B&B Friday Update 9/24/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 9/24/04

By Matthew
Pictures by Boo

All your thoughts and prayers for all the hurricane victims this year would be appreciated. Also, your prayers for the safety of all us in the southeast as Jeanne strikes (it’s supposed to go through my city! Eeep!). Too bad I couldn’t camp out with the Forresters in their big ol’ mansion. Now that would be interesting.

I’ll be brief with this update.

Thomas lashes out at Stephanie and Brooke after she brings him home. Brooke is horrified that Amber and Thomas had sex and attempts to call the police, but Thomas threatens to walk out the door and marry Amber if she does that. Brooke relents, but still isn’t happy. Everyone argues for a while and Thomas storms off to his room in tears. Stephanie angrily tells Brooke that she promised Taylor to watch out for the kids and it’s become apparent that Thomas needs a real mother. Stephanie believes she can be that mother (umm, eww) and leaves. For once I felt Brooke got it too hard here. She’s doing the best she can. It’s dopey Ridge that makes things worse and then he takes off for weeks! Bad father.

So Brooke visits with Thomas in his room. She tries to talk to him about his feelings. He cries that he feels Amber is special and feels needed around her. Seems his lonliness is stemming from missing Taylor. The music grows sad as he picks up a picture of Taylor (it really is Hunter Tylo). Thomas lashes out once again and says that Brooke could never be the mother Taylor was. Brooke agrees they were too different people but makes a guess at what Taylor would have said. She says that Thomas is special and that he will have a wonderful life. He should not feel lonely. She loves him. Thomas realizes that Brooke says she loves him too. They hug.

As Amber packs her bags, Brooke stops by (she must have left Thomas alone). The two get into it about Thomas. Amber makes several good points and draws parallels to Stephanie and Brooke. She conjectures that Ridge and Brooke might have stayed together all these years if Stephanie had once supported the relationship, but she never thought she was good enough. Amber thinks her situation is very similar (same family of writers). This gives Brooke pause.

So Massimo overheard Deacon spelling out his big affair with Jackie. She left and Mass confronts Deacon with some nasty words. He calls him a loser and thinks this was just revenge for not giving him a job all those months ago. The two nearly get to duking it out with their fists (sorry Mojo, but Deacon has you beat). Jackie interrupts and realizes what has happened. She tries to explain but Mass is disgusted and never wants her to touch him again. Oh lord, here we go again!

Have a wonderful weekend.

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