continue living happily together, and Jackie confirms that's what she wants.
The doctor has bad news, he explains that the stroke was massive, and that it affected his cardiovascular systems and his speech. Jackie says that with rehabilitation, she knows patients can improve and get back to normal, and she knows Massimo is a fighter. The doctor tells her that he thinks the damage was to big, and that Massimo may never walk or talk again. Jackie can't stop crying and repeating, "What have I done?"

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