B&B Wednesday Update 9/22/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 9/22/04

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In the main area of the coffee shop, Rick comes in looking for Amber. He sees Thomas coming back from getting Amber something to eat and stops him. When he sees that Thomas is carrying a bag from another shop, he tells him that he isn’t sure the owners of Insomnia would appreciate that since they serve food here. Thomas claims he was just getting a cup of coffee to go.

Rick informs Thomas that he knows Amber is working there now, and he knows that Thomas is just here to see her. He tells Thomas to scrap whatever plans he has with Amber so they don’t make things worse. Thomas doesn’t see how they could get any worse. Rick tries once again to warn Thomas, but when he sees that he isn’t getting anywhere he gives up and tells Thomas that he is tired of trying to warn him. He is going back to work. He tells Thomas that Amber won’t mean to hurt him, but she will. That’s just the way things go with Amber.

In the office, a disgusted Stephanie tells Amber to cover herself up. Amber pulls her shirt on and tries to explain to Stephanie that she isn’t using Thomas. She really cares about him. Stephanie is so mad that she is shaking and will hardly let Amber get a word in. Stephanie can’t believe that Amber would go after Thomas like this. She tells Amber that she is supposed to be the adult here and should never have acted on her feelings for Thomas. Thomas is way too young for Amber.

Again, Amber tries to justify what she has done, but Stephanie will hear none of it. She tells Amber that if she had known any of this was going to happen when she took Amber in after Brooke kicked her out she would have slammed the door in Amber’s face. This hurts Amber a lot, and Amber begs her not to say that. Stephanie then tells her that she is just like Brooke. Amber denies that too, but Stephanie tells her that they are both insecure and needy and they both latch on to the first guy they see. Neither of them care about the consequences at all. Amber thinks that Stephanie is talking about a baby when she says consequences. Stephanie can’t believe that Amber doesn’t see the other consequences that this could cause.

She is through trying to reason with Amber and tells her that she is putting a stop to this here and now. Amber asks if Stephanie is going to call the police. Stephanie thinks for a few minutes, and then tells her that she is going to give her one more chance. Stephanie wants Amber to leave town. Amber is really hurt now. Stephanie tells her to prove to her that she really cares about Thomas by leaving town. Amber’s hurt turns to anger now and she asks if Stephanie is now going to offer her money like Brooke did. Stephanie’s anger grows also and they get into a yelling match. Stephanie tells Amber that if she wants to prove that she can do the right thing, she will leave town so that Thomas can get back to a normal life and repair the rift between him and his father. Amber refuses to take blame for that. Stephanie yells at her that she is just being selfish. Thomas already lost his mother, and now because of Amber he is pulling away from the rest of his family too. All because he makes her ‘feel special’. Thomas comes into the room and is shocked to see his grandmother there. Stephanie announces that Amber has something to tell him. Amber only stands there and cries now. Stephanie tells Amber to tell Thomas that it is over.

Massimo’s office:

Jackie comes into the office to find Deacon already there. She wants to know what he is doing there. Deacon tells her that Mass’ secretary called and told him to meet Mass in his office. Jackie says she got the same call. She immediately thinks that Massimo has found out about her and Deacon and wants him to leave. Deacon won’t do that. He thinks it would be a good thing if Massimo found out about the two of them. Massimo threw her out of his life, they were almost divorced. He tells her that he knows this isn’t who she is or what she wants. He knows that she is a living, breathing woman that has her own wants and needs. Jackie tells him that she is where she wants to be. She is happy in her marriage and wants exactly what she has now. Nick joins the two of them and tells them that he got the same mysterious call from Massimo’s secretary. Nick asks Deacon if he told Massimo his ridiculous story about Jackie having a boyfriend. Deacon says that he didn’t say anything.

As they all wonder what this is all about, Massimo joins them and asks all of them if they have any idea why he called them all there. He tells them all that something was brought to his attention a few days ago, and at first he didn’t know how he was going to react. Nick gets anxious and wants to know what is going on. Mass tells him to be patient. He is going to make some major changes. Mass knows that Nick won’t like it, but he hopes that Nick will support him on his decision. Jackie thinks it is a family matter and thinks Deacon shouldn’t be there. Massimo says that he wants Deacon there. He tells Jackie that this first year of their marriage was a whopper of a year. With all the lies she told, it almost cost them the marriage. Nick wants to know what all of that has to do with his decision.

When Massimo tells him that there is one more secret in the family, only this time he knows what it is, Jackie gets nervous and tells Mass to leave Nicky out of this. She starts to explain that she thought Massimo would never want to talk to her again when he threw her out. Massimo knows that, and that is why this secret has to come out. He announces to a visitor that it is time for them to enter the room. Jackie recognizes Hayden Montgomery as he enters the room. Deacon is shocked that she knows him. Jackie explains that she has never met him, but everyone knows who he is. She explains to a confused Nick that Hayden Montgomery is the owner of the largest collection of couture boutiques in the world. Hayden is introduced around the room, and Massimo asks him to reveal his ‘secret’.

Hayden unveils a picture that is sitting in the middle of the room. Jackie recognizes it as a boutique in Aspen. Hayden tells her that they are making some changes and they need her approval. Jackie doesn’t understand what is going on. Hayden tells her maybe she will if she see’s the new name and reveals a name poster that says Jackie M. Deacon and Nick both figure that Massimo has bought her a boutique. Hayden corrects them and informs them that Massimo bought ALL the boutiques. Jackie is completely overwhelmed. She starts to protest until Nick tells her to just accept the gift and be happy. Massimo tells Jackie that this is his anniversary present to her. She again tries to protest and is just shocked.

Massimo tells her that he has total confidence in her. She tells him that she thought they were talking about all the mistakes she made this last year. Massimo tells her that it was his way of saying that they were not celebrating this anniversary for all that had happened in the past, but also for what will be. He promises her that the best is yet to come. Nick jokes that he is dead for Christmas now, what will he buy a woman that has everything. Jackie still can’t believe that Massimo did this for her, after all the lies she told him. Massimo doesn’t know what else to do to convince her. Nick tells him to buy her Hawaii next. Massimo knows that Jackie will never let him down. She swears that is true, not as a businesswoman, and not as a wife.

Deacon watches all of this with a bit of sadness on his face. Massimo tells them that he wants Nick to be involved too.

Nick tries to object, they are ‘boutiques’. Massimo laughs and tells him to think of them as a ‘fleet’ of boutiques. Jackie is excited to be working with her son. Deacon congratulates them and wishes them luck as he prepares to leave. Massimo stops him and announces that he would like for Deacon to be Vice-President. Deacon is shocked and claims that he is not executive material. Massimo knows that he is a hungry, ambitious young man. He also knows that Deacon isn’t too smart to turn this offer down. He wants all of them to forget the past and move forward. Jackie pointedly looks at Deacon and announces that is what she wants also, more than anything. Massimo starts to kiss Jackie. Nick pulls Deacon out of the office to give Mass and Jackie some privacy. In the hallway Nick tells Deacon that he hopes he is a better in the fashion business than he is in the following business. After Nick leaves, Deacon peeks into the office again and observes Mass and Jackie kissing until Massimo backs into the door and shuts it.

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