B&B Friday Update 8/20/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 8/20/04

By Matthew

Wow, today was another excellent episode of B&B!!

So the storm outside and inside continues.

Over at the Ridge mansion, Felicia and Nick finish their hug. She isn’t pleased he went through her purse, but asks him to keep the information to himself. Nick thinks that her family would want to know, but Felicia is adamant that her cancer not be the center of attention, even if it means shutting out her family. When asked about the chemo, Felicia says it seems to be working, but Nick doesn’t believe her and thinks she is back because she is dying. Getting angry, Felicia screams for Nick to get out. Man, how did Hope and Catherine (and where the heck is Brooke?) not hear that? Nick seems to comply, but then reenters much to Felicia’s chagrin. The two calm down and talk about death and how close they have come to it. Nick recalls how he lost his best friend in that horrible tanker crash from last year (you’ll recall that was Jack Wagner’s entrance to the show). Felicia laughs about how she can’t run away from her danger when it’s her own body. Nick asks about Felicia’s “plan.” Like many cancer victims, Felicia wants to live everyday to the fullest. Nick thinks Felicia must be doing well, since she looks okay. With that, Felicia grabs a lock of her hair and pulls it right out! Nick tries to joke that the balding look is in. Felicia laughs that this is just her first round of chemo, so it may happen. They haven’t given her a timeframe yet because they want to see how well she responded to the chemo. The results will be in tonight (what?! What the hell is the time?). Nick wants to go with her. Now, we start to find out how this all started. The doctor thinks the tumor was growing for 7 or 8 years (!!). It turns out she has colon cancer (that is a pretty rough one) and in her 30’s. By the time they caught it, the cancer was stage III. That means it had left the colon and spread to the lymph nodes. The cure rate is pretty good for stage III. But, if it spread to her liver or lungs, it cannot be cured (at least at this point) and the odds of survival go way down. That would be stage IV. The tests will determine where the cancer is at. God that must be nerve wrecking.

In the clinic or doctor’s office, Nick and Felicia await the results. Felicia wishes she had found someone like Nick earlier in her life (what about Zach?). The doctor enters and is happy to see that Felicia has some support. Felicia infers there must be bad news and everyone gasps…but we don’t find out anything.

Rick demands to know what Thomas has done. He questions if this is regarding Caitlin and him. Rick understands why Thomas angry, but is clear this was a mistake. He points out that Caitlin is probably feeling the wrath of her dad right now. How could Thomas do that to her? Thomas justifies his actions by saying the truth needed to come out and that he is probably doing Caitlin a favor. Her dad will make sure the relationship is broken off. Rick says that even if Thomas messes things up for Caitlin and him, it won’t change things for he (Thomas) and Amber. Thomas warns Rick to stay out of it and suggests he get dressed. He’s about to have company. Thomas leaves a very angry Rick.

Meanwhile over at the happy Ramirez home, Hector demands to know where Caitlin has been. She figures out that Hector knows. Hector explains that Thomas told him the truth. Caitlin is shocked he would do that, but tries to cover that she was going to tell the truth tonight. Sam wants to take full responsibility for Hector being uninformed this long, but Caitlin says it is her fault. Caitlin also rationalizes that she didn’t tell him sooner because she knew he would react this way. Hector responds that he is merely showing his disappointment in his daughter for lying and making bad decisions. Hector thinks this is all rooted in working at Forrester. Caitlin points out that Rick isn’t her boss (uh, yes he is sweetie). Hector thinks the Forresters are horrible and wants Caitlin to quit. Of course, Caitlin is defiant and refuses. She then refuses to stop seeing Rick.

Hector tries to convince Caitlin that Rick is just telling her what she wants to hear. Sam steps in and thinks Rick is genuine, but Hector doesn’t buy it. Hector becomes enraged when he finds out that Caitlin was at Rick’s tonight and that they almost had sex. Caitlin gets into “pissed off-rebellious teenager” mode and says “I was at Rick’s house, IN HIS BED” enunciating the last three words! Oh god. She says they would have had sex and it would have been beautiful. Okay, not the things to say to overprotective daddy. Hector grabs Caitlin and wants to know what Rick did to her. Sam jumps in and tells him to back off and the she believes that nothing happened. Hector can’t trust either of them and storms out.

Caitlin calls Rick to tell him about Hector knowing the truth. She warns him that Hector is probably on his way to see him. Caitlin wants him to leave, but Rick would rather talk to him in person right now. He says he’ll go outside (in the rain…hmm) and wait for Hector so he knows he isn’t afraid of hiding. Caitlin gets off the phone and thinks this whole thing is a nightmare.

Rick does just what he says he would do. He puts on a dark raincoat with a dark hood and heads downstairs (which is also dark). How does he not fall? He heads outside (where it is dark) and waits for Hector.

So Hector drives over (in a big truck) to Rick’s place presumably (or maybe to get some air) and all he can think about are Caitlin’s very strong words. As Hector gets closer to Rick’s place, the words continue to echo especially “In his bed.” He curses Rick. Hector turns into Rick’s driveway and approaches Rick, but apparently he doesn’t see him. When Hector does finally see Rick, it’s too late. He hits the brakes, Rick just puts his hands up, but doesn’t even try to move (I would have at least tried to jump out of the way). Now the action sequence isn’t cheesy like most soap opera car crashes. We actually see Rick (well stunt guy Rick) fly up onto the hood, smash into the windshield, and then tumble off onto the ground. It’s pretty frightening!

Hector is stunned and rushes out of his truck. He rolls Rick over and finds his face is gashed and bloody. He looks pretty pitiful. Rick is conscious but cannot talk and is having some problems breathing. Hector radios for help and gets his rescue kit. He get the oxygen mask ready and instructs Rick to breathe into it. But, Hector stops short as he recalls Caitlin’s now infamous words. Rick looks scared and helpless and whispers that he can’t breathe. Hector violently asks him if he slept with Caitlin. Rick just whimpers and stares back up! This is just like the time that Stephanie decked Morgan during a fight, Morgan went face first into the pool, and Stephanie stopped short of helping her. Morgan eventually sunk to the bottom and Stephanie walked off (Tim actually saved Morgan). I remember being shocked at a character’s actions then and I am now as well.

Preview for upcoming shows: Deacon tells Jackie to sign the divorce and hop in his bed. Hector again asks Rick if he had sex with Caitlin. Rick finally whimpers that he didn’t to which Hector replies that he never will! Oh my God! Maybe he didn’t mean it like that.

I have to say I saw spoilers and knew Hector would run over someone. I just never thought about it being Rick (and right in his driveway!). I also must admit that although Rick has been annoying me a lot lately, you had to feel sorry for him. He really got the whole “I just got run over by a big ass truck” look down perfectly. Also, the way he whimpered at the end was heartbreaking to some extent. Beautiful work Justin.

Great show!

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