B&B Tuesday Update 9/14/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 9/14/04

By Suzanne
Pictures by Boo

Amber awakens, smiling, after her night of having sex with Thomas. She picks up the restraining order from her bedside table and looks at it. She says that big bad Ridge can control the cops but not her or Thomas. She hears a knock and thinks it's Thomas, but it's C.J. He is surprised to see her wearing a negligee; she throws on a robe as he asks about who she was expecting. He reminds her that she told him on the phone that she was going to end it with Thomas. She denies that it was him, but C.J. can tell she's lying. He knows she had sex with him. He asks her incredulously if she's crazy and if she knows what his family will do to her if they find out. She tells him that she didn't know about the restraining order at first. He asks if she knew about it when she had sex with Thomas. She replies, "Well, not the first time". They argue about her ruining her life and risking jail. She doesn't think that Ridge will find out. Amber tells C.J. that this is the first time in a long time that she's felt good about herself; Thomas has done that for her. She speaks at length about how she feels for Thomas.

Thorne is working at Spectra when he looks at a picture of Darla on his desk. He has a flashback to Ridge insulting her. Thorne looks at large pieces of cardboard that stand against his wall with designs on them. Darla brings him bagels. She sits on his lap as he tells her how important she is to him. He knows now that Ridge where Ridge gets his confidence, he says. They discuss the upcoming show. Clarke come in with a newspaper. He reads a newspaper article about a princess who visited and got a showing of their collection. It mentions Spectra and that it's now headed by Thorne. They are all pleased with the article and reveling in their success. Jackie drops by; Clarke is surprised, but Thorne says he asked her to stop by. He hands her an invitation to their show and says it's a personal invitation. She is surprised; they tell her that it's because she's the buyer at Fenmore's, a forward-thinking department store. Jackie reminds him that Ridge has put her in a bad position. He knows that Ridge has put a lot of pressure on her and he sympathizes with that because he's been there. She says she has a responsibility to bring the best in the latest fashion to the stores. He says this season, that will be Spectra Couture. He tells her that she won't be disappointed with the show. She affirms she will be there. Later, Clarke is confident that Fenmore will carry their new line and he would like to see the expression on Ridge's face. Darla reminds him that it hasn't happened yet. Clarke thinks it will because Jackie wants to see Ridge get his just as much as they do. Thorne points out that this is not about getting back at Ridge. Clarke looks skeptical. Darla says it's about Thorne getting what he deserves and showing everyone what he can do. Clarke raves about the quality of the designs and the fabric. He praises Thorne for reinventing the company. Thorne talks about how "classic elegance" is what sets the best apart from the rest. He muses that Eric used to think that way. Clarke wonders if maybe by tomorrow the world will realize that Thorne is the keeper of the flame, the true heir to the Forrester legacy. Clarke goes on and on about it. The other employees are there and expect a big speech from Thorne. Thorne is modest and tells them that they did all the work so they should applaud themselves. They applaud him anyway. Darla and Clarke make the speech for him. Clarke unveils the sign for their new show, which says Spectra Couture by Thorne Forrester. They all applaud again and Thorne is all choked up. Darla tells him it was Sally's idea, to let him know how important he is. Thorne makes a short speech after all about being accepted there. His speech builds to the end and they applaud again.

Eric and Ridge discuss the restraining order. Eric asks if Ridge has told Thomas about it. Ridge admits he hasn't, saying Thomas got in late and wasn't up this morning when he left. Eric thinks Thomas will be very upset. Ridge doesn't care. He wants to make it impossible for Thomas to make the wrong decision. He vows not to lose this battle. Thomas comes in while they are talking about it and starts chewing Ridge out for the restraining order. Eric and Ridge argue with Thomas about her history with Rick. Ridge tells Thomas to stay away from Amber and nothing will happen to her. Ridge says that one day Thomas will meet a great woman who will bring something positive to his life. Thomas says he knows that already and there is a lot more than Ridge knows about. Ridge ask suspiciously what he means by that. Thomas says he won't talk about it and starts to stalk off. Eric stops him and says Ridge has his best interests at heart. Thomas understand that. Ridge tells Thomas that Amber has a wild streak about her. Thomas says he's seen it. Ridge says that if he lets her in, she'll drive him crazy. Thomas, smiling to himself, replies that he can't argue with that. Jackie comes in to speak with Eric; she apologizes for interrupting. Thomas says it's cool and leaves. Ridge tells Jackie that he heard she's back with Massimo. She says tentatively they're working things out and adds that she knows he'd love to hear from Ridge. She tells them that she's been invited to Thorne's showing. They are surprised. Ridge tells her that it will be a waste of her time because it won't be up to Fenmore's standards. She says there is a lot of interest in the new line, but he waves that off as hype. They argue about the show and whether it will be any good. Ridge shows her the designs there in the office. She admits they are stunning. She just wanted to let them know why she can't refuse the invitation. She also tells them that she probably won't be their only buyer there. Eric thanks her and she leaves. Ridge is incensed about this. Eric says he's heard the buzz, too, about how their collection is supposed to be great. Ridge says it's probably not their collection and looks pointedly at one of their own designs. That same design is in Thorne's office.

Thomas phones Amber. He is frustrated that he couldn't talk Ridge out of the restraining order. She tells him that C.J. offered her a job at The Insomnia, so she suggests it's a good place for them to meet in public. Also, she adds, there is an office in the back that they could make into their own special hideout. He likes the idea and asks when she starts work. She tells him she starts tomorrow; he is not sure that he can wait that long. She says they will have to because of Ridge's getting the cops involved. They tell each other how important they are to each other. She is all smiles when she hangs up.

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