B&B Thursday Update 9/9/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 9/9/04

By Suzanne
Pictures by Boo

Nick demands to know from Deacon who his mother is having an affair with. Deacon says he figured that Nick wanted to know how miserable his mom is.

Nick denies that she is, saying she's in love with his father. Deacon says there's only one reason she's back is him, Nick. Nick scoffs at the idea. Deacon says she's sacrificing her happiness for him, to make up for all of the lies. Nick gets suspicious and doesn't think she would confide in Deacon. Deacon claims he has been watching her with her boyfriend; she's happy. He says it's up to Nick whether she wants to see his mom in a loveless marriage.

Nick visits Jackie at home. He finds out that Massimo is sleeping and observes that she couldn't eat at dinner and now she can't sleep. She claims she is just restless. He looks at the picture of their family and asks her why she thinks she is restless. She says it's because of the changes in her life. He asks her if she really wanted to put her marriage back together.

She replies that she does and also adds that she can't tell him what it means for him, Nick, to be part of her life again. He remembers that she said she'd do anything. He asks if she's only there because she did it for him. She isn't sure what he's asking at first. He asks if it was like a peace offering to him, to have his family back together. She laughs and asks him where he got such a ridiculous notion. She stops and her smile fades when he replies that he got it from Deacon. He tells her Deacon is the one who called him and they had a little talk. She looks worried. Then she rants and raves about Deacon butting in where he doesn't belong. Nick asks her if she had an affair. He tells her that Deacon told him that this guy she turned to made her happy. She realizes that Deacon did not reveal that it was him. She claims that Deacon is lying. Nick doesn't believe her. He wonders if her heart is really in this marriage. She tells him that his father is the only man in her life and this is exactly where she wants to be. She gets angry that he would take Deacon's word over hers.

He doesn't know what's in it for Deacon, why he would lie. She says there's always something in it for Deacon and figures he must have some motive. She finally seems to convince Nick that she's telling the truth about wanting to be with Massimo and not having an affair. Nick still looks thoughtful about it, though.

Jackie visits Deacon, outraged that he spoke with Nick. He just wanted to save her. She tells him not to do her any more favors and to leave it alone. She tells him that he told Nick that she isn't having an affair. They're finished. He reminds her that he is the one who brings out her passion. He is annoyed that she is doing this for a grown man. He grabs her face, but she stops him, saying she's a married woman. He says she says that like it's a life sentence.

She says she wouldn't change it for the world. He kisses her passionately and she can't help kissing him back. She says that she wants her husband, but she doesn't sound very convincing. She says in tears that if he loves her, he should stay way from her. She leaves.

Ridge walks in his parents' house. He tells his mother that Brook went home to check on R.J. He asks whether Eric is still on his Hong Kong call. Stephanie is distracted and doesn't answer at first. She is thinking about Amber and can't understand what she's thinking.

She wonders why Amber doesn't remember last time, with Rick. Ridge says she does remember; she just wants to snag another Forrester. Stephanie wonders if she's just trying to get Rick's attention. She hopes that Amber got the point today, but Ridge doubts it will be enough to keep her away from Thomas. She wonders if they should be more concerned about Thomas than Amber; he seems to be the one pursuing Amber. Ridge wants to do things like take away Thomas' car. She points out that it might not stop him, and she worries that Thomas will try to prove to Ridge that he's not just a kid any more. Ridge thinks it's time to pull out all the stops. He phones a cop he knows so he can get a restraining order against Amber.

Later, the cop tells them that he'll pick up the restraining order and deliver it himself. Stephanie worries that Amber will be really surprised by this. Ridge smiles wickedly.

Amber sits at home, looking sad. Thomas knocks on her door again and threatens to knock on it all night if he has to. She opens the door and he sees she has been crying. He takes her in his arms sympathetically. He can't believe what his family said to and about her. She thinks it was all true. He won't believe it. She tells him that he can't help her and will only get in more trouble. He says they will think he's at his friend's house.

She knows that he has a GPS thing that Ridge uses to track him down. He tells her that he left the car in front of Jeremy's house and took the bus there. She is disgusted that she's turning him into a con artist. She continues to put herself down, and he tries to stop her from doing that. She feels mostly bad because of Stephanie. She tells him how Stephanie used to give her hope about the future and how she tried to be a good person. Amber says Stephanie is the wisest person she knows and she wanted to make her proud of her. Thomas tells her gently that she has and will again. Amber points out that Stephanie has washed her hands of her; she knows there is no going back after you cross that line with Stephanie. Thomas says that's her loss, then. Amber says Stephanie was her last friend when she had no one else. He sits on the bed next to her as she cries. She tells him to get away from her because she's nothing but trouble and the last thing he needs. He makes light of his age. She tells him that she's off-limits. He knows that she cares for people, maybe too much. He says that she needs a friend. She had one in Stephanie, she says sadly, but she blew it big time. He says she doesn't need her any more because she's got him. She thinks he'll change his mind like Rick did. He says she's a survivor, but she's more fragile than everyone thinks. She laughs at that. He goes on to talk about how great she is. He tells her that she's so beautiful.

They kiss. She stops him but then turns out the light. She undresses in front of him, and then he undresses. They kiss and go to bed.

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