B&B Wednesday Update 8/18/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 8/18/04

By Matthew

In Amber’s Motel room, Rick continues to berate Amber for her relationship with Thomas. Amber defends her friendship with Thomas and says it wouldn’t have progressed into sex. Rick thinks she is just gold digging. Thomas bursts through the door and tells Rick to back off. Rick tries to convince Thomas that he was in his shoes all those years ago. Although Amber might not believe it herself, she has fallen into a pattern of taking advantage of younger guys. Thomas says he is different than Rick and wonders why he should trust him anyway since he lied about Caitlin. Thomas wants Rick to leave, but when Rick grabs Thomas to take him with him he pushes him against the wall. Rick warns Thomas about what he is doing, but leaves quietly as Amber screams he has made his point. Thomas tries to comfort Amber, but she thinks she deserves it all. Thomas wants to level the playing field and leaves.

At Forrester Creations, the movers clear Thorne’s office out for Ridge. When Caitlin stops by, Ridge has a serious discussion about her relationship with Rick. He warns her that a scandal like this (remember Rick is older AND her employer) could ruin her name in the trade (ummm what?!?! How many scandals have Brooke and Ridge been through and each of them continued to be successful [and possibly still respectable] and profitable. That seems untrue to me). Caitlin understands Ridge’s perspective, but she cannot turn off her feelings. However, she wants to talk to Thomas about the Amber thing and convince him this is a mistake. Ridge backs off, but wants her to tell her father the truth tonight. Caitlin agrees. Later, her dad calls and warns her a storm is coming in and she should get home. Just then, she retrieves a voice mail message from Rick asking her to meet him at his place (there is a key under the mat…..uhhh is that safe?). He even adds an “I love you” to the end of the message. Caitlin gets all giddy and heads over there.

As the storm begins to hit with some eerie shots of the ceiling in Ridge’s office, Ridge stands near the windows looking out, in the dark. Megan arrives and can tell something is wrong. She knows about Rick and Caitlin. Ridge thinks Hector will put a stop to it once he knows the truth.

Later, Rick shows up at his house and finds a soaking wet Caitlin standing in the dark. They are both drenched from the storm. Caitlin discusses her conversation with Ridge and admits that she would have to put her career first if it came to it. Rick seems hurt, but understands. Caitlin laughs and exclaims she was joking. They start making out and then Rick takes her upstairs!!! I presume they’re gonna do the dirty deed! Uhh, statutory rape! Danger!

Thomas arrives at Hector’s fire station. He calmly says he has something to tell him about Caitlin. Uh-oh! What Thomas is doing isn’t nice, but I can’t wait for Hector to break up that romp! I’ll laugh the whole time. Rick has been pissing me off lately.

Have a good evening!

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