B&B Friday Update 8/27/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 8/27/04

By Suzanne
Pictures by Boo

Jackie laughs as Deacon tattoos her arm (with henna). She is grateful to him for making her feel sexual and for listening to her conversation. He tells her how great she is. She says that he seems to understand her in a way no one ever has. He says that he thinks they understand each other. He is done with her tattoo and shows her that it is a musical sharp sign (as in Deacon Sharpe). She flirts with him and says that he has marked her as his personal property. He takes off his shirt to show her the tattoo on his shoulder of the British Flag (AKA the Union Jack, but he jokes it's the "Union Jackie"). She laughs and they kiss. Later, she is napping but awakens to find Deacon is about to leave. He says he has some errands to run. He jokes that he should go to the gym to work off the heavy breakfast. She assures him that she will help him work it off when he gets back. He says it's his turn to cook and asks if she has any requests. She said in a sultry fashion that she is entirely in his hands. He leaves. Jackie's phone rings again so she gets it.

It's Massimo. He is annoyed that she hasn't returned his calls. She says she's been busy, as she picks up Deacon's shorts and smiles. He wants her to come to the house about something. She asks if they can't settle it over the phone. He says no and that he will explain it when she gets there. He hangs up before she can object. She looks thoughtful. Deacon returns later to find her gone. He thinks it's strange, so he phones her cell. He gets her answering machine (not for the first time) and asks her to let him know where she is.

He looks at the pictures of her that he took on the beach. He says to himself that she is going to love these.

Caitlin goes into Rick's room and demands to know what Hector is doing. She asks Rick what he said to him. Hector says they've been having a discussion and now Rick has something to tell her. Brooke comes in just then and rushes to Rick's side. She is very worried and upset. She demands to know who did it to him and whether anyone has called the police. Hector tells her that he did it and it was an accident. She says that of course it was an accident because he wouldn't do it intentionally. There is a pause as they all exchange looks. They explain what happened that night. Brooke is surprised when Hector days that Rick and Caitlin are doing a little more than dating.

She asks Rick what Hector's talking about. Rick says that things got a little out of hand. Hector fills in the rest. Brooke says Caitlin is too young, and Rick agrees. Brooke says the important thing is that they are both okay. Hector asks her if she's out of her mind. Rick says, "Hey!" to warn Hector back off from his mom. Brooke says she's sure things will be fine if they keep things less intense. Brooke and Hector argue about it. He says maybe it's no big deal where they come from, but that he and Caitlin don't come from their world; they have different values. She tells him in no uncertain terms that she grew up in a neighborhood not too far from hers and she doesn't appreciate what he's hinting about her morals. Hector points out that Brooke didn't know the father of her baby until after it was born. Everyone objects. Hector tells them that Rick is too old for Caitlin and he doesn't want him using his money to take advantage of her. Brooke reminds him that they said they would wait. That's not good enough for Hector, and nothing Rick says will help. Caitlin argues with him, too. Hector says their relationship is over. Brooke reminds him that they work together. Hector insists that Brooke find something else for Rick to do so he's not working with Caitlin. Or else, he threatens, he will her out. Caitlin strenuously objects. Brooke tries to get him to compromise and says that Caitlin has made a commitment to Forrester. He asks if she's threatening legal action. She says she's not. Hector replies that's good because he would hate to have to press charges against their VP for attempted statutory rape. They are all shocked. Caitlin yells at Hector, asking how he can say those things and why he's doing this to her. They argue, and Rick chimes in to tell him that he loves Caitlin. He points out that Hector of all people should know what it's like. Brooke agrees. Hector says that he doesn't want them to have his and Samantha's experiences.

Caitlin calls him a hypocrite and swears that she won't get pregnant. He asks if she's talked to Rick about whether he's been tested for HIV, how many women he's been with, and what sex means to him. She stammers, knowing he's right. She says it doesn't matter because they're not going to have sex. He reminds her that just last night she was telling him how beautiful it would have been. He comments sadly, "You are in so far over your head, little girl". She replies that she's not a little girl. Rick and Brooke exchange looks. Hector tells her that she's no more ready for this than her mother was. He wishes he could go back in time and change what happened to Sam and her, but he can't; however, he can stop this. Rick says he's not him. He would never do anything to hurt Caitlin. Hector says, if that's true, to tell her that it's over right now. Caitlin says it won't be over, no matter what he has Rick say. Rick says her name and she goes over to his bed. She sits down and they hold hands. He says he guesses the timing is pretty screwed up for them. He says he's sorry. Caitlin says, "Don't". Brooke suggests that Rick wait until she's a little bit older and Hector gets a chance to know him better. Caitlin tells Rick that she can't lose him. They kiss. Rick says she won't lose him. They kiss again. Hector grabs her and tears her away, but she runs back to Rick. Caitlin says she loves Rick and won't leave him. Hector tells her that they are leaving.

Caitlin warns Hector not to make her choose between them because she will. Hector looks very upset.

Jackie goes to Massimo's house; the maid greets her at the door. The picture of Jackie is up on the easel by the window. She is surprised that Massimo hasn't tossed it in the trash. The maid says without humor that he's been busy and she will tell her that she's there. Jackie stares at the picture and recognizes it as the person she changed into once she married Massimo: the proud and dutiful wife of the great Massimo Marone. She looks at her tattoo and smiles. Massimo comes in and looks at the painting. He tells her that he was planning on destroying it. She tells him that he can tear it to shreds if it will make him feel any better. She tells him that she gave him the divorce papers. She doesn't blame him for being angry with her, but she suggests she take it out on the painting, not her, because she has suffered enough. She starts to head toward the door, but he asks her to wait. He knows that the past months have been very difficult for her. She says they have been a living hell; he is glad to hear it. He says that the time as been good for her, as he puts her picture back on the wall above the fireplace. He says she's learned the value of family, honesty, and integrity. She says it's taught her a lot more than that. She turns around and starts to tell him off, but she stops when she sees the painting back up in its rightful place. He says he's learned, too. that he doesn't want to live without her. He says he's thought about what happened, and as angry as he was, he believes her when she said she had Nick's best interests at heart. He says it was just poor judgment, not malice.

She can't believe what he's saying. He says he's taking her best. She whispers that she can't mean that. He kisses her to show he means it. She looks at the painting as if she's scared.

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