B&B Tuesday Update 9/21/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 9/21/04

By Boo
Pictures by Boo

Spectra Couture:

We open today’s show with Thorne, Stephanie and Eric still in the group hug. Stephanie and Eric continue to apologize to Thorne for not appreciating him sooner. They both tell him that they want him to keep the whole line as a gift.

They both love him and are very proud of him. Thorne is a bit shocked by this turn of events. Eric tells Thorne that this is his turn in the spotlight. He deserves all this attention. Eric does admit that he wants Thorne back at Forrester where he belongs. No matter what Thorne decides to do though, stay at Spectra or return to Forrester, he is still Eric’s son. Eric is still proud of him. Thorne doesn’t think Ridge would be too happy if he returned to Forrester. Stephanie comments that Ridge will just have to get over it. Eric always did think that Thorne would be the one to see this whole line through production, and now he is doing just that. Thorne comments that the difference is that Eric thought his name would be on it. Eric tells him it is on it....Spectra Couture by Thorne ‘Forrester’. Stephanie and Darla hug and watch the touching conversation between father and son. Eric tells him to sell the gowns and keep the money. He knows that his work is benefiting his children, which is all he has ever wanted. Eric tells him that he has to go now because they both have businesses to run. Hugs and kisses all around as Eric and Stephanie make their exit. Darla and Thorne marvel over how things turned out. They both agree that Eric and Stephanie were speaking and acting from their hearts.

Thorne knows that they want him back at Forrester, but he doesn’t see how that is possible. Ridge is the star over there, and always will be. He tells Darla that there is only one way that it might work.

Ridge and Brooke’s house:

Ridge is packing for his trip in his bedroom. Thomas is helping out a little bit and has packed his toiletries for him. He gives them to Ridge and tells him that he will take care of everything while Ridge is away. Ridge stops him and tells him that he loves him. He tells Thomas that he knows he has been hard on him lately, but it is because he loves him. He tells Thomas again to stay away from Amber, that she is bad news.

Thomas reminds Ridge that he took out that restraining order on Amber. When Ridge asks if Amber has tried to contact him, Thomas just tells his father that she isn’t crazy. After a hug, Thomas tells his father to have a good trip and leaves the room. In the hallway, Thomas takes a call from Amber and tells her that he is on his way. Brooke goes into the bedroom for her turn to help Ridge pack. She admits that she doesn’t want him to go on this trip. Ridge knows it will be hard on her with 5 kids to look after. She isn’t worried about that at all. Ridge tells her that in a pinch she can always call Stephanie.

Brooke doesn’t see that happening at all. Ridge thought the two of them were getting along better lately. Brooke says that is only because Stephanie only sees her when she is with Ridge, and Stephanie won’t say anything in front of Ridge. Ridge admits that is probably true. Brooke is afraid that if she gave Stephanie a step in the door with ‘Taylor’s children’ she would take total advantage of the situation. Ridge reminds her that his mother didn’t interfere when he got the restraining order on Amber. Brooke tells him that is because Stephanie abhors that relationship as much as they do. She is just glad that Ridge was able to put a stop to it. She gets a little misty eyed and tells Ridge that she really doesn’t want him to go away.

They have only been back together for a few months. Ridge tells her that it is only for a short time and promises her that no matter how far away he is physically, his heart is always there with her and their kids. He promises they will be together forever. They declare their love for one another and share a kiss.

Forrester Creations:

Stephanie and Eric are back in Stephanie’s office. They briefly discuss what happened with Thorne and how happy they are that things worked out the way they have. They both agree that the business will survive this crisis, and now the family will too. Eric caringly kisses his wife before heading out to get back to work. Caitlin then pays Stephanie a visit and tells her that she isn’t sure if she should be there or not. Stephanie asks if something is wrong with her and Rick.

Caitlin tells her that she is there because of Thomas. She is worried about this thing with him and Amber. Stephanie assures her that Ridge took care of that with the restraining order. Caitlin cautiously tells Stephanie about Amber’s new job at Insomnia, and that Thomas goes there frequently. She didn’t want to go to Ridge and Brooke because Ridge gets too upset and that upsets Thomas. Caitlin thought that since Amber respects Stephanie so much, maybe Stephanie could talk to her and get through to her. Stephanie immediately goes into mother hen mode and thanks Caitlin for coming to her. She tells Caitlin that she will take care of it as she grabs her purse and heads out the door.


Thomas arrives and apologizes to Amber for being late. She tells him that they wouldn’t let her postpone her break, so she doesn’t have much longer. She immediately pushes him into the office (which looks more like a storage room with a convenient couch) on down on the couch climbing on top of him. After making love, Amber comments that she can go back to work with a smile on her face now. Thomas wonders if anyone will rat them out. Amber assures him that no one will, they are safe here. He just doesn’t want to get her into trouble. Amber thinks that is very sweet of him to worry about her. She can’t believe that he is Ridge’s son. Thomas defends his father saying he is under a lot of stress lately, because of Thorne stealing all the designs and knowing that he has to go out of town now to fix things. Amber immediately picks up on Ridge being out of town. The two of them are looking forward to not having Ridge ‘breathing down their necks’.

They go for round two of the love making. After the second round, Thomas realizes that Amber has to get back to work. She tells him that she still has about 15 minutes before her break is over. (Just how long of a break does she get? Or is that not saying very good things about how fast Thomas is??) They decide that they are both starving and she should eat before her break is over. Amber tells him that she wants a big fat burrito. Thomas thinks she is making a wise crack, but she laughingly tells him that she was talking about a Tex-Mex place down the street. Thomas quickly gets dressed and heads out to get them something to eat. Stephanie has come into the shop looking for Amber. She asks the waitress where Amber is. When the waitress tells her that Amber is on break and will be back in about 10 or 15 minutes, Stephanie orders a latte.

As the waitress brings her drink to her, Stephanie spots Thomas coming out of the back room, tucking his shirt in. Stephanie asks what is behind the door and the waitress tells her nothing, just the office. Stephanie decides to check it out for herself and heads back there. When she opens the door, she finds Amber with her back to the door. She has her skirt and shoes on, and is trying to put her bra on. Stephanie walks into the room and tells Amber that she was warned by Ridge and by herself. Amber tries to lie her way out of it by saying that she was just putting her uniform on. Stephanie yells that she knows she is lying because she just saw Thomas leaving the room. Amber tries to respond, but Stephanie stops her with a very hard slap to the face.

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