B&B Monday Update 9/13/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 9/13/04

By Boo
Pictures by Boo

In Thorne’s office at Spectra, everyone is running around trying to prepare for a Princess’ visit to look at Spectra’s ‘new line’. Clarke makes sure that the red carpet is rolled out all the way to her limo. Clark shows the new catalogue to Thorne. Thorne makes a few suggestions on quick changes. Clarke verifies with Darla that he is to address the princess as ‘her highness’ and not ‘her majesty’. They are all three excited about her highness’ visit. If she likes their new line, they will have many more royalty looking to them for their fashions. Thorne explains that he knows her well, and has done business with her many times before.

Finally she arrives and Thorne puts on a jacket to meet her at the elevator. She is happy to see Thorne again. Thorne proudly welcomes her to “Spectra Couture”. He shows her to a seat and tells her that they have a special line to show her. Clark comments that they had heard she didn’t have anything to wear to a museum opening in Vienna the following month. The princess confirms that and ads that she needs something out of the ordinary for that occasion. Thorne knows exactly what she is looking for, something classic but timeless. Thorne motions for the models to come out. Two models come out and show their stuff. The princess is pleased with the dresses. Darla points out that Thorne has brought Forrester’s style with him to Spectra. The princess comments that if she didn’t know better, she would think these were Ridge’s designs. Thorne holds his poker face well. After the showing, the princess tells them that she is very impressed. She comments that Thorne is his father’s son. Thorne proudly agrees. The princess tells them that she will be proud to wear the blue one to the museum opening. Thorne thanks her and asks Clark to see her to her limo. After Clark leads her out, Darla excitedly throws herself into Thorne’s arms. She is so proud of him. He tells her that they still have a long way to go, but he is positive that they will make it all work.

Thomas talks to Ridge on the phone and assures him that he is fine. He lies to Ridge and tells him that he is at his friend Jeremy’s house in Brentwood. The whole time he is talking to Ridge, Amber is climbing all over him and kissing the back of his neck.

It’s obvious they have been in bed. Thomas tells his father that he is making all the right decisions tonight. Ridge makes him promise to come straight home. He doesn’t want Thomas running into Amber by accident anywhere. Thomas gets the picture, no Amber. As soon as he hangs up the phone, they go at it again. Amber starts to object, but Thomas convinces her that they have nothing to worry about. They continue to make out. After a very hot make-out session, Amber is deep in thought. Thomas asks what she is thinking. She points out the similarities between Thomas and his parents. He has all the good points that his parents have. She thinks that Thomas has Ridge’s eyes, talent and determination; and he has Taylor’s mouth, brilliance and kindness. Thomas thinks she is pretty great too. She disagrees with him. He wonders why she always makes them sound so different. They are different, she tells him. Thomas says they are only different in the good ways. They both agree that they feel connected to each other more than ever. The kissing and playing around continues. Amber starts to get down on herself again and says that she thinks Thomas deserves someone much better than her. She knows that Ridge and Stephanie are just looking out for Thomas. He makes a point to let her know that he is not a ‘boy’ anymore. They hear a knock at the door, and Lieutenant Baker announces he is there. Amber freaks out that Ridge called the cops. Thomas quickly hides in the closet as Amber throws her robe on and answers the door. Thomas listens from the closet as the Lieutenant serves Amber with the restraining order and explains to her what the order means.

If she is even seen around Thomas’ school, she could go to jail for contempt of court. After the police leave, Thomas comes out of the closet and grabs the court papers from Amber to take a look. He just can’t believe that his father would do something like this. He apologizes to her. Amber asks if it is true that she could go to jail just for being in the same room with him. Thomas looks helpless.

She throws him on the bed and starts to kiss him all over, while asking what would happen to her for doing this?

Brooke comes into the bedroom where Ridge has just gotten off the phone with Thomas and asks if he got through to Thomas. Ridge tells her that he talked to Thomas, but not sure if he got through to him. Brooke remembers when she was going through this with Rick. Ridge doesn’t want to remember that time, he is just glad that they got to Thomas before anything happened between him and Amber. He admits that Thomas did sound defiant on the phone though.

He and Brooke agree that isn’t good. Ridge will breath a lot easier once Lieutenant Baker delivers the restraining order to Amber. Brooke is surprised to hear that Lieutenant is delivering it in person. Ridge tells her that he is on his way to Amber’s as they speak. A little later, Brooke is on the bed reading when Ridge rejoins her after checking on the kids. He comments about how innocent they look when they are sleeping. Brooke realizes that he is still worried about Thomas. Ridge just wants to lock Thomas in his room until he is 30 years old. Brooke bets his mother said that a million times about him. She tells him that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree for him and Thomas. Ridge apologizes for being so preoccupied lately. Brooke understands that he is just worried about his son and offers herself as a distraction. They start to make out. Later, it is Brooke’s turn to check on the children. She returns to the bedroom to find Ridge reading an article on the new Spectra line.

He tells Brooke about Spectra’s name change, and that they are showing their new collection two weeks before Forrester is. Brooke wonders what collection. The two of them discuss the possibility that they could have stolen from Forrester either before or after Thorne joined them. Brooke isn’t worried, she doesn’t think they have the resources at Spectra. Ridge informs her that they might have the fabric. All of a sudden, their suppliers keep coming up with excuses as to why they can’t meet the needs of Forrester. Brooke doesn’t understand why Thorne would buy up all the first class fabric to make second class rip-offs. The talk turns back to Thomas. They both decide that Lieutenant Baker is probably serving the papers on Amber right now. Brooke knows that Thomas will be furious with Ridge when he finds out. Ridge says he can live with that, he will just be happy that his son is free of her. Brooke concludes that Ridge will now have time to concentrate on Thorne. Ridge comments that he thought Brooke didn’t think Thorne was a threat. She tells him that she doesn’t think Thorne is one to bluff. Ridge decides to take the bull by the horn and calls Thorne. Thorne is not surprised to hear from his brother.

They banter back and forth for a short time. Then Ridge tells Thorne that he is fighting a loosing battle. If Thorne keeps this up, nobody will win. Thorne responds: ‘Oh, somebody always wins, Ridge. This time, it's gonna be me.’ Thorne hangs up the phone and has a very satisfied look on his face.

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