B&B Thursday Update 9/2/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 9/2/04

By Suzanne
Pictures by Boo

Nick and Felicia wake up in bed on his boat. He turns and looks at her with a strange expression on his face. She wakes up and wonders why he's doing that. He comments that the more he looks at her, the more she looks like Ridge. She doesn't know what to think of that. She tells him last night was "fun" and he jokes that he expected her to say something more like "earth-shattering".

She gets serious and says he knows what it meant to her. She thanks him. She wonders if they should just quit now with their one perfect night. He says it would be like two ships passing in the night. They kiss. They are interrupted by her phone ringing. It's Stephanie and she wants to have Felicia come for lunch.

She says she wants to talk, so Felicia wonders if she just wants to nag her more about drugs. Felicia tries to get out of it, but Nick insists that she go, as he lights up a cigar. Felicia tells Stephanie that she will be there. She sighs to Nick that Stephanie probably just wants to interrogate her. Nick suggests that she tell her mom the truth. She got a second chance, so maybe she should give Stephanie one.

Felicia visits Stephanie. There is a tension because Felicia is very defensive about their last meeting. She says her mom thinks she is a "druggie" and asks if she wants to search her purse. Stephanie just asks how she is. She promises not to attack her. Stephanie wants to know if she is happy and says that she and Eric have been worried about her.

Felicia is still defensive. Stephanie says she wants to talk and not rehash the past. She wishes they had talked more before. Felicia can tell this is different from before. Stephanie says she was not the best mother. Felicia tells her not to worry about her anymore. Stephanie says she wants to help. Felicia steels herself and says she has something she has to tell her. She has been lying to everyone. The glamorous life in Europe that she had ended a long time ago. She had something she had to deal with. She cries as she tells Stephanie that she was preparing to die. Stephanie still thinks she is talking about the drugs. Felicia says she needed her mother. Stephanie wishes she had called. Felicia says she needed treatment. Stephanie says they will get her in the best rehab facility in the world. Felicia tells her the drugs are not killing her; they are keeping her alive.

She tells a shocked Stephanie that she has cancer.

Thomas visits Rick at home; he asks how he's feeling. They talk about how Brooke has been worried about him. Rick wonders if he's there to apologize, but Thomas doesn't think he has anything to be sorry for.

Rick points out that he ran to tell Hector about him and Caitlin. Thomas denies that he told him to run Rick over. He accuses Rick of luring Caitlin into his bed, but Rick denies it. He tells Thomas that Caitlin was not ready and that's why they didn't have sex. He was the one who stopped it. He tells Thomas their relationship is not about sex, it's about love. Thomas says he didn't want to hurt Rick, he just wanted to prove that if they could be together, so could he and Amber (which makes NO SENSE because why would Hector care about him and Amber?). Rick warns him that he and Caitlin will still be together, no matter what Hector or anyone thinks.

Thomas yells at him; they argue. Rick tells him in no uncertain terms that Caitlin will never be available. He knows Thomas has been trying to get over her and that's why he's acting out. He tells him not to push people away that care about him, including Caitlin. She cares for Thomas, but it's not love. Rick asks him to give her a break.

Caitlin looks at a picture of Rick in her room. Hector comes in and wants to talk. He says he was upset before and never wanted to hurt Rick. She doesn't want to fight with him any more.

He asks if they can have a calm and rational discussion. She wonders if he can do that about Rick. He says probably not but wants to discuss her plans and future. She tells him that Rick is part of that. He points out that they haven't known each other very long. She reminds him that he and Sam probably didn't, either, before he knew she was the one. He says that comparing her and Rick to him and Sam does not win points with him. They talk about how Sam felt she had to lie to protect her secret. Hector says that Sam was so afraid of losing her and that's why she did it. He accuses her gently of taking advantage of her mom and putting pressure on their relationship.

She didn't mean to do that and hopes they are okay. He tells her that they are fine. She says he protects her too much. He says he never should have raced out of here that day. She says she shouldn't have said those things to him. She says that everyone has faith in her except for him. He knows she means Rick and his family. He tells her that she is his reason for living. He goes on and on about how feels and what she means to him, how she has affected his life. She cries. He tells her why he protects her the way he does. They hug. She admits she should have told him about Rick. They both say they are sorry. They agree to put it behind them and start over. She says she should invite Rick over to dinner so Hector can get to know him. Hector doesn't want to get to know him. He wants to put Rick and the Forrester job behind them. They go back to arguing.

He wants her to be a normal teen. She says she will move out before that happens. She asks why she should listen to him any more.

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