B&B Friday Update 9/3/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 9/3/04

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Stephanie and Felicia are still in the front room. Stephanie is totally shocked by what Felicia has just told her. Stephanie asks what kind of cancer she has, and is shocked to hear that it is colon cancer at Felicia’s age. Felicia explains that she was feeling tired all the time.

All the doctors kept telling her that it was depression, chronic fatigue, bad diet, etc. Finally they found the real problem and operated immediately. When Felicia tells her mother that by that time it had spread to her lymph nodes and she was diagnosed as a stage 3, Stephanie is horrified. Felicia tells her that she just finished 6 months of chemotherapy. (She looks remarkably well, and with a full thick head of hair for someone that just finished chemo.) Stephanie is very relieved to hear that the doctors now say that she is cancer free. Stephanie hugs her and tells her that she should have called. Stephanie would have been there if she had known. Stephanie doesn’t understand why Felicia didn’t call her, when she just said that she wishes Stephanie ‘had’ been there with her. Felicia tells her that is the point. Stephanie never has understood her. Stephanie is a bit hurt by that comment and reiterates that this was a crisis. Felicia agrees, but says that is the only reason Stephanie would have been there for her, because it was a crisis. Felicia points out all the times that Stephanie could have came to see her, even come to one of her showings.

Stephanie defends herself by saying that Felicia always made her feel like she didn’t care if Stephanie came or not. Felicia pulls a bit of a guilt trip on her mother by telling her that they now know what it takes for them to ‘come together’. It takes cancer, death, a sense of duty. She explains that she had enough to deal with, she didn’t need to deal with those emotions too. Stephanie brings up that Felicia left town to get away from her. Felicia comments that Stephanie didn’t try to stop her. Stephanie explains that she was trying to respect Felicia’s decision. The two continue to banter back and forth with Stephanie proclaiming that she tried to be a good mother, and Felicia venting that she never ‘felt’ that Stephanie really loved her. During one of Felicia’s rants she tells Stephanie that when she was laying in her bed sometimes waiting for test results to tell her how long she had to live, she could hear Stephanie’s voice telling her to ‘get off her butt, no child of hers will die of cancer.’ Suddenly Felicia realizes that Stephanie was there with her all along. Stephanie tells Felicia how proud she is of her.

The two of them hug, it looks as though there has been a major breakthrough in their relationship. Stephanie asks her what is next now. Felicia explains to her mother the next few steps in her treatment. Stephanie comments that it will be different now because she will have a full support system beside her. Stephanie is surprised to hear that Felicia told Nick what was going on when Felicia tells her that Nick went with her to her last appointment. Felicia explains that she didn’t really ‘tell’ Nick, he figured it out when he investigated the pills he found in her purse. Stephanie asks if Nick will be a part of Felicia’s future. Felicia doesn’t know the answer to that at this point. Stephanie asks if she has told any of her siblings. Felicia makes her mother promise not to tell anyone other than Eric about this. Stephanie promises to keep it quiet. Stephanie tells Felicia that she will live a very long life. Felicia is happy to finally have her mother on her side.

At the Ramirez residence, Hector has followed a determined Caitlin down to the front room. He tells her they are not done talking yet. Caitlin tells him they are done talking because he wants her to give up all that is important to her. Hector wants his beloved daughter to understand that he sees the Forresters differently than she does. They have different morals and values than he has. Caitlin continues to stand up for the Forresters by pointing out that Rick’s mother, Brooke, came from ‘the wrong side of the tracks too’.

Samantha comes home and is disappointed to find that the two of them are still fighting. Caitlin informs her that they will not be fighting for long. She is leaving – for good!. Samantha tries to calm the two of them down and talk a bit of reason to them both. She tells Caitlin that Hector is only worried because of all that the two of them went through when they were Caitlin’s age. Caitlin thinks that is exactly why Hector should understand. Caitlin counters that her and Rick are not like her parents. She will not get pregnant because they aren’t going to go that far. When Hector says that he doesn’t believe her, Samantha is shocked and Caitlin’s temper flares again. Hector doesn’t think that Caitlin has showed a level of maturity that she needs to show for him to trust her. Caitlin again announces that she will be moving out if that is what he wants to see. Samantha steps in again, and tells them both that she just found the two of them and she isn’t going to lose them again now. This causes Caitlin to pause before storming out of the house. She thinks for a minute, and then apologizes and says that she still just doesn’t see how any of this will work out and she can’t live like this.

When Hector sees that his stubborn daughter really does intend to do exactly what she said she was going to do, he caves in a little bit. He stops her from leaving and explains to her that he is just having a hard time realizing that she is growing up. She is ‘his little girl’ and always will be in his eyes. All three of them have a group hug as Hector promises that they will work this out as a family.

He promises that they will all come up with something that will work for all of them. Caitlin is very relieved and promises her father that she won’t let him down, before getting his permission to go to Rick’s. Samantha assures Hector that he has done the right thing after Caty leaves.

Rick has taken over Brooke’s old house and has taken the master bedroom as his own. He is still pretty scratched up and has his ribs wrapped well. He sits on the bed and looks at a picture of Caitlin, remembering the night of ‘almost’ making love. He then lays back to relax a bit.

Brooke comes in with a care basket full of snacks, magazines, and movies. When Rick claims that he is doing find, Brooke jokes that she will just keep the basket for herself. Rick calls her back and dives into the snacks. Brooke mentions that she saw Thomas leaving and asks if the two of them argued. Rick explains that he tried not to argue with Thomas, but Thomas is still hurt over losing Caitlin. Rick understands that Thomas is hurt, and worries that Amber will continue to take advantage of him. When Brooke comments that Rick really cares about Thomas, Rick admits that he does. He is still really angry with Thomas for going to Hector. Brooke admits that she knows that caused problems. Rick tells her that they aren’t through with the problems yet. Brooke tells Rick that he should have expected that Hector would object to the age difference. Rick needs to respect Hector a bit more. Rick knows that, and he does. He tells her that he isn’t afraid of Hector, he respects Hector because he is Caitlin’s father. He knows how close she is to her father and knows that this whole thing is tearing Caitlin apart. Later, Brooke has left and Rick is resting quietly on the bed when Caitlin comes in. She approaches the bed quietly and lovingly watches Rick sleep for a bit before waking him up.

He is very happy to see her and asks if she snuck out of her bedroom window. She tells him that her and Hector had a bit of a breakthrough. She thinks he is coming around. They start to kiss when Caitlin reminds Rick that this is what got them into trouble last time.

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