B&B Tuesday Update 9/7/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 9/7/04

By Suzanne
Pictures by Boo

Ridge phones Amber's house to find out if Thomas is there. He is very rude to Amber, who doesn't understand why he's calling. She says she's stayed away from Thomas like he asked her to. They argue; he threatens her some more, then he hangs up. Brooke comes in, so he fills her in. Brooke says that Thomas was just driving away when she went to Rick's. He is worried because Thomas is not answering his cell.

Ridge is raging against Amber when Thomas walks in. He chews Ridge out for his Amber-bashing. Thomas throws some of Ridge's insults against Amber around and compares her to Brooke. Brooke and Ridge object to this. Brooke warns Thomas about Amber using him like she did Rick. He is sick of hearing it and wonders why she would want back into the family when they treat her like dirt. Thomas calls Ridge a hypocrite. He says Ridge supports Rick and Caitlin, but not him and Amber. Ridge says he doesn't support their relationship, either. Brooke reacts to this remark, but they are too busy arguing to see it. Ridge and Thomas continue to argue about Amber.

Thomas points out that Stephanie thinks highly of Amber. Ridge says she won't once he tells her about what Amber is up to now; he hopes his grandparents can get through to him. Thomas says bitterly that Ridge is treating him like a five-year-old. Ridge uses the old parent saying, "As long as you're in my house, you'll play by my rules". Thomas is disgusted and walks away.

Rick and Caitlin are in bed; he is shirtless except for his bandages. He says it's not easy for them to wait, even though they promised. She agrees. They kiss. She wants to be with him, but she promised her dad that she wouldn't let him down. He understands and tells her it's okay.

Caitlin talks some more about how she's glad they haven't gone through with it yet. She loves him more now than ever for thinking of what's best for her. They talk some more about waiting. Still in bed, they hang out, holding hands, and keep chatting about not making love. She can't wait for them to get to know each other better. He jokes about them having deep, dark secrets. She wants to be smart about this so that they can convince Hector that they are responsible. She also wants to prove to his family that she's not Amber. They kiss some more.

Eric is shocked to learn about Felicia's cancer from Stephanie. He is a little perturbed that she let Felicia just go off by herself. They argue about it and she fills him in on Felicia's progress. Stephanie tells him that Felicia wants to tell the rest of the family in her own time. She talks about how much courage Felicia has. Stephanie wishes she could have been a better mother to Felicia. Eric and she discuss her and Felicia's relationship. Ridge and Brooke come in while they are discussing Felicia's pills.

Eric wonders why they are there, so Ridge tells them it's Amber. Ridge and Brooke fill them in. Stephanie thinks both Thomas and Amber should know better. Ridge confides the whole story and asks Stephanie to speak with Amber.

Thomas goes to Amber's place and bangs on the door. She refuses to let him in. Through the door, she tells him to leave or she'll call his dad (she really doesn't want to, though). Outside, Thomas is upset and doesn't know what to do. He threatens to break it in, so she opens it. She yells at him, asking if he's lost his mind. He tells her that he had it out with his dad again. Amber is upset but tells him that it's not him. She tells him about the call from Ridge. He whines about Ridge.

He tells her that Ridge is telling his parents about her. She is very upset about that. He tries to think of a way to stop them. He kisses her on the cheek and then leaves. She looks very worried. Amber envisions being tied to a stake, with a bull's-eye on her heart.

The angry firing squad is made up of Eric, Stephanie, Brooke, and Ridge. She begs, saying it was just a kiss. Rick comes out and offers her a blindfold, but she shakes her head. Rick says the "ready, aim, fire" as they raise and point their rifles. Her reverie is interrupted by a phone call from Stephanie. She wants Amber to come up to the house so they can talk. She hangs up before Amber can say anything.

Amber visits Stephanie. The others are still there, waiting. Ridge wonders why Amber is not surprised to see them. He guesses that Thomas told her.

She tells them what happened, but they just view it as more excuses. She tries to tell Stephanie that she and Thomas are just friends. Stephanie cuts her short and gestures for Amber to come closer so she does. She tells Amber that she knows her very well and that she always tries to do her best. Stephanie says that Ridge told her that she is involved with her teenage grandson. She gives Amber the chance to say it's a mistake. Amber doesn't say anything. Stephanie tells Amber to look her in the eye and tell her the truth.

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