B&B Thursday Update 8/19/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 8/19/04

By Matthew

So Thomas is over at the firehouse. He slowly admits that Caitlin isn’t his girlfriend AND that she is dating Rick (for months!). At first Hector doesn’t believe it, but then it makes sense. He storms out of the fire station. Thomas, was that smart?

Over at Rick’s place, Caitlin and the good man are in their underclothes trying to dry off. Things get hot and heavy and moves into the bed. Caitlin ignores a call from her dad.

Hector comes home and is very upset. He can’t believe Caitlin would hide this from him. Sam realizes what he is talking about and admits that she knew about Rick and their daughter. She explains that she didn’t want to break her confidence with Caitlin. She also points out that she knew Hector would go ballistic like this. Hector blasts Sam’s duplicity and warns her that he will not tolerate lying. Sam calls Caitlin (this time she answers) and advises her daughter to come home right away. This ends the sex act before it actually happens (whew). Caitlin heads home. Later, Thomas comes by and enters Rick’s bedroom (how’d he get in?). He and Rick argue, but Rick is floored when he learns that the secret is out.

Caitlin makes it home and realizes all is not well. Hector demands to know where she has been. Caitlin looks extremely scared.

Nick stops by to play with Hope, who is very happy to see him. When Catherine takes Hope upstairs, Nick spends some time with Felicia. They talk about their plans for the evening. The talk then shifts to more serious matters. Nick admits that he checked on the pills in her purse. He doesn’t say what they are for, but he just apologizes for Felicia’s condition. Felicia breaks into a sob.

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