B&B Friday Update 9/17/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 9/17/04

By Matthew
Pictures by Boo

Is it just me, or is the new theme hot hot hot! I’ve been listening to it for nearly 3 months now and I love it still. Today, they had the short version without character shots, and I loved it too!

So today, Caitlin and Thomas enter Insomnia, where Amber now works. She spots them. Before they sit down, Thomas (who is now 18!?) registers to vote with the “Rock the Vote” program that has been on TV a lot lately.

Amber pulls him aside and seems to get hot and heavy. She wants him to meet her in the office (I guess CJ is out?) for a little romp. After going to sit down, Amber eavesdrops on their conversation. Caitlin is still bummed about Rick not wanting to go to her homecoming dance with her. Age hasn’t been an issue for them to this point, well except with her dad. Thomas wants to know how he can get his dad to back off like Hector has. Amber bristles when Caitlin warns Thomas to not let Amber take away his virginity and his childhood (too late sweetie). Thomas points out he had to grow up after Taylor died. Caitlin does admit that the restraining order was a little much but thinks Thomas is too smart to mess around with Amber. She also thinks Amber uses her sexuality to take advantage of guys (who doesn’t?).

Amber huffs off and has the coffee tender pour a lot of creamer in Caitlin’s drink. Later, Caitlin spits out her drink. Thomas gets a cell phone call from Megan about an emergency. As he leaves, Amber pulls him aside and tells him to wait for her in the office (it was her on the phone). He complies and Amber confronts Caitlin. Caitlin doesn’t want any trouble, but warns Amber to steer clear of Thomas. Caitlin attempts to be understanding and can understand why Amber felt comforted by Thomas, however, that shouldn’t let it get in the way of good judgment.

Amber tells her to beat it and as she stands up, bumps the table and all the coffee spills on Caitlin’s clothes. Turns out it was an Ingénue original. Amber pretends to feel sorry, and then laughs as I laugh uproariously. I love to have this good Amber back. Amber joins Thomas and they proceed to get it on.

However, more importantly over at Spectra, security is called in when Ridge tries to manhandle Thorne. Let’s be honest, Thorne could kick Ridge’s ass. He’s twice as burley. Anyway Ridge is livid that Thorne took their designs. Stephanie and Eric are hurt. They can’t believe he would set out to hurt them.

Thorne points out that this is just business and that they didn’t produce the same clothing. Their (Spectra’s) quality of fabric is much higher and the costumers will know it. He also says that being kicked out the company was such an eye opener. Novelties like family, tradition, and honor mean nothing and he’s just catching on to that idea. He gets angry when he recalls how hard he worked on the previous line at Forrester. How he spent nights away from his newborn and wife to make it a success.

Ridge is dubious about all the talk and thinks this is just revenge. Ridge has to be physically removed from the room as he screams that Thorne will pay. A dejected Stephanie and Eric slink out. Darla hugs Thorne.

Ahh, I love these days in LA!

Have a good weekend!

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