B&B Wednesday Update 9/15/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 9/15/04

By Suzanne
Pictures by Boo

Ridge and Brooke sit out by the pool with the babies. She rubs suntan lotion on his back as he speaks with Thomas on the phone. Ridge tells Brooke that Thomas dropped Phoebe and Steffy off. She thinks they will have fun sailing with their friends. Ridge puts lotion on Brooke's back. He is grouchy because this is their last day off before school starts and he took the whole day off to spend time with them. Brooke mentions Spectra's show today. He pretends that he forgot all about that. She says she knows that Ridge is acting like he doesn't care about it, and he maintains that he's not worried. Eric walks in and says he is worried. This is a big day for Thorne and for Spectra. Eric says that Spectra thinks they might finally best Forrester with Thorne on their side. Ridge says they are delusional. They discuss the new show. Rick and Caitlin drop by in beach attire. Ridge is not happy to see them. Brooke says it is a family day. Ridge points out that she knows he has a problem with their relationship. Rick heard that so he tells Ridge they all know and if their being there is a problem...Ridge just looks at Rick. Rick keeps asking Ridge if they should stay. Ridge says he's not comfortable with them meeting there behind Hector's back. Caitlin tells him that Hector knows they're here. Ridge and Eric wonder if Hector is okay with it. Caitlin says he's coming to terms with it. Ridge points out that Thomas will be there, too. Rick and Caitlin don't want to rub his nose in their relationship. She says that she still cares about him a lot. Rick is surprised that Ridge would be there on the day of the new Spectra line showing. Eric says that Ridge is making a statement by staying home today. Ridge says he figures the family has been through enough and just needed a day to chill out. Eric says that Stephanie is not chilling out. He tells them that she is over at Spectra right now, trying to convince Thorne he needs to be with his family. Ridge knows that Thorne is too stubborn for that to work. Eric and Ridge discuss it for a moment. Thomas arrives and is surprised to see Rick and Caitlin there. He tells them it's cool and tells Caitlin that she is looking good. Thomas suggests a game of water limbo. They are up for it. Thomas takes Caitlin aside to explain the rules, since she hasn't played. Eric and Ridge discuss Thomas' attitude. Eric goes back to worrying about Stephanie and Thorne. Ridge hopes that the Spectra preview is a big fat flop. Eric wonders what this will accomplish. Ridge says it will let Thorne know that his family is not responsible for everything that goes wrong in his life. He again hints that he hopes Thorne hasn't stolen their designs.

After the water games, Caitlin dries off and drinks lemonade with Thomas; Rick is nearby with Hope. She tells Thomas that she heard about the restraining order. She figures Thomas must have been really upset with Ridge. He says he was, briefly. She is surprised. They talk about her situation with Hector. She tells him that she and Rick agreed to wait. He even jokes with her about it. He says he thinks it's great they are waiting. She says some things are worth waiting for. He agrees and says he knows that. Thomas takes his shirt off to go swimming. Caitlin notices the scratch marks on his back. Thomas gets an "uh-oh" look on his face.

Brooke chats with Eric and Ridge about Spectra. Eric tells him he shouldn't dismiss his brother so easily and points out that he already stole all of the fabric Ridge wanted. Ridge still thinks that Thorne's line can't possibly measure up.

The Spectra crew get ready for their big show. Darla tells Clarke how excited Sally was this morning and if it weren't for C.J., she thinks Sally would have crawled out of bed to make it. Clarke goes on and on about how this is their big day to best Forrester. Darla wonders how Thorne will feel today since he stole designs from Forrester. Clarke is called away but reminds Darla to tell Thorne that they can't quit now, whatever happens.

Thorne is in his office, looking at the big pink sign that says Spectra Couture, by Thorne Forrester. He has a flashback to the day when he became president. They gave him a nameplate with his name on it, followed by President, and they were all so proud of him. He seems haunted by these memories. Darla comes in to find him looking out the window. He asks if everything is ready. She tells him it's still not too late to call it off, if he wants. He says that once he takes this step, there is no going back. She tells him not to take it, if he's not really sure. They discuss it. She worries about him being torn up inside. He strokes her face as she tells him that she loves and supports him, no matter what he decides. They kiss and hug. Their hug is interrupted by a visit from Stephanie. She can't believe that Thorne is going through with this. Darla leaves them alone; Stephanie thanks her. They discuss what has happened. She shares with him that she was remembering that same day that he was, when he first became president. She asks him to come back to Forrester, but he tells her that he will never settle for second best again. Stephanie continues to nag him about it. He tells her that he didn't mean it to turn out this way, he says frustratedly. She knows he didn't. He goes on about how they didn't trust him to take Forrester into the next century. He plans to show them how it could have been. He also tells her that he's not counting on his family any more for his success. He knows you have to make it on your own and that's what he plans to do. He tells her that he knows how the game is played now and he plans to play it to the fullest. She wonders suspiciously what he is up to. They discuss Ridge for a moment. She apologizes for what has happened and can't believe it's too late. Clarke comes in and demands to know what's going on. He accuses Stephanie of trying to guilt Thorne into quitting. Clarke urges Thorne not to listen to this and goes on about how they treat him compared to Ridge. Stephanie shakes his head, but Clarke says he's seen it. They've all seen it for years. Clarke tells Stephanie that she'll see what a mistake she's made, not believe in this man. Stephanie claims she does believe in him. They argue about Ridge being chosen over Thorne. Stephanie understands why Thorne is hurt but refuses to believe that he is lost to her. She wants to make it work out and heal the wounds. She begs him to start over and says they love him. She also begs him to come back. She says they can make it right and promises he will never feel second best ever again. Thorne appears to be considering this.

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