B&B Wednesday Update 8/25/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 8/25/04

By Suzanne
Pictures by Boo

Jackie awakens Deacon with kisses. He is exhausted from making love; he jokes that surely she can't be ready again. She teases it's his fault. He reminds her it's a lot different from last time she was there. She says it's too early to make promises, but she loves spending time with him. She thanks him for giving her back her spirit. They kiss. Later, she leads him into the living room blind-folded. She sits him down on the couch. There is lots of food on the coffee table in front of them. She pulls off the blindfold. He is amazed. She tells him that he should be open to new experiences and grateful that she didn't cook it. He can't believe she found a place that delivers British food. She gives him tastes of the food, which is good but has weird names, like "spotted dick" and "bangers". She grows quiet when she picks up the scones because they were Nick's favorite. He assures her that Nick will come around. She blames herself and says she will never forgive herself if she loses him.

They go out to the balcony. Jackie feels the wind against her skin and says she's missed the ocean breeze. He remembers that she used to live in the Forrester beach house (hasn't everybody???). She says it was right after she married Massimo; that seems so long ago now. He bets that she didn't know what she was in for. She recalls that Eric tried to warn her. She states that Massimo was the love of her life. He points out the word "was". She talks about how you want something so much for years and then you finally get it, the reality can't measure up to the dream. He knows she means that Massimo wasn't all she had hoped for. She thinks about it and says she can't believe how she worked so hard to be what he wanted. She changed completely. He wonders, if they both were working on making him happy, who was making her happy? Deacon bets that she was very lonely. Jackie talks some more about how she thought about Massimo. She had hoped, as a single mother, that he would take care of her. He tells her that she doesn't need anyone to take care of her. She is a strong woman and she has to look out for Jackie. She doesn't know who that is. He asks her if it's liberating to be free of Massimo. She admits she is having fun. He smiles and says softly, "Me, too".

At Forrester, Ridge works on a design that a model is wearing. There is another model there as well. She asks how he improves on perfection. He compliments her but says this is mostly his dad's handiwork. The other model says she still can't believe that Rick got hit by a car. Eric comes in and says she's not the only one. He informs them that Rick is doing better. His lung is inflating by itself. Ridge is relieved to hear it.

Rick and Eric talk about the designs. Eric wishes Thorne and Rick were there to share in it. Ridge remarks that obviously Eric hasn't heard. Megan buzzes Ridge; he tells her, "Still, no comment". Ridge tells Eric that the press hasn't stopped calling him. He asks the models to leave for a minute. Ridge says they are calling about Thorne. Eric thinks they are still calling about Thorne's quitting Forrester. He thinks Thorne will change his mind and come back. Ridge gives Eric a copy of this morning's paper. It has a headline saying that Thorne is now at Spectra. Eric is shocked. They discuss how unbelievable it is. Ridge says he checked with someone in the press and learned that Spectra sent out a press release last night about setting a new record of excellence. He argues that Thorne is trying to stick it to them. Eric doesn't think that's it. He thinks it is a cry for help; he blames himself and Stephanie for not listening. They talk about this. Eric says he should have made a better effort to expand his role at Forrester and that's what he plans to do right now. He leaves the office.

Thorne flashes back to Eric telling him that he chooses Ridge to run the company. Thorne says bitterly that they have no one to blame but themselves. Darla comes in and asks if he's really going through with it. He says it's already all over the news, plus he has to do this for himself. She seems to be having second thoughts about his decision. She doesn't think Thorne will fit in at Spectra. She knows it will be hard on his family for him to go work for their arch-rival. Thorne says that Sally believes in him more than they ever did. Darla worries about him turning his back on his family. She wonders if it will make his pain go away. He says he's feeling pretty good right now. He compares his new office to his old one at Forrester (this one has more light). He plans to do everything he can to make Spectra the preeminent fashion house in L.A. Clarke comes in, saying that's what they are counting on. He calls Thorne "Mr. President". Thorne doesn't know how Clarke can make him president. Clarke tells him that it was Sally's idea.

He does a great imitation of Sally's speech. Clarke informs them that Sally broke her leg and is confined to bed. They are dismayed. Darla worries that Sally must be gong stir-crazy. Clarke says she was disappointed not to be able to welcome Thorne herself. Clarke shows Thorne his new desk nameplate that says "Thorne Forrester, President". He welcomes Thorne officially; the other employees applaud. Thorne gives a little speech. He tells them all that there will be no more cheap knock-offs. He has been in touch with all of his contacts that he made at Forrester. They will now have top notch fabrics and production, better than Forrester. They all applaud enthusiastically. Darla worries that the Forresters will come after him legally. Thorne isn't worried. He says they have underestimated Spectra the way they've underestimated him. Thorne says that Spectra is going to the top and they can't stop them. Eric walks in with Ridge, saying he's wrong. Eric says he's going to put a stop to this right now. Thorne and Eric argue about him being at Spectra. Thorne declares they won't be stealing designs any more. They keep arguing. When Eric says that Sally is just using the situation to her advantage, Clarke pipes up to say that's not true. Sally truly believes in Thorne. Thorne points out that she's offering him more than Eric ever did. Eric begs him to come back, saying the family needs him. Thorne says it's too little, too late.

Eric swears he won't give up on Thorne, then he leaves. Ridge looks at Thorne, shaking his head. He gets on Thorne's case for what he's doing to Eric. Thorne wonders why he even cares. Ridge doesn't think he belongs there, either. They argue. Thorne plans to wipe the smirk off Ridge's face when they become the preeminent (there's that word again) fashion house. Ridge insults them all sarcastically. They argue some more; Ridge tells him not to come crawling to them when he falls flat on his face. Ridge leaves. The Spectra employees start chanting Thorne's name. (That was pretty silly)

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