B&B Tuesday Update 8/24/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 8/24/04

By Suzanne

At the ER, Eric confronts Hector, alone with Ridge, about whether he ran over Rick. Hector admits that he did it but says that it was an accident. Eric keeps yelling at him, not believing him. Hector says he was upset and it was very dark. Rick was wearing a dark coat and Hector says he was probably speeding. Hector tells them why he went there: to yell at Rick because Caitlin told him that they had almost slept together. Hector is surprised that Eric knew they were dating. Eric is shocked that they almost slept together. They argue about Rick. Hector tells them that while he's sorry about the accident, he's not sorry about protecting his daughter and would react in the same way again. He blasts Ridge for failing to protect Caitlin like he said that he would. Ridge tells him that he told Rick to stay away from her, but Hector says that wasn't enough. Ridge admits that Rick is stubborn and is the son of his wife. He apologizes to Hector for not doing more and says it will be different now. Hector says that it sure will. Sam asks what he's saying.

Jackie prepares to sign her divorce papers. Her pen hovers in the air. Deacon comes over and tells her to go ahead and sign it. He gives her a big speech about why this is a good thing. He says that she has one man who wants out of the marriage, and another one who wants in, so what is she waiting for? Finally she signs it. They kiss passionately and then make love. She is still confused, afterwards, about her life. Deacon keeps telling her that she is better off now and no longer has to pretend to be the perfect wife. She still worries about Nick and whether he will ever forgive her or not.

Caitlin visits Rick in his hospital room. He isn't supposed to speak because he has a collapsed lung. He keeps trying to tell her that it's her dad that ran him over. She talks about how great her dad is for rescuing Rick and how he won't be able to keep them apart any more. Finally Rick gets through to her. Her first reaction is denial. She says her father wouldn't do that.

Next we see Caitlin leave Rick's room and go out to yell at Hector for running over Rick. He keeps telling her that it was an accident, but she doesn't believe him. She holds on to her mom as she cries. She tells Hector that he shouldn't have gone over there in the first place. He says he had to after what she told him. She counters that she told him what a wonderful man Rick is. She yells at him for not trusting her or Rick. She doesn't trust him now, either. She hugs Eric and apologizes for what happened to Rick. Hector asks Caitlin to come home with them, but she won't. She will stay there. Eric puts his hands on her shoulders in a protective way and says that they will look after her. Hector and Sam leave. Caitlin cries on Eric's shoulder.

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