B&B Monday Update 9/27/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 9/27/04

By Suzanne

Jackie has told Massimo about sleeping with Deacon, and he is still in shock from the news.  She keeps trying to explain and apologize, but it doesn't help.  Deacon tries to point out that Jackie was not happy with Deacon, but she only cares about Massimo and whether he will forgive her.  Massimo thinks Jackie and Deacon were lovers even before he threw her out.  She denies it at first, but when he reminds her about one particular night where she said she was with Lauren and then she changed her story to say she had passed out in her car, she tells Massimo that she did sleep with Deacon then.  (I didn't watch the show at that time, but it looks as if she is lying here to cover up something else, even though it makes Massimo much angrier.)  She pleads with Massimo to yell at her, but he is strangely quiet.  He tells her it's over and remembers their wedding day.  He says that he only tried to love her, and then he collapses on the floor in pain.  She rushes to him, calling his name.

Nick is doing pull-ups when Felicia arrives at his boat.  He chats with her as he drinks water and wipes the sweat off.  They mostly talk about his parents, particularly his father.  He says his father seems gruff but is really mush inside.  He tells Felicia how much his parents love each other and how they always seemed better together than apart.  She knows about his parents' histories from the newspapers.  It surprises him that the French papers would have carried it.  Felicia is curious about his family and interested in meeting his father, but she is nervous since he is so big and imposing.

Thomas looks at a picture of Amber in his room, on his computer.  Later, he sits on his bed and has flashbacks to being with Amber.  A song plays in the background, and it sounds like Amber's voice is singing it.

At Amber's room, Brooke and Amber yell at each other about Amber's relationship with Thomas.  Amber tries to tell Brooke that she and Thomas are in love and that she didn't manipulate him.  Brooke doesn't believe anything Amber has to say.  Amber even shows her the necklace that Thomas gave her to remember him by.  Amber points out to Brooke how much she is acting like Stephanie and treating her like Stephanie treated Brooke.  It's obvious that the comparison really bothers Brooke, even though she probably knows it's true, deep-down.  She leaves Amber's room after Amber tells her that she's leaving town for good.  Outside, Brooke thinks about what was said and looks concerned.  A little while later, Brooke returns and has the police with her.  Amber is just about to leave, packed suitcases in hand.  The cop warns Amber that she has violated her restraining order and this is her last warning.  She tells him not to worry because she is leaving.  Brooke rips the necklace off of Amber's neck, saying, "it's over".  Amber leaves in tears.

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