B&B Monday Update 9/20/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 9/20/04

By Boo
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Forrester Creations:

In Eric’s office, Eric is boiling mad over Thorne stealing the designs and using them for Spectra. He tells Stephanie that he has called Jonathan and he will be here any minute. Stephanie tries to reason with Eric, but he is too mad to listen to her. He calls Thorne a criminal and tells her that he will not let Thorne get away with this. Stephanie reminds him that Thorne is still his ‘only’ son. She tells him that Thorne is just trying to teach Eric a lesson. Eric can’t believe that Stephanie is trying to excuse Thorne’s behavior. Thorne pushed Eric into a corner and he is doing the only thing he knows how to do. Stephanie gets a little desperate trying to get through to Eric. She explains to him that Thorne was loyal to them and worked hard for them for years, and they rewarded him in a terrible way. She explains that she isn’t trying to justify what Thorne did, she just doesn’t think two wrongs make a right. She thinks someone needs to start showing some love and caring, or they will not have a ‘family’ at all. She tells Eric that this is all their own fault, they pushed Thorne into doing this. Eric still thinks that Thorne must pay. A livid Ridge is in the hallway ranting about what Thorne has done to Samantha. Brooke tells her that they have heard that Thorne is proud of what he did also. Samantha is shocked, she didn’t think Thorne could do something like this, stealing the whole line. Stephanie and Eric come to find out what is going on. Looks like most of the Forrester employees are there. Megan comments that with the security they have, she doesn’t see how Thorne got the designs out of the building. Rick comments that he must have had someone help him.

Ridge uses this to very firmly warn everyone in the room that he will track down whoever it was that helped Thorne, and he will make sure that they serve jail time. The man that took the designs to Thorne looks anxious. Ridge, Brooke, Rick, Eric, Stephanie and Samantha go back into Eric’s office as the other workers take off to spread the news of Ridge’s threats. Samantha offers her sympathies to all. Megan comes in to announce that Jonathan is here now. After hello’s all around, and mutual ‘I can’t believe Thorne did this’ conversation, Samantha leaves. She offers any help she can. Brooke tells Jonathan that Thorne just snapped after years of jealousy. Stephanie tells her that she thinks it is a little more complicated than that. When Jonathan explains that it will not be that easy to prosecute Thorne, Ridge goes livid again. Jonathan explains that there is no ‘proof’ that these designs are Ridge and Eric’s and not Thorne’s. Eric, Rick and Stephanie realize that Thorne bested them. Eric’s comment that he has to give Thorne credit totally outrages Ridge. He is upset now because he will have to placate their buyers. Eric thinks a few phone calls right now would be good. Ridge tells him no, that while Thorne can go home and enjoy his wife and live in the limelight now, Ridge will have to travel around to see their buyers in person in order to straighten this out. He starts yelling again and tells Jonathan that he wants Thorne prosecuted to the fullest extent. No matter what it takes. Stephanie tells him no, Thorne has always came in second place, this time he will come in first. Ridge turns on his mother and demands to know what she is talking about. Stephanie tries to get all of them to understand that Thorne is just crying out in the dark. He is hurting. Ridge doesn’t listen to any of it and still wants Thorne’s head on a platter. Everyone else seems to be coming around to Stephanie’s way of thinking. Especially Eric. Stephanie tells them that Ridge and Eric always got all the glory, throwing Thorne down to the basement. Ridge still has not sympathy at all, that was his job, he had to pay his dues. Stephanie tells them that Thorne did pay his dues, until he was bankrupt. She tells them that all of this is her fault. Eric corrects her saying that it is his fault too. The two of them decide to go back to Spectra and talk to Thorne again. They want to try to save their family. Ridge doesn’t like that at all. As Eric and Stephanie walk out the door, a disgusted Ridge tells them to give Thorne a medal while they are at it. Rick takes off too.

Brooke tells Ridge that she kind of understands what Stephanie was saying. Ridge is shocked that Brooke listened to anything his mother had to say. Brooke tells him that while Stephanie was talking, she started thinking about what they would do in the future if their own children felt like they loved one more than the other. Ridge thinks that would never happen. Brooke tells him that she knows they wouldn’t do that on purpose, but she uses a couple of examples how one could feel neglected. Ridge finally calms down a little bit and realizes that his parents feel guilty. He is afraid that their guilt will make them go too far to correct the situation. They both agree that there is no easy fix for any of this. Ridge just knows that he has to go away for a while. He tells her that he will miss her like crazy, but they will pick back up where they left off. He gives her a kiss as a place to leave off.

Spectra Couture:

Clarke reads a few of the critics raving reviews to the workers in Thorne’s office. Everyone in the office cheers and claps. Clarke tells everyone that they have their very own President, Thorne to thank for all of this. He is the one that took them to the top of the fashion business. Darla congratulates a not very happy looking Thorne. Thorne and Clarke take a conference call from Lauren Fenmore, and then announce to the whole group that Lauren just congratulated them by doubling her order. Cheers and applause all around again. Clarke points out again that Thorne is the reason for all of this.

He announces champagne all around. One of the workers tries to hand Thorne a glass, but Thorne turns it down. Thorne is obviously upset about all of this. Clarke notices that Thorne isn’t acting very happy. Thorne tells him that he is just tired. Darla explains that Thorne didn’t get much sleep last night. Clarke’s mind is in the gutter and he congratulates the two of them. Darla quickly informs him that wasn’t what she was talking about. Thorne tells him that he just kept playing the whole show over and over in his head. Clarke tells him that he should be enjoying it, it was Thorne’s finest hour. Thorne slips away from the office to the showroom. He walks up on the runway and remembers the day before. He remembers all of it, the show, the glory, his mother and father and Ridge showing up, and Ridge threatening him that he made a huge mistake.

He sits down on the edge of the runway and continues to go through things in his mind. He is so torn about what he has done. Darla finds him and tries to comfort him by telling his that he showed his parents that he could come out on top. Thorne tells her that he did come out on top, but what he wanted was his parents respect. That is not what he got, all they see is a traitor and a thief. He is very hurt. Darla tries to comfort him by reminding him how badly his family has always treated him. As they talk, Stephanie and Eric enter the room without Darla or Thorne seeing them. Thorne tells Darla that he thought he would feel better after the show, but when he saw the hatred in his mothers eyes after the show, it just blew it for him. He thinks that he will never be able to face them again. They will never forgive him. Eric and Stephanie listen sadly and quietly. Darla turns and sees them standing there and draws their attention to Thorne. Thorne thinks they are back for round two. Stephanie and Eric both tell a disbelieving Thorne that they realize what happened. They offer him the whole line as a gift in an effort to apologize for all the wrong they have done him over the years. Thorne asks what the catch is. Darla proudly watches on as Eric and Stephanie both tell Thorne that they love him and they respect him.

Eric, Stephanie and Thorne share a group hug as tears stream down Thorne’s face.

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