B&B Monday Update 8/23/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 8/23/04

By Suzanne

Hector holds Rick down on the ground with the oxygen mask nearby. It's raining and Rick says he can't breathe. Hector demands the truth: what did Rick do to his daughter? Hector wants to know if he had sex with Caitlin or not. Rick says he didn't, so Hector says he never will. He takes the oxygen mask away from Rick. Then he puts it back on after a moment. Hector cries. The paramedics arrive and take Rick away. Rick is stable for now. They phone in Rick's condition to the hospital. He has multiple fractures and possible internal injuries. Hector helps the paramedics put Rick into the ambulance.

Nick and Felicia are at the doctor's office. She looks grim, which the doctor notices. She is trying to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Felicia mentions that she wouldn't have to go through this if the doctors had caught it sooner. Nick asks the doctor why they didn't. He says that 90% of colon cancer patients are in their 50's or older, so that's why most doctors screen for it. Felicia frets that the 10%, which is 15,000 people in the US, are not getting colonoscopies so they are not catching colon cancer in time (preach preach preach). She talks about what her doctors told her she was just partying too much because she was tired all the time. She asks him if her cancer has spread. The doctor tells her that she is fine. The surgery and chemotherapy have gotten rid of the cancer. She's no longer dying. Felicia cries with joy. Nick holds her hands and whispers to her, "I told ya I was good luck". Felicia can't believe the good news. The doctor tells them that they have to be very vigilant in the next few years to make sure they got all the cancer cells. He asks if she's told her family about the cancer. She says no; he suggests that she does because living with cancer can be very stressful. She says that she feels right now that she can do anything. She jumps up and hugs the doctor. She goes home. He asks if she doesn't want to go out and celebrate. She wants to just get a good night's sleep for a change, without lying awake and worrying about the cancer eating her away. He wants her to tell him about it and asks what she will do now. She says she's not sure. He suggests that she continue to live the way she was planning to, for now: as if she were dying. She jokes about having a fling with a handsome sailor. They flirt. She wonders if he's still interested, since she's not going to die. He puts his arm around her and suggests she have that fling with a sailor. She admits that he's not just a fling. They discuss it for a second and then kiss.

Caitlin and Sam worry about Hector and Rick meeting to chat. They share a cup of coffee as they discuss the possibilities. Sam doesn't think that Hector will harm Rick. Hector phones to tell Caitlin that Rick was hit by a car. She is shocked. He tells her that he doesn't know more but he's headed to the hospital now. She says she'll meet him there. Hector wipes his face with his hand, worried about what will happen.

Ridge can't believe it when Eric tells him that Felicia might be on drugs. Eric says that they don't know anything about Felicia's life. They are glad she's at home so they can help her. Eric gets a call from Sam about Rick's accident. Rick hangs up and tells Ridge about it; they take off immediately.

The paramedics bring Rick into the ER and tell the doctor, Mark, about his condition. Hector is there, too. Mark tells Rick to hold on. Hector asks if Mark knows him. Mark says he knows his family. He tells Hector Rick was really lucky he was there. The paramedics and Mark whisk Rick away to get him worked on. The cops come up and talk to Hector about what happened. The cops say they were told that Hector probably saved Rick's life. They ask Hector if he got the plate number of the person who hit Rick with the car. He admits it was him. Hector says it was dark and raining really hard. He didn't see Rick, but when he did, he slammed on the breaks, but it was too late. They ask him how fast he was going. Hector says he isn't sure; he was in a hurry. Sam and Caitlin arrive and ask about Rick. Caitlin rushes over and hugs Hector. He asks the cops if they can finish this later, so they agree. Eric and Ridge arrive. Mark comes over and tells them that Rick has two broken ribs and a collapsed left lung. He hasn't seen any spinal or head injury. Mark says only one visitor at a time can visit Rick until he gets the test results, and they don't want Rick to talk. Eric suggests that Caitlin go in, since he has to phone his mother anyway. She hugs Eric and then goes in. Rick rages to Ridge about how this could have happened to Rick in his own driveway. They speak to the police. Eric wants to know who hit his son. The cops exchange looks. Caitlin visits Rick in his room. He is asleep but wakes up. He starts to talk, but she tells him not to and tells him what his injuries are. She hold his hand and whispers comforting assurances to him. She wonders if they caught whoever did this to him and then says, "Thank God Dad got here when he did". Rick shakes his head and makes a moaning sound. He struggles to speak. Caitlin talks about how angry she was at her father and then talks about how it was to drive over here with her mother. She won't lose him, she says, no matter what her dad thinks. She knows that they love each other. Rick says, "Your dad" but she interrupts and tells him that there's nothing Hector can do to keep them apart. She kisses Rick. Hector watches them through the little window in the door. She puts her head down next to Rick's. Rick sees Hector through the window. Caitlin tells Rick that she won't ever leave him. Rick comes up behind Hector and grabs his shoulder. He says incredulously that he talked to the police. He asks Hector if he did this to his son.

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