B&B Thursday Update 9/23/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 9/23/04

By Boo
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The office at Insomnia:

Stephanie is still pushing Amber to tell Thomas that it is over. When Amber asks if Stephanie is going to call the cops, Thomas steps into the conversation.

He tries to defend Amber and tell his grandmother that this is what he wants. He wants to be with Amber. Amber keeps trying to tell Thomas that it won’t work, Stephanie won’t listen. Stephanie tells Thomas that she understands that he thinks he has feelings for Amber, but they both know it is just his hormones raging. Thomas tries to tell Stephanie that they aren’t even having sex, but Amber lets him know that she has already confessed to it. Amber apologizes to Thomas. Stephanie isn’t surprised that the only reason she is sorry is because they got caught. Thomas tries to tell Stephanie that she has no idea what is going on here. Amber tells Thomas he is wrong. That she only lured him to her bed so she could get back into the Forrester family. She doesn’t have feelings for him at all, just like Ridge said. She doesn’t have feelings at all, she just preys on poor little innocent rich boys. After her tirade to Thomas, she turns and asks Stephanie if that is what she wanted her grandson to hear. Thomas tells Amber that he knows she is a good person and Stephanie should know that also.

Stephanie tries to make Thomas understand that Amber is the adult here, she should have not let all of this get out of hand. Thomas tells his grandmother that Amber is his best friend. This seems to infuriate Stephanie, she tells them that best friends do not let things like this happen. Amber has defied Ridge and a court order. Stephanie tells them both that it is over. It stops right now. Thomas thinks that Stephanie is trying to make this into something wrong and dirty. Stephanie tells him that she knows he doesn’t see it that way but the rest of his family does. Amber tells him to give it up, they never had a chance. Stephanie agrees with that. She tells Thomas that he has never been a sneak and a liar, and never would have defied his father before. She tells him that there is no way he will be able to convince her that Amber is a good influence on him. Stephanie is going to put a stop to this, and she has no problem calling the police to help her. She tells Amber again that she can either leave town, or go to jail. Amber and Thomas are both crying now and they step away to say their good-byes.

Thomas doesn’t want to give up, he wants to fight his family. Amber convinces him that is not the way to go because she doesn’t want to go to jail. Stephanie watches as they kiss good-bye, and then tells Thomas that it is time to go. After Stephanie pushes Thomas out of the room, Amber collapses on the desk crying her heart out. Stephanie comes back in the room to tell her that she knows what she is doing right now. She is feeling sorry for herself and wondering why all this is happening to her. Stephanie tells her it is happening because she made it happen. Stephanie is disappointed in Amber because she never sees that doing the right thing in life would make her feel good. Amber never does that, she goes for the quick fix. Amber being with Thomas had nothing to do with him, it was all about the quick fix for Amber to feel good about herself. She tells a completely beaten Amber that she really did love her, she really wanted Amber to be a success, and no one would have been prouder of her than Stephanie would have been. Now Amber has crossed a line and there is no going back. Stephanie warns her to stay away from Thomas and the whole family. If Amber doesn’t head her warning, Stephanie just tells her ‘heaven help you.’ Stephanie then purposely walks out of the room. Amber collapses to the floor in tears.

Massimo’s office:

Massimo and Jackie both put their clothes back on after making love. Jackie comments that it is the first time they have ever made love in his office. Mass knows they have never made love on his yacht either, and plans on fixing that real soon. Jackie asks if they are going away. Massimo suggests a nice romantic getaway. Jackie tells him that she knows what he is doing.

Most men say I love you with a dozen roses, but not Massimo. She is very thankful to him that he forgave her and took her back. Massimo reminds her that they were not going to talk about the past. Jackie tells him that they have to one more time. She wants him to know how much she appreciates all that he has done for her. She tells him that she really did believe that he despised her and never wanted to see her again. Mass says that he almost convinced himself of that but knows that she saw right through him. She tells him that she didn’t see through him, she didn’t even believe him when he asked her to move back home. Massimo is surprised that she really thought he was doing all of that for Dominick’s sake. Jackie tells him that she doesn’t want to live like they did before, she wants to have a totally truthful marriage. He tells her that if there is something she needs to tell him, now is the time to do that. Jackie tells him that there is so much that she needs to tell him, but she wants to do that at home, not here in the office. Massimo agrees and says he has a few things to wrap up at the office before going. She tells him not to be too long. He kisses her and tells her that he won’t, he has the most beautiful wife in the world waiting on him. After he leaves, Jackie has the glow of love on her face for a short time, and then thinks of the things she needs to tell Massimo later and gets a little more somber. She sits down to put her shoes back on as she thinks. A very jealous Deacon storms back into the office and asks her if the earth moved for her. Jackie is surprised that he is still there. He tells her that he wishes he had left after what just went on in here. She starts to say something and Deacon stops her. He tells her that he knows she just made love to the ‘Italian Stallion’ because he had a front row seat until Mass closed the door. He tells her that she has to tell Massimo the truth before it is too late. Jackie knows that she has to tell her husband about the two of them. She plans on telling him everything. Deacon is happy to hear this, thinking that she is coming back to him. When Jackie makes it clear that she is telling Massimo just so there are no more secrets between them, Deacon gets upset with her. She tries to explain that she loves her husband and her marriage.

Deacon doesn’t accept that at all. Jackie tries to explain that she has loved Massimo all of her life and he is the father of her son. Deacon thinks that she is doing all of this for Nick and reminds her that Nick is a grown man and will be able to handle it if his parents are not together. Jackie tells him that this isn’t about Nick, it is about what she wants. She is in love with her husband and she is happy with him. She tells Deacon that he has been a very good friend to her. Deacon is shocked and asks if that is all he is to her now.

Massimo approaches the door in the hallway and hears them talking. He opens the door slightly so that he can hear all that is being said. Jackie tells him that she knows this is hard on him, but he has to learn to accept it. They both have to learn to accept it. Deacon can’t believe that Jackie just wants him to walk away from her, she doesn’t realize what he is losing. She apologizes and tells him that she will help him get another job. He isn’t talking about the job. Massimo listens quietly as Deacon tells Jackie that he is talking about losing her. He tells her that he is in love with her. Jackie tries to stop him, but he continues saying that he loves ‘Jackie’, not the prim and proper Jacqueline that Massimo loves. Deacon loves the Jackie that drinks root beer with him and boogie boards with him. The Jackie that cooks the gawd awful English food, and the Jackie that makes love to him all night long and wakes up in his arms. Massimo is clearly furious when he hears this. Jackie realizes that she is getting no where with Deacon and simply tells him good bye and walks out. Massimo has hidden until Jackie is on the elevator. A stunned Deacon is still in the office trying to process all that has just been said. When Massimo comes in, Deacon pulls himself together and explains that he stuck around to tell Massimo that he doesn’t think he is the right person for the Vice President job. Massimo tells him that he gave him the opportunity. Deacon still thinks Massimo is talking about the job and thanks him. He knows that Massimo brought him into his world and gave him a great opportunity. Massimo makes it clear that now that he is talking about the opportunity to be with his wife.

He tells Deacon: “I brought you two together. You slept with her. You slept with my wife.”

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