B&B Monday Update 8/30/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 8/30/04

By Suzanne
Pictures by Boo

Ridge and Brooke make out on the couch in his office; he is helping to relieve her stress because of her confrontation with Hector. Ridge doesn't think Rick should have been run over, but he sympathizes with Hector because of his similar situation with Thomas.

Brooke points out the two are nothing alike because Rick really cares about Caitlin. He says Rick should know better and stay away from her until she's 18. She knows he hopes that Caitlin will get back with Thomas. He changes the subject and they start kissing again. He rips off his shirt and gets on top of her on the couch. Stephanie opens the door and is disgusted. Brooke is surprised and covers up her shirt, which is half-open. Stephanie says she didn't miss this, but Ridge says he missed his wife. She wants to talk to Ridge about his conversation with Thorne. Ridge puts his shirt back on and asks her if she really wants to know. He tells her that he tried to get through to him, but Thorne wasn't hearing any of it. He's hell-bent on bringing them down, declares Ridge. Stephanie looks sad. They discuss Thorne's feelings. Ridge is not very sympathetic. He thinks Thorne needs to suffer a little before he will realize how much he needs his family. Later, Brooke and Ridge go back to making love. She asks him if he's made sure the door is locked. She says Stephanie might be right about Thorne. He can't believe she's bringing this up now. She thinks Thorne might pose a threat to the company. He suggests they just leave it up to Stephanie, and she agrees. Still making out, Ridge says he thinks it's cute that she has this wifely concern. They go back to their love-making.

At home, Deacon puts out a candle-light dinner, hoping that Jackie shows up. He picks up her picture and looks at it.

In this entire part, we can tell that Jackie feels very stifled, like she's losing herself again. We can almost hear all of the things she told Deacon about what her life was like. Massimo acts like she's one of his prized possessions.

Jackie can't believe that Massimo wants her back because last time she saw him, he was throwing divorce papers in her face. He tells her that there are movers at her place, moving her stuff back as they speak. She is shocked and puts up her hands and says, "Whoa! We have to talk about this". He suggests they talk about it at dinner; he says he's had the chef prepare her favorite dish. She asks what that is and he tells her it's a seafood dish (and if it won't, it soon will be, he decides). She says she has to decide what's going to make her happy. He counters that will be to live with him in this house. She looks at a photo of them in happier times with Nick. She says she can't deny that she's missed her family terribly. They discuss why Nick got angry with her. She says she can't just sit down to dinner as if none of this ever happened.

Nick walks in with a platter of food and asks, "Even if I caught the fish?" She looks up, shocked. He welcomes her home. She looks up at Massimo gratefully. Jack goes over to Nick, still not believing. She asks Massimo if he is the one responsible, but Massimo says it was all Nick's idea. Nick learned from hanging out with "a friend" (Felicia) that life can be short. He doesn't want to hold grudges. She is happy to hear that he's forgiven her and wants her back in his life. She hugs him enthusiastically. He is clearly embarrassed by how emotional she is as he asks her not to make a big thing about it. She goes on about how she has regretted what she did every day. He tells her he figured that out from the 140 phone messages she left. She assures him that he won't be sorry. Nick says he knows; he's talked about it a lot with Massimo. She looks at them both. Nick says they realize that she didn't mean to hurt them. She hesitates, saying that so much has happened. Massimo comes up and puts his hand on her shoulder possessively. He says they want to put the past behind them. Nick reminds him that he loves her. Massimo says, "Of course" and tells Jackie that he loves her. She looks at him warily, not sure what to think. Nick suggests they sit down to eat. He pulls out her chair and they all prepare to sit. After a moment, she sits. Nick laughs and says he has really missed hanging out with "you crazy cats". Things are quiet during dinner. Nick asks her what she's been up to. He notices she looks great and asks if she's been exercising. She admits she has, a little (all those wild nights of sex with Deacon, LOL!!). She notices Deacon's tattoo on her arm and covers it up. She says she's so relieved. Nick says she should be because she's Mrs. Massimo Marone again. Massimo tells her that he never filed the divorce papers. She asks why, and Nick answers that Massimo digs her. Nick asks, "You know that, right?" and Jackie replies softly, "No, I really didn't". Nick tells her it's over; she never has to go back to that time in her life. She smiles in a resigned way, sort of like she's trapped.

Later, Jackie returns to the beach house. She sees the dinner laid out. Deacon comes in and wonders what happened to her. He was worried about her and asks where she went. She tells him that she had dinner with Nick. He understands but is a bit confused. He figures she must be on cloud nine. She says that part of her is. She has trouble getting out the rest. Finally she says that Massimo was there, too, and he's forgiven her and wants her back. He gets upset, asking why she didn't tell him to go to hell. She says it's what Nicky wants, to have his family together again. He follows her around the table. He can't believe she is sacrificing herself and says it's bull. He grabs her and shows her one of the photos that he took of her on the beach, that he had framed. He says this is what she wants to be, and she wants him.

He asks her what about the talks they had and how unhappy she was. She says she loves her son and begs him not to make it more difficult. He yells at her, saying she can have them both. He asks what she thought he was going to do, just say thanks for the good times and leave it at that. He tells her that he loves her; she is shocked. He asks if she is just going to walk away from that. She does, saying she's sorry. He watches her go out the door, stunned. He sits down, looking hurt and still in disbelief.

Stephanie visits Thorne in his new office. She asks him what's going on. He sighs heavily. She lays a guilt trip on him about Eric. They argue about his being at Spectra and how it's hurting them all, especially his daughter. She claims he is denying his daughter her rightful place in the family. She asks if he really do that to her. Thorne can't believe that she is using Alexandria. He knows she is really concerned about Ridge. She denies it. He points out that she only visited her granddaughter once, until she had a fight with Thorne and then couldn't see his kids. He tells her in no uncertain terms that he is doing this FOR his daughter, so she won't have to be second-best or have someone tell her she doesn't measure up.

Stephanie nods, asking if this is what she's done to him. She tries to talk him out of it again, apologizing for what she has done to him. He says he believes her, but it doesn't matter. He tells her to go home and tell Ridge and Eric that they'd better watch their backs. She looks shocked and concerned.

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