B&B Wednesday Update 9/8/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 9/8/04

By Boo
Pictures by Boo

At Deacon’s place, he roams aimlessly around his house. There are a bunch of pictures of him and Jackie strewn out over the coffee table. He sits down on the couch and looks them over.

At the Marone Mansion, Jackie is thinking of Deacon. She looks at her picture on the wall, and at the ‘tattoo’ that Deacon put on her wrist when her cell phone rings. When she sees on the caller ID that it is Deacon, she is upset and moves quickly to a place that she can talk to him privately.

She answers the phone by telling him that he can’t be calling her now. He tells her that he misses her. She reminds him that she is back with Massimo now. She has Nicky back in her life and she is where she should be. When she starts to tell Deacon that with time he will forget about her, Deacon tells her that the ‘time’ is exactly what they are wasting. She insists that she is where she needs to be. Deacon asks her if she really wants to be Massimo’s ‘Stepford Wife’ and if she is really happy like she was when she was with him. After the phone call, Jackie again remembers how happy she was with Deacon. Mass comes down the stairs and asks her why she is smiling. She tells him because she is just happy to be home. She asks if Nicky will be there soon. Massimo confirms that he will be.

She tries to talk about what happened between them, but Massimo doesn’t want to. Nick joins them and after telling Jackie that he is glad she is home, the three of them sit down for dinner. Jackie mentions that she would like something on her salad that Nick didn’t know she liked. Jackie just tells him that tastes do change sometimes. Massimo asks Nick to pour Jackie’s favorite wine. Things a little tense and uncomfortable around the table. Both Nick and Jackie try to talk about everything that has happened. Massimo still insists that they need to just move on as a family. Jackie asks about Ridge. Mass admits that they haven’t talked in quite a while. Jackie apologizes again. Mass knows that she is and tells her again that he forgives her. Nick notices that Jackie isn’t eating very much. She explains that she just has a lot to adjust to. She knows that Massimo wants everything to be like it was before she started keeping secrets. Mass tells her that is NOT how he wants things. He knows that she wasn’t happy before. Jackie insists that she was happy, she was just a bit overwhelmed with being ‘Mrs. Massimo Marone’. Mass tells her that he totally understands. He was trained from birth to live up to the Marone legacy. He apologizes to her for expecting her to automatically know. He promises that things will be different from here on out. Jackie is very relieved to hear that Mass really understands how she feels. Nick gets a call on his cell phone and excuses himself from the table. Jackie tells Mass how happy he has made her. Knowing that he understands makes her feel really good, until Mass explains that he will be there the whole way through. He is going to be there to help her and ‘coach’ her. A deflated Jackie listens as Massimo proudly announces that he will make a ‘proper Marone’ out of her yet. Nick rushes back into the room and announces that he has to leave. Mass objects that he hasn’t finished eating yet. Nick grabs a few bites off of his plate before explaining that it is an emergency and besides, he is just the third wheel here. He rushes out. It is clear that Mass has some ‘lovin’ on his mind for the night. Jackie looks a bit uncomfortable. Later on, Jackie is downstairs with her nightgown on. Mass comes down the stairs with a robe on. He kisses the back of her neck and tells her how much he missed her. He thinks that she is uncomfortable because she thinks that he asked her to come home because it was what Nick wanted. Mass tells her that he asked her home because ‘he’ wanted it. Jackie looks like she isn’t too sure if that makes her happy or not.

At Eric and Stephanie’s, Eric, Brooke and Ridge all jump on Amber before she gets a chance to answer Stephanie’s questions. Amber gets a bit angry when Ridge calls her a gold digger. She angrily tells them that she is not a gold digger; she didn’t get a cent from Rick when she left him. She turns to Stephanie and tells her that she really did love Rick. Stephanie knows that. Amber tries to explain what happened with her and Thomas. That she was upset, and Thomas was upset. They were just trying to comfort each other.

Brooke and Ridge keep interrupting with snide remarks and Stephanie doesn’t seem to be buying the story. Amber starts to get a little whiney and desperate. She pleads with Stephanie not to listen to what Brooke and Ridge are saying, and continues to tell her story. She explains that Thomas just wanted to help cheer her up. He was really sweet to her, and he kissed her. Stephanie tells her that she ‘let’ that happen. When Amber tries to explain that she told Thomas that it was wrong and that they shouldn’t be doing it, Ridge blows up again. He demands to know if she is implying that his son forced himself on her. Amber tells them of course not. Ridge tells her that it doesn’t matter who started it, she should have stopped it. When Amber doesn’t have a response to that, Stephanie is really disappointed in her. Ridge makes things worse when he tells Stephanie that it wasn’t just the one time. That it has been going on for weeks. Stephanie really comes down on Amber now.

Thomas comes in the front door unnoticed and goes up the stairs so that he can watch what is going on from the balcony. Ridge tells Amber to stop playing the ‘victim’. Amber tries again to appeal to her friendship with Stephanie. Stephanie comes down on her by accusing her of seducing her grandson in thanks for all that she has done for Amber. Thomas has heard enough and yells at them all to leave Amber alone. He blows up at all of them for ganging up on Amber. Stephanie is very upset to see Thomas like this. Eric tries to reason with Thomas, but he is pretty livid. Amber turns to Stephanie and asks her if she believes all of this. Stephanie says she is starting to and walks away. This upsets Amber to no end. She loves this family, and she loves Stephanie.

She just can’t bear it if Stephanie turns her back on her. Amber begs Stephanie to turn and talk to her.

Back at Deacon’s place, Nick shows up worried about why Deacon summoned him. He asks if everything is okay with Hope. Deacon tells him things are still okay with Hope. Brooke is still allowing him to see her now and then.

Deacon tells Nick about Massimo hiring him to follow his mother. He explains that Mass thought she was having an affair. Nick tells him that is ridiculous. Deacon finally tells him that Mass was right. Nick doesn’t believe it. He thinks Deacon must be mistaken. Deacon tells him that he knows what he is talking about. He saw Jackie spend several nights at this mans house. Nick demands to know who this man is.

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