B&B Wednesday Update 9/1/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 9/1/04

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Ridge finds Brooke in bed already with little R.J. in her arms. He asks how Rick is doing. Brooke informs him that Rick is getting out of the hospital tomorrow. Ridge thinks that is good news. When Brooke comments that they havenít had very much of that lately, Ridge informs her that he figures they need a honeymoon. Brooke doesnít want to leave R.J. this soon. Ridge tells her that they are bringing R.J. with them. Brooke protests again that they just got back from visiting family and she thinks R.J. needs to get settled back into a routine. Ridge scoffs at that and tells her that R.J. is going to be a jet-setter before he is out of diapers.

He informs Brooke that they are going somewhere tonight and hands her a bunch of travel brochures. Brazil is going to be their first stop for the night. Brooke stands with R.J. in her arms. Ridge tells her to close her eyes and visualize being in Brazil.

Catherine wheels in a cart of food and flowers as Ridge continues to paint a picture in Brookeís mind. He picks up some fried plantains and lets her smell. She opens her eyes and is surprised to see the feast that Ridge has had prepared. They sit as Ridge feeds her treats from all around the world. The chocolate desert is Brookes favorite. They both agree that it reminds them of the chocolate they ate on their first wedding night for good luck. Brooke hopes this chocolate works better than that one did. Ridge tells her everything is just like it should be and to relax. They decide that their little world traveler has a bit of Ďjet-lagí and put him to bed in a really pretty little bassinet. Brooke tells Ridge that she isnít tired, just really relaxed. Ridge tells her they still have a few places left to visit on this whirlwind tour of the world. Brooke suggests that they save it for their first year anniversary. Ridge jokingly asks if the honeymoon is over. Brooke promises it will never be over. She does tell him though that she wishes she could visit someplace else. She wishes that they had a time machine so that she could go back and visit the scared, uncertain girl she used to be. She wants to go back in time and tell herself that all turns out wonderfully in the end. She knows that they had to go through all the hell they have been through in order to end up where they are now. They both profess their love for each other and decide that this is exactly where they want to be, and should be.

In Stephanie and Ericís front room, Eric agonizes over the state of the family. He thought this was going to be such a wonderful time. With Brooke and Ridge back together, both of his sons working at Forrester Creations with him and Felicia back in town. Now everything is all wrong. Thorne is working at Spectra and Felicia has a drug problem. Stephanie wonders if Eric has talked to Felicia yet. He tells her that every time he has gone by to see her, she isnít there. Stephanie tells him that when Felicia was here at the house with her she could tell that Felicia really needed help. She knows that convincing Felicia that she needs help will be hard. Eric is just happy that Felicia stayed in town, even after Stephanie confronted her. Stephanie tells him that they have Nick to thank for that. When Eric asks how close Felicia and Nick have gotten, Stephanie admits that they have been spending a lot of time together. Eric is happy that Felicia isnít alone. Stephanie voices her concerns about Nick though. She knows he is on the rebound, and worries that he isnít emotionally available to be there for Felicia. Stephanie explains that she has nothing against Nick as a person at all. She just worries that he isnít ready for a relationship yet, not to mention Felicia has always lived her life on the go. Eric knows that Nick has also lived a life on the go and thinks maybe that is what the two of them have in common.

Stephanie is surprised that Eric really wouldnít mind Felicia being involved with a Marone. Eric comments that he just wants his daughter to be happy. Stephanie then thinks that maybe Nick Ďisí the one to help Felicia out.

On the Shady Marlin, Nick is still holding Felicia while she wears the life jacket. She tells him that she doesnít want to die. Nick reminds her that as of right now, she is cancer free. She knows that the cancer could come back though. She tells him that she isnít ready to get involved with anyone. Nick isnít ready either. Just a few months ago he was standing at the altar with a woman he was in love and ready to take on a whole new family. Felicia tells him that she knows that he isnít ready to get involved with anyone, that is why she picked him, he was Ďsafeí. Nick plays a little psychology on her and tells her that she is right. She should just give him back the life preserver. Felicia slowly takes of the life jacket and hands it back to Nick. She tells him this is for the best and starts to leave. Halfway up the stairs, she stops and turns back.

Nick asks if she forgot something. Felicia obviously is torn between running away and sticking it out. She asks Nick if he didnít wish that Brooke would have just walked away before all the hurt. Nick tells her no. Felicia realizes that this is the first time Nick has been Ďdumpedí. Nick admits that he has never been big on relationships. He asks Felicia if she is always the dumper instead of being the dumpee. Felicia admits that she tries to get out before things get bad, but she has had her fair share of broken hearts too. Nick asks her how long it has been since she was in a relationship. She admits that she was involved with someone when she first found out she was sick, but he couldnít handle her illness and took off. She figured then that it wasnít worth having something she didnít want to lose again. Nick asks her how she feels now. She admits being scared of what is happening between them. Finally, they kiss and fall on the bed and make love.

Basking in the afterglow, Felicia thanks Nick for bringing her back to the land of the living. She explains what it was like for her to know that she had cancer. She felt like she was fighting her own body. Nick admits to her that she brought him back to the land of the living also. Felicia tells him that he better be careful, because he may never get rid of her now.

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