B&B Thursday Update 9/16/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 9/16/04

By Matthew
Pictures by Boo

Thomas, Caitlin, and Rick play by the pool (since when did they become friends again?). They notice the scratches on Thomas' back, but he covers that he went hiking and went off the path. Later, Caitlin gushes about her senior year (how old is she now?) and invites Rick to her homecoming dance. He backpedals and feels that the scandal would be too much if he went. Though visibly disappointed, Caitlin agrees it probably is best.

Later, Thomas offers to take Caitlin to the dance.

Stephanie makes one final plea to get Thorne back to Forrester, but he refuses when she can't guarantee him the president's position.

The showing begins and is a hit. Though Jackie hasn't committed Fenmore's to Forrester or Spectra, she is there to support Thorne.

She immediately recognizes some of the designs and calls Eric to tell him Thorne stole his designs. Eric can't belive it! Thorne even uses "Unforgettable" as the background music for his show stopper. Darla worries that Thorne's relationship with his parents will be over now.

Ridge, Eric, and Stephanie had back over to the showing.

Angry, Ridge grabs Thorne and tells him he will pay for stealing their designs.

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