B&B Thursday Update 8/26/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 8/26/04

By Suzanne
Pictures by Boo

At home, Hector phones to find Caitlin. He learns she is still at the hospital with Rick. Sam comes in, so he tells her what he's doing. Caitlin hasn't left Rick's bedside all night. She wonders if that's why he slept on the couch, waiting for Caitlin, or was it because he's still angry at her for not telling him about Rick and Caitlin. He doesn't understand specifically but just tells her that she knows where he stands.

They talk about what Sam did wrong. He says she should have been acting like her mother, not her friend. She says in a tiny voice that she had hoped to be both. He tells her that she should have told him what was going on so that they could have prevented this. She wanted to have Caitlin's trust, to let her know she could come to her mother to talk to her about things like this, the way she couldn't with her mother. Hector strokes her hair. He understand. He says he is not blaming her and he doesn't have all of the answers. He says that Caitlin needs limits set. Sam beats herself up for not having a clue about how to be a mother. He tells her that there is no instruction manual for being a mom. Caitlin is growing up too fast. She's not ready for sex, they both agree. He says they should pull together and be the parents she needs. He wants them to steer Caitlin away from Rick. He says to Sam in a questioning way that they are both together, in sync. She hesitates before answering. Hector thinks Caitlin's feelings for Rick are just a crush, but Caitlin doesn't think so, and Sam worries what will happen if they tell her she can't see him. They both agree that they have to protect her and be firm. Hector says Caitlin will thank them one day. He hopes she will speak to him after last night. They will get through this, he reasons. He tells Sam that he has to handle Rick himself. She looks worried.

Caitlin is at Rick's bedside. He tells her that she should go home or at least phone her father. She is angry at Hector. He tells her that it was an accident, but she can tell there's more. There are tears in her eyes. He says that she knows him better than he does. She can tell something else happened.

It is obviously difficult for Rick to tell her what happened. He says that Hector withheld oxygen from him after the accident. She is shocked as Rick tells her that Hector kept asking about whether they had sex. He has a flashback to Hector doing this. Caitlin is very angry. She says she shouldn't have told Hector about them. She wanted him to understand, but he didn't. She knows he's angry but thinks that because he fell in love with Sam long ago, he will come around. Rick points out that he got Sam pregnant when she was a teen and he doesn't want the same thing to happen to Caitlin. He says that Hector tried to put the fear of God into him, and it worked. Caitlin looks worried when he says this. She pleads with him, saying, "Listen to me". She says that her dad can't keep them apart. She's not a little girl any more. She says they will promise to slow down. Rick doesn't say anything. She begs him not to give up on them. She kisses him. Meanwhile, Hector has arrived and is glaring at them through the window in the door. Caitlin tells Rick that his mom was relieved when she called her, but she will be on the first plane home. He hopes that she knows he's okay. Caitlin says she just wants to see it for herself. She asks if he's hungry, and he is. She says she will go find the nurse. They kiss. Hector walks away so she won't see him. Caitlin tells Rick she loves him and then leaves. Hector goes in. He tells Rick that he heard he will be fine. Rick is surprised that he's glad about that. Hector insists it was an accident. Rick asks him if that's why he withheld his oxygen.

Hector says he is a paramedic as well as a firefighter, and Rick was never in any danger from that. Rick says angrily that he didn't know that at the time. Hector says he wanted answers. He says that Caitlin thinks they are in love. Rick corrects him that they ARE in love. Hector comes over and acts in a threatening way. He says that she is a minor. Rick will have to answer to the police. Rick asks Hector what he expects him to do. Hector threatens him. Rick asks him to think about what it will do to Caitlin. Hector doesn't care. He wants Rick to make it clear that their relationship is over and that all of their kisses, etc. are no more. Rick asks sarcastically what choice he has. Hector warns Rick that he has faced a lot, but never the wrath of an angry father. He tells Rick to be smart or he will regret it.

Caitlin returns and watches them through the window, open-mouthed. Hector is leaning over Rick's bed in a threatening way. There are tears in her eyes and she looks like she can't believe what she's seeing.

Deacon and Jackie arrive back at the beach house, dripping wet, with towels hanging over their swimsuits. She can't believe that Deacon took her boogie-boarding. She tells him how much fun she's having. He says that it is a "new you". They kiss and he suggests that she move in with him. She can't believe he asked that, or he must be crazy. She says, "What would people think?" He tells her not to worry about that kind of thing so much. He says that she should put herself first. She points out that he is a much younger man. She says that Nicky wouldn't speak to her. He points out that he already isn't. She says that Massimo would come after him. She says she cares too much about him to risk that. He says he is a big boy, but she counters that she doesn't know what Massimo is capable of. She says that Massimo can be very ruthless. Deacon is angry, saying that he won't let Massimo dictate his life. However, he agrees to be careful for now. He vows not to give up on her. They talk about plans to keep having fun, making love, etc. They kiss and then end up having sex. Later, they are lying naked on the couch. He theorizes which actors would play them in a movie: Sean Penn and Catherine Deneuve. She laughs at his silliness. He says it is a classic Hollywood story. She says he forgot about the possessive ex-husband. She says something about how he suspected their affair. Deacon corrects her, saying it's not just an affair, but the real thing. They reminisce about the first time they kissed. They start kissing again. She can't believe she waited so long for Massimo to take her back. She is glad it turned out the way it did. She tells Deacon that she feels so alive when she is with him. They start kissing again.

The phone rings; it is Massimo.

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