B&B Tuesday Update 8/31/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 8/31/04

By Suzanne
Pictures by Boo

Eric and Ridge look at some designs on models and discuss them. Their assistant Eve smiles and comments on what a great team they make. After the others leave, Eric says that it is ironic that this must be what Thorne saw, how great they worked together. Ridge is once again not sympathetic about Thorne's whining. He says he can't wait for Thorne to fall on his face at Spectra, so he can realize how much he needs them. Eric is shocked to think that Thorne believes he can make Spectra better than Forrester. He hopes Stephanie can talk some sense into him. Ridge doesn't think she will be able to.

Eric rants; he doesn't know how Thorne can't see that having Ridge back in charge is for the good of the company. When Ridge brings up how Thorne thinks he should be in charge, Rick says that Thorne is a novice executive with an untrained eye. That sort of thing has to be nurtured, he declares. Ridge reminds him that Thorne thinks he will leave them in the dust. Eric wishes he could stop Thorne from the fall he's about to make. In fact, Eric says, they have to make Thorne's fall happen with this new line. Eric wants Thorne back in the company. Ridge doesn't think they should welcome Thorne back after he has declared war on them.

At Spectra, Stephanie keeps trying to talk Thorne into returning to Forrester. He doesn't like it when she mentions "family". She offers to go to therapy with him and the others but asks that he not shut her out like this.

He replies that he is only doing what was done to him. She asks if hurting her and Eric really makes him feel better. She wonders if Thorne can take pride in his success if it comes at the expense of his family. He replies that he thinks he can. She counters that there isn't a vindictive bone in his body, and she knows him well. She puts more guilt trip on him by talking about how Eric built his company and how important it is to him. When she says it's like his child, Thorne puts in that HE is Eric's child, not some corporation. She doesn't know how he can be so ungrateful for the company and what it's done for him, given him money and a good career. He says that his self esteem was very low when he left that company, thanks to his father. He says he's finished being the nice guy who comes in last. Those days are dead and gone, he declares. They argue then about him and Ridge. Stephanie asks him for another chance in making it right, but he turns her down. He goes on and on about how he was treated. He talks also about his wife and daughter and how he is doing this for them. He rants about how he inspires loyalty and respect, first at Forrester and now at Spectra. He says that is what will take him to the top.

She nods in understanding. She says that if it does, she hopes it's all that he wants it to be. He gets annoyed at the word "if". She is frustrated at his anger and attitude. She goes to him and pets his hair, saying "You're my sweet boy". He shrugs her off and says he's not her boy any more. She looks very sad.

Felicia and Nick play darts on his boat. He helps her throwing by holding her wrists and showing her how to throw. They get close. He stops and backs away. She wants to know what's going on. He asks if he's going to go through all this just to find out she's the darts champion of the Eastern Hemisphere. She tells him no, but she plays a mean game of pin the tail on the donkey. They go back to him showing her how to throw darts. Their talk turns to her learning that she is cancer-free. She says it just hasn't sunk in yet. He tells her that she's got a lot of living to do. As she goes to throw the dart, he whispers to her that she's a fierce tiger with her eye on the prize. She throws a bulls-eye. They both look very happy. He laughs as he takes the darts out of the board, saying they will be the team to beat at his favorite bar, Chuck's. She wants to know when he is taking her there. He says he promised her a romantic evening. She talks about how much she likes his boat. She walks around and picks up his guitar. She doesn't think he can play it. He picks it up and plays "Row Row Your Boat", saying he was classically trained. She comments that there are a lot of things she doesn't know about him. He tells her off-handedly to stick around as he puts the guitar down. She isn't sure because she's used to playing it safe. He reminds her that she's not doing that any more. She points out that the doctor said she has years of tests ahead of her, so she's not out of the woods yet. He points out that she's afraid of living. He tells her that's nothing to be ashamed of and how many people are afraid of putting themselves out there. They both use swimming analogies to talk about it.

He puts a life preserver over her head to prove she can do it. She sighs that she's not ready. He asks her to sit down while he plays a song he wrote after they returned from the doctor's office. He sings a song about living life to its fullest. She is brought to tears by the song. She says she wishes he wouldn't have done that. She tells him it was beautiful. She asks bitterly why he had to ruin a perfectly good no-strings relationship by singing her the song. He tells her quietly, "You know why". She rants on and on about how he ruined all her plans. She says she won't let him get to her. He gets close to her and tells her not to forget her life preserver. She cries as she asks him if he doesn't get it, that she had made peace and was ready to go. She pounds his chest, saying it's all his fault that she doesn't want to die. She can't believe she said it but repeats it a few times. They hug.

Ridge gets a phone call and tells Eric that there is a lot of buzz downstairs about the new designs. Stephanie returns and tells them that it's useless; he's not returning. She takes Thorne's side when she explains why Thorne is doing this. Ridge argues with her because he thinks Thorne is only interested in revenge. Ridge says there's no way Thorne will win this battle.

Thorne gets a disk from one of the Forrester employees, Luis, with their latest designs. Thorne gave him a special scanner to use so he wouldn't be detected. He asks Thorne if he's sure he wants to do this. Thorne says he is, but he understands if Luis doesn't want to. He can get someone else.

Luis feels he owes Thorne, even if Thorne denies it, for coming to his wife's funeral, helping with the medical bills, etc. Luis wishes that he and Eric could work things out. He thinks he could, if not for Ridge. Thorne sighs. They hug; Thorne thanks him. Luis tells him, "Anything for you, kid", and then leaves. Thorne looks at the disk, then he picks up the phone. He calls Sally to tell her that they got their secret weapon: the beginning of the end of Forrester Creations.

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